What Did You Do Frugal Today~August 2016

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  • Was a beautiful cool morning today with a nice breeze. Started cutting a lot of my flowering bushes in front of the front window than continued around for a couple of hours. Was a lot of shade in the front can tell the angle of the sun is changing. Felt good to wear a thin tank top and sandals for a change on the thick grass. Just laid everything on the ground and kept cutting all the lower branches. Went back after lunch and picked it up. Hopefully can get out another morning and finish weed wacking in the flower beds.

    Cooked the leftover roasting chicken with the bone in the microwave and made some soup with it for flavoring. Sliced all the chicken after it was cooked and made a chow mein with celery, onion, peppers & zucchini. The chicken was so tender melted in your mouth. Microwaved some rice to eat with it. Nothing like home cooked meals and left overs.
  • The weather is beautiful. I had my car inspected yesterday. Went with my dil for her ultra sound. Wow was the neatess thing ever. They are having a little boy around the first week of January 2017.

    I have a beef roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight.

    Have a wonderful day
  • Charlotte congrats on the new grandchild, how exciting

    Sueanne glad it cooled ff some for you

    Cut up all the tomatoes I had, added garlic, cut up onion & peppers & roasted. Pulsed in the Ninga for sauce. not uch else going on
  • Good morning all!!

    Sueanne, it is great when you can actually get out and get those bushes all trimmed back. I have to do the puss ywillow again sometime soon. We are have heat-stress on the plants from all heat we had over the past 3 weeks - so much so my oak tree is dropping it's leaves in droves.

    I seem to get those really tender chickens too, when I cook my own.

    And yes, the sun angle has changed.

    Charlotte, sounds like you had the very best day. Next one will be when she gives birth.

    Colleen, trust me, I see dollar signs going out every time I dump something that I bought with hard-earned money, but some stuff isn't worth keeping. I know that when I get to another home, I am going to not collect like I have.

    I had a large tomato salad with mine off the plant out front. And I had more fried chicken with some of the mac 'n cheese for dinner.

    Better go for now.

    Take care all!! Norma

  • Norma, It is amazing how all the flowers and trees grow in Florida with all this heat all year. Even evergreen trees thrive here. Think it is the soil with the sand in it and how it holds moisture. My lawn looks the best this year even though it has been the hottest summer. My lawn man keeps the grass higher in the summer so it doesn't burn. We only water twice a week in the summer and once the rest of the time. My well water seems to keep it healthier with the irrigation sprinkler. Surprised how the house outside has stayed clean this year no mold or algae around. Had all the bags from trimming the other day to put out this morning when they showed up early at 6 o'clock this morning waking the neighborhood as they drove by. Guess they knew my side of the neighborhood always put a lot out so they beat us coming earlier. Have to wait another week for yard collections. It was beautiful this morning again some areas by the ocean had heavy rain.
    Have an eye doctor appointment so don't want to spend too much time in the afternoon sun. They usually dilate my eyes and do tests so won't be going shopping afterwards. I am sure you will love living in Florida when it gets cooler.


  • Love your garden Sueanne. Our trash pickup comes earlier in the summer months I think to beat the heat of the day. Then in winter it comes later I think so it warms up a bit and if needed snow removal would have started.

    I had the grand kids and grand dog yesterday. Having 2 under 2 keeps you running.

  • Good evening all!!

    Roberta, sounds like you had a really busy day.

    Sueanne, I am so glad that you are enjoying your garden, the trees and all that comes with it.

    Frugal today was accepting a big container of rice and beans that Alice bought me from Popeye's and having it, along with a sausage, for dinner. I had told her I would pay her for it, but she wouldn't hear of it, said I had given so much for her church's yard sale.

    Frugal also was leaving the ac off during the day while I was at work. I had to turn it on after I got home though, just too hot inside.

    Frugal is watching these old MacGyver dvds from the library too.

    Better go for now.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Happy Friday

    We are still on the summer schedule so I get out of the office at 1pm today. I need to get some stuff done this afternoon. Cooking chicken legs on the grill tonight. I will make german potato salad to go with dinner.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
  • Sueanne the pictures are lovely.I hope all goes well with your eyes. Dh hates it when they put the drops in, it takes him hours to see again

    Norma I hear you with the over collecting. I try to be well stocked on what we use all the time but not go crazy. I keep reminding myself I'm not going months with out a major paycheck any more. I have stopped sending someone back to the store for missing ingredients. I either substitute or make something else

    I had 2 bunches of kale from the CSA, that none would eat so I made a pot of chicken noodle soup . Used the kale in making the broth. Turned out great & will be supper tonight & freeze rest for lunches. Sent Art to the meat market for big meat sale. He only buys what is on the list & is not tempted by the sale prices. A lot of rain & humid as heck here.
  • Hi, all, and happy Friday!

    Paul’s dad was moved to rehab a week ago. He is making very little progress, but at least he has made some. Any and all prayers are appreciated. Thanks for asking about him!

    Great deals you got there at CVS—well done, lady!

    Home cooked meals with leftovers are the best, aren’t they? Yours sound delicious! Beautiful picJ Thank you for sharing!

    How wonderful they you got to go to your dil’s ultrasound!! And congrats on your upcoming grandbaby!

    Good going on using up the tomatoes! And what a wonderful use of the kale from the CSA—well done!

    That tomato salad sounds so nice and light and refreshing.

    Frugal here…staying in at lunches this week, so no gas wasted, as well as bringing lunch and snacks from home. The tomatoes and peppers are doing so well! We had stuffed pepper skillet again this week, with leftovers planned for lunches. I had a freebie come in the mail this week with cat treats—my little Gus will be happy with thatJ

    We are moving into a new era at work. My boss gave her notice, and her last day was today. They are not replacing her, and our department is being absorbed by another department, so we will have a different manager. We are also being moved into another room. My 2 co-workers seem extremely unhappy about it. I’m trying to reserve judgment until I see how it goes.

    We got our quarterly bonus today, which was a blessing—not that it was large, by any means, but any additional money above and beyond my paycheck is always welcome!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!