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Old 01-08-2015, 03:12 PM
Banned for SPAMMING
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CAU - prayers for your cousins' dh.

ROBERTA - I have never had cranberry beans. Did you taste them?

NORMA - mailman picked up an envie for you with coupons.

JEAN - you doing ok? Miss you posting.

Staying in again today. No money or gas used. Meals from what I have on hand.
Looked at grocery ads - nothing floats my boat. Don't need anything any way.

Worked on a couple more projects and have been doing research for articles.

It got to 11* today and should stay that way overnight - then dropping again all day tomorrow. Starting to snow a little and very windy.

Going to read a little and have watched a couple shows of Rehab Addict. Love her ideas.
Have a great evening.
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Old 01-08-2015, 03:31 PM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
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Goodness you all have been chatty.. gotta go feed the dogs but wanted to say:

Buckeye candy is peanut butter, butter and confectioners sugar either made into balls or flattened in a pan for the bars. Chill then dip in melted semisweet chocolate or pour over the buckeye bars.

And Ellen.. Yay! on GFS coming to your area. Yes GFS is Gordon Food Service. Great company. Back on the wagon about going full time, insurance is very very cheap (maybe?). They have that HSA Savings plan and it cost $16 a week for a family of 2. We don't want that plan but he thinks there are other plans too.

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Old 01-08-2015, 04:06 PM
crochet2's Avatar
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Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
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Good evening all!!

I decided to take a pass at crocheting at the library tonight. Too cold, and too tired after last night's extra work.

Anna, maybe GFS will come to a location near Atlantic City too, and I can take advantage of some of those deals.

Cheryl, thank you for sharing the coupons you don't need with those in need. I agree that there are some out there freezing to death even as I type that won't come in to a shelter, and others who have no idea and no one to steer them to one. That is why I am so proud of our church and both our free store, and our food pantry. We have added prayers for those who need them, and if they share, people to come alongside who know where the services are that are needed. No one who ever comes to my church seeking, is turned away.

Colleen, I have lots of plans in my head, should certain scenarios take place. The one about getting out of one job and being asked to go right away is one that I planned for. Being a diabetic calls for some planning. As long as you know what you need to do, you can do what you need to do, even in a very short period of time. Being single helps there.

Roberta, dark chocolate cocoa really sounds good. I don't drink coffee but it sounds good anyway.

Charlotte, hope you are able to stay warm tonight. I came home last night, and put the heated throw on to warm up the bed while I changed clothes. I won't sleep with it even plugged in, but it sure feels warm and helps you get to sleep in the first place.

Ellen, I am just afraid that if I used the dry laundry soap mix, that the fels naptha just wouldn't melt in a cold water setting. That is why I make the liquid detergent.

Connie, it sounds like you can work with your aunt on things that involve your father.

Well better go for now. I have had my salad, and now need to go heat up some dinner

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-08-2015, 05:40 PM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,238
Good Evening Again.

Norma.. I sure hope they come to your neck of the woods too. It's a great store with a lot of good products at good prices I think overall. Some are too steep but most are decent when you compare out the wt. to store brands.

Dh and I are in love with the deep fryer.. it makes the most awesome french fries! He has lots of plans for other things but I'm not going to get them all right now. I really wanted to stay to what is in the freezer this week so will have to think long and hard about one special item for the weekend. I have a short work week next week 23 hours I think which I'm good with that. Will only work 3 days next week so will have more me time. So may do some canning next week and make chicken and noodles up. I also want to make the beans with ham soup, doesn't take much time but more time than I usually have during the week.


We had furnace problems this same time last year.. took several days before they found the right parts for it. Thank God we have the kerosene heater. Hoping you got yours fixed today.

Well gang I'm off to bed to read for a little bit, then to sleep.

Oh 2 movies my bosses recommended today:



Dear Zachary (Documentary)

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Old 01-08-2015, 05:47 PM
RobertaD's Avatar
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Well, dd2 got ready for school on time but didn't listen to the directions I had told her about the kitchen timer I set. We left 80 min before she needed to leave and I told her when the timer went off she was to get her shoes on and get ready to leave the house by 10 which gives her 10 min to get the to bus stop 3 blocks away. She left the house when the timer went off to get to the bus stop with no one there, probably 25 min early. So she came home, awaited I don't know how long and went back with still no one there. When we drove by at 10:03 I only saw 1 kid with no kids in cars so she was cold and had snow covered pants when we got home. I had her change into dry pants & socks and put her tennis shoes on not the flats she had been wearing and drove her to school as by that time she missed the bus. Good thing DH opted to not stop and get the blood work that he needed to do and we came straight home.

I don't care for dark chocolate candy but I do like a little of the cocoa mix in my coffee or as hot chocolate.

I didn't think to taste the beans Cheryl, LOL. What Are Cranberry Beans? (with pictures) Says they have a nut like taste to them with the texture of a Pinto bean. When I said something to DH about using them in chili he complained that they weren't Kidney beans!!!

Norma, great that they started calling you to fill in on the classes hopefully next time you will be scheduled and not an emergency sub.

I forgot to mention that Kmart has freebies on their site a couple on through FB and a couple others I couldn't find the freebie on the site like the Huggies one which I was going to send the like to a couple youth mother's I know.
use code TAKE10 for 10% off your first direct delivery order in 2019 with me!

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Old 01-08-2015, 07:33 PM
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Dear Friends,
Just stopping by for a minute to say hi. Sorry some of you are having that frigid cold, we had our equivalent of it last week when it got down to 20 degrees two nights. I had a water pipe freeze and break and I didn't even know it for a couple days until dsil went out to the garage for something. The pump was still working and I had water in the house still. Luckily both my sons were able to come out the next morning and get it all fixed for me.

On Sunday night all the kids, their spouses and dgk's went out to dinner to celebrate what would have been dh's 53rd birthday. In just two weeks will be the one year anniversary of his death. I will be needing some prayers on the 21st for sure.

Quite a bit lately I have been staying up really late and sleeping in really late too. Tomorrow I will set the alarm and get up at a decent time and go to one of dgd's award ceremonies at school. Then Saturday I will get up early again and dd2 and I will do our monthly shopping trip in the city. I always look forward to spending the day with her even though it wears me out.

I've just been staying home a lot, did go to the dinner Sunday, but dd1 and family picked me up and ds1 and his family paid for my dinner. I went out Tuesday and got my blood drawn for a doctor appointment next week and got my mail but otherwise have just been at home staying frugal.

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Old 01-08-2015, 10:04 PM
Sueanne's Avatar
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Location: florida
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Was able to get some good deals at Goodwill. Found a set of very large stainless steel bowls. They will be great for mixing bread dough and baking round loafs of bread in different sizes for only $4.99. Also like the gold steel plates under your dish to keep food hot plus it looks so pretty. Hate when the food gets cold when you have air-conditioning on or if the house is cool. They were $2.99 for four. Also found a gold magazine rack to put in my bathroom to hold my cleaning products at the side of the toilet at easy reach. That was $2.99 also. Was able to get some white material a few yards long to wrap my papaya tree from the cold. Used safety pins to keep it from sliding from the branches. Held on with the wind. That was $1.99. Was happy to see the tree and branches were still green this morning even though the temperature dropped to 35* but the wind chill was in the 20s and the fruit did not fall off. Even put some old rugs to keep the roots warm.
There was a great variety of items that were donated on sale.
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"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 01-09-2015, 03:57 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!

The temps have risen (it's 30* outside) but the wind chills are still in the teens. There is supposed to be another passing bout of snow that looks like it will get here just as I am going to work. Good thing it is only 6 blocks to work.

Jacki, remembering your dh in a positive, family way seems, from what you told us about him, to be what he would have wanted. I know this anniversary I very difficult for you. I pray you will be comforted.

Glad that the boys were able to come fix that broken pipe as quickly as they did.

Sueanne, sounds like you got some really good deals.

Roberta, sorry your dd wasn't able to meet the bus, but obviously, she was trying.

Anna, I am glad you and David are enjoying the deep fryer. I try so hard to stay away from fried foods, but they are so good. Now I have made mysef hungry for fried potatoes for breakfast. I can make them fairly quickly by nuking until almost done, then either wedging them or chopping and frying in some bacon grease. Amanda fries until almost done, then throws them in seasoned flour then re-fries until crispy - very good.

No, I think I will just have eggs on toast this morning. But maybe I will have some for dinner.

I would love for the SuperWalmart to have some competition.

Charlotte, hope you can get the furnace guy out today and that he can fix it really quickly.

I am hoping for a really good day today at work, and then a good night. Slept all night long - rare in this house. Woke up thinking I was going to write a book called "Lightbulbs and Marriages".

Better go for now. Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-09-2015, 05:59 AM
Banned for SPAMMING
FamilyCorner Addict
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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Posts: 5,202
Happy Friday to all.

JACKI - glad your ds's were able to fix the pipe.
I was thinking of you the other day, remembering that date was coming up. Prayers for you and your family. The first anniversary is the hardest.
Sounds like you and the kids had a nice celebration of life for your dh.

NORMA - sounds like it would be an interesting book! LOL.
We avoid fried food as well. Every now and then we have, but not often. Just not good for us at all. Affects our sugar levels and cholesterol.

Hope you all have a good day.

Holding on to negativity from the past, can keep you from experiencing complete happiness today.
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Old 01-09-2015, 07:20 AM
ellenmelon's Avatar
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Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 10,509
Jackie, yes, my daughter told me about the cold, she was wearing three or four layers in the office and finally figured out where the heat was in the house they are renting. Glad it warmed up for you and doubly glad you didn’t have more problems with that pipe freeze. I am so glad you have family watching out for you and the house. Jan 21 is my dmil birthday, she will be gone two years now. I hope the dinner out will help with the sorrow of losing your dh last year. Has it really been a year already? Staying home is goodly frugal, and easier with the internet. Things are getting quite ‘chatty’ here on FC lately…maybe you want to help moderate? Talk with one of the gals who do it to see if there is a need.

Cheryl, I know I know, why can’t the weather just be perfect?! Would a Mediterranean climate be more to our liking, I wonder? I have mixed feelings about the homeless. The ones I see here in town want to be on the streets. The ones that don’t do have plenty of options, its whether they know about them. We have government programs in town as well as religious outreaches. I know that if I was in that situation I would not just brave it out like my mother did, but I would get help as it was needed. We were never homeless, but we were a little bit needy at times. Seems like God always answered my mother’s prayers just when it would get critical though (heat, food, home repairs, clothing). She did a good job of managing the household and being thankful for what we did have and not being bitter at those more fortunate. But I would have rather had our family together than being split up to schools across the community. It may be that social programs back then weren’t as prevalent. Later when my mother had the means she would bake casseroles as part of our church outreach to the needy. She liked doing it until one day she helped serve and was shocked at how ungrateful the customers were. After that she didn’t do it anymore. I am not sure how I felt about that but it does affect me and how I view charitable outreach. And yes, I am a rehab addict show watcher too. My dh calls her the girl with the cartoon voice.

Roberta, that makes sense about the powdered cocoa, dh mixes his in his coffee too. I thought cranberry beans were hard to come by also, at least in our stores. I do know that if I see them I will get them as they have a nice (I thought fruity but I see that it is nutty) flavor. Boy do I remember standing at the bus stop in not enough clothing as a teen and boy do I remember being saved by my mom. My dd2 (the one living on $22K a year in the country’s most expensive college town) has a Kmart so I sent her the link, thanks!

Cau, I guess I am just now as an adult coming into my own on not being afraid to voice an opinion or feeling. It is nice. Some of it comes as a result of years of therapy, both talking and body work, and some comes from looking around me and seeing that no one dies if they speak up! I so remember my dds wishing for as many snow days as possible because it meant a shorter senior year for them. Praying for that cancer, wow. I know I asked before, but what is cottage pie? Is it a meat pie with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I just can’t get the image of a cottage cheese pie out of my head when I see those words!

Anna, GFS is in Pittsburgh and down near King of Prussia I think. They are also looking mostly for warehouse workers (to pull orders and ship them). I will keep my eyes open though and hope they come to our town in a brick and mortar location. Which deep fryer did you get and does it truly use less fat than pan frying with a thermometer? I long for a good French fry every now and then. We had one fryer that was worthless, hot spots and burnt almost everything. But that was years ago. I watched a movie on xfinity last night, the one with Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips. Wow, it was riveting and I was glad to have seen it. I’ll look up those two you mentioned also. (Hours and Dear Zachary).

Norma, I too use a heating pad or throw to warm up the bed and then snuggle in. And good point on the powder detergent! Thanks for posting that or I wouldn’t have thought of it until trying it out and flubbing it up. We did get a light dusting of snow again. Still flurrying out there with the wind though it is hard to tell if it is spray off roofs or coming from the sky. Interesting on the Amanda fries, I have a lot of seasoned bread crumbs that might work with. May I contribute a chapter to your book on lightbulbs and marriages!?!

Sueanne, how sweet to see your papaya tree all tucked in! Glad it survived the big chill! Clever idea on keeping the frost off the roots. I need to get to our goodwill as I know people will have things we could use. So true about the food getting cold, even though I warm the plates at the stove, by the time they touch cold granite or cold air, the food is only lukewarm.

My frugal today was packing breakfast and lunch and only eating the breakfast so far. I was also very happy to have figured out a problem at work and so another frugal will be not losing anymore sleep over it trying to solve the problem on my ‘down time’. (yes, bad habit, but …).

Hey Everyone! TGIF!
Ellen in PA

"God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind."

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