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Old 10-29-2014, 09:42 AM
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CHRIS - glad to see you check in when you can.

ELLEN - good ideas! We always had a bell on our door, as sometimes I had to go upstairs at work, and could always tell when someone came in.

This morning I made a run to Marsh again for more TP. Weren't going to stock shelves again till this morning. Now if the "bottom" drops out (LOL) of things, we have over a years worth of TP.
I also have on hand a year+ of tissue and paper towels (we hardly ever use them), plus laundry detergent, softener & sheets, toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap, and OTC meds. YAY!

I went out and picked absolutely everything I could this morning. The 'garden party' will definitely be over this weekend. 20*'s for 2 nights. I dug 2 1/2 pounds of onions (smallish), 3 1/2 pounds of small cabbages, broccoli, beans, and more zucchini. Even found a few more cherry tomatoes. Not wanting to let anything waste.
Filled all the feeders while out there.

Meant to mention yesterday a funny sight in my yard. I went out for something and could see in the greenhouse. Cats were all in there sleeping, one on the floor about 2' from food bowl. There was a squirrel in there eating dry food! The cats and squirrels are friends. They play together. The only thing that bothers me is IF the squirrels think all cats are friendly. The cats grew up from tiny babies with squirrels in the yard. Wish I had a video of that!

Leftovers for lunch. Got pork chops out to thaw for dinner and will have fresh garden veggies.
Time to get back to typing.

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Old 10-29-2014, 11:34 AM
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hi all,

Just enjoying all of the photos everyone has been posting. So cute.

Norma, I agree with the others, I remember when you posted before about your desk being in the wrong place. Why not just change it? A receptionist should be looking at the door anyway. Hopefully, there will not be any more danger there at your workplace. Nice that your sis got to have some new tops, I think she will appreciate them.

Connie, so sorry about your friend. It is so sad that no one cares about her except you. You are a truly good friend.

Laurie, you're right, it is Cheryl Black-Ives, LOL, oh well I will just keep on reading her posts there, I just knew it wasn't our Cheryl, by some of the things she was talking about doing LOL.

Dh bought another fry pan yesterday, as he wanted one with the ridges on the bottom , even though it doesn't seem frugal, buying these in two days, but in the long run it will pay off, because we won't find it necessary to use the bbq as much, and being able to fry steak, etc. and grilled cheese for example. They were $19.00 ea, so a pretty good buy.

Going to that Pamperd Chef thing tonight. I probably won't buy anything, from what I have heard it is really expensive, but it is a night out with my friends and family.
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Old 10-29-2014, 12:51 PM
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Impressive stockpile Cheryl, you're inspirational.

Cau, sounds like you have been stocking up also. Of course feeding 6 people I guess you can't ever really have too much. I love grocery shopping and now with just me and 2 cats I don't need much.

JoAnne, how is that new pain med working for you? I get a monthly prescription for pain pills and just had it rewritten by my doctor for 6 months and then this month they changed things. It's now called a schedule 2 medication and I guess so many people abuse it someone decided you have to bring a handwritten RX each time to the pharmacist (can't be called or faxed in and no refills allowed). So I called the Dr's asst. Monday who is usually very slow about getting things done. Lo and behold she called me yesterday morning and said it would be waiting for me at the counter! This will be a pain each month though for those of us who just use it when we have pain and don't sell it on the street or abuse it.

I gave my sewing machine to dd2 a couple months ago and she called this morning and said she was having issues so I went over to help and she had just missed one little thing, I think she gets it now. It was just collecting dust in my closet for the most part, she will make use of it. Dgd was sitting on the bed taking all the spools of thread and bobbins out and I couldn't rewind them as fast as she was unwinding. We had fun though while dd got the mending done.

Came home and got some laundry going, windows and door open, supposed to be 84 today and tomorrow and then finally cool down again. Usually about this week is when we have to start using heat but not this year.

Frugal this week was getting 2 free items at my local grocery store. Every week or every other they put a free item on the store card and I still had last weeks to get, a can of Progresso soup ($2.79). For some reason they put 4 free items on this week. I was only able to find one of the 4. One was out of stock and 2 others I don't think they even carry, saw no empty spot on the shelf or a tag where they should be. Luckily nothing I cared for anyway. The other freebie I did find was the new Dannon Creamery dessert, cheesecake or pudding. I gave that to dd but kept the soup.Have until the 4th to get the other 3. Last week I got Stouffers mac and cheese frozen 2 pk. cups free, just okay, wouldn't pay money for them. Also got a box of Swanson cream soup starter that they paid me 80c to take out of the store, score, regularly $3.59. Haven't used that yet. I don't shop this store on a regular basis for the majority of things, they are too high. But I'm happy to take the free items and loss leaders.

Norma, sorry your day didn't start off great, hope it got better as it went on.

Anna, sorry to hear you are having problems with your back, I can certainly relate, that's one of my pain issues besides my knee.

Connie, thanks for posting that first website, I looked at it briefly and it looks good, will go back later when I have more time.

Ellen, how goes the job hunt? Will you be coming to California to bring that furniture to dd2? If so maybe we could meet up.

Chris, I hope things get less stressful at your job.

Hello to everyone I didn't mention today, I read all of your posts and enjoy each one.

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Old 10-29-2014, 01:42 PM
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Cheryl yes, they are finally done & I am beyond pleased with the results

Norma you are so right on the election bull. I just wish they would all be fined for negative ads. Tell me what u can do & how you will accomplish it. Forget the other guy. Please be careful!

Chris glad all is ok

Really bad day pain wise, the floor dropped out of the weather today. High in the 40s , no sun very dark & grey. They revised Halloween to be 43 & rain/snow mix. I hope not I want to get rid of the candy I bought. Went to Menards & used $12.00 in rebate checks to buy stuff for the cabinets & stainless steel. Not much else going on here
A Great Attitude Becomes a Great Mood, Which becomes a Great Day , Which Becomes a Great Year, Which Becomes A Great LIFE

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Old 10-29-2014, 01:55 PM
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Maybe its the change in weather but my hips acted up something fierce today, so bad I called dh to get me at the bus stop down the road (the only one running mid day).

I got a disappointing job rejection today. Last night though I met with the counselor for the school grant I have and she has loads (like thirty) job ads in the area, things and places I never knew about. So still hoping for that California link Jackie!

DH doesn't think we need to stock up flour, it does get buggy here though. So I tremble to think how to work the carbohydrate part of a diet out if the stores go empty. I think some of that grain and grain grinder like the frugal lady (forget the link now ) posted is a good idea.
Ellen in PA

"God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind."
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Old 10-29-2014, 03:03 PM
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Ellen,So sorry for the letter of rejection.
Connie,Of course i will be praying for your friend.
Joann Did you enjoy your party?
Anna,I know how you feel it is a struggle to watch how much food we need and use even with just the 4 of us.
Frugal for me? Last night was the Senior Night and Megan performed with the marching band. We got to hug her on stage and she had a freshman(she has a traditon of adopting one give her flowers).It was hard to see sad but she is ok today I came home and tried to do more studying. I went to work tried and then went to my class. Somehow I did good on my quiz but don;t think I did as well on my test. Tonight i am going to my friends house with boxes and i need to go as I have a pumpkin to carve with Sarah. Pumpkin seeds........................ Yummy
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Old 10-29-2014, 03:20 PM
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JOANNE - sounds like you have gotten to know me well! LOL You are right Pampered Chef is expensive. Have fun though!

JACKI - that's a shame on the scripts being monthly. Some people abuse so many things, and others have to pay for it. Sad.
Sounds like you have gotten some deals and had fun with dgd!

ELLEN - when one door closes another opens!
I always wrap my flour in plastic grocery bags and freeze it for a few days. It kills all them buggers and eggs. Lasts a long time that way.

CAU - sorry your are hurting. This weather sucks!
Glad you are so happy with the cabinets.

It is supposed to be in 30's Friday night, gusty winds, rain turning to snow. YUK! This girl won't be out long if that happens. May not be many kids either. I'll give the candy to kids at Christmas if need be.

I got all my veggies cleaned and put away. Made a pot of fresh green beans. Worked on typing more. Done!!!
Those pork chops I thawed WERE bone in chicken breasts!! LOL Oh well, it's all good. Had those, green beans and fresh veggie in Italian for dinner.

Kitties all fed and dishes done. It's getting really chilly out with the wind.
Well, Coogy is sitting here patting my face, so I guess I better love on him.

Have a good night.
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Old 10-29-2014, 03:53 PM
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Good evening all!!

Maybe I didn't explain my situation very well. The desk is built-in. It is a long piece of plywood down the one side of a wall with "desk topping". The receptionist started out in a different part of the office, when she retired, that position was moved to where I sit now. I can't move anything because of the short computer cords and placement of the wall plugs. The building has been in place since probably the 40's and is made of cinder block. It used to be a yacht manufacturing place.

Ellen, sorry about the job rejection, glad that the counselor has some other opportunities that you can apply for. Sorry to hear you are in pain.

Colleen, sorry are in more pain too. Sounds like you did well getting cleaning stuff for the cabinets and stainless steel.

Jacki, I would be there for the free stuff too. Glad you are able to get the pain meds, even if you have to go pick up a fresh script once a month. The doctors have evaluated my sister, and are removing some meds from her. Don't know what she will have to do after the neck surgery in a couple of weeks.

Glad you were able to help your dd with the sewing machine and then help her get it up and running. Oh no (lol) on the bobbins and spools!!

Thanks, I am still waiting for the third shoe drop tonight.

JoAnn, time will tell if my ds appreciates the new-to-her tops. I think they are beautiful, one my style, one not. She is not know to appreciate much, much as I love her.

Cheryl, way to go on stocking up on the tp. I still have 14-16 4 packs of the free Small Steps (1000 sheets per roll), and a couple of packs I bought before they came out free. I don't think I have a year's worth of laundry detergent, because I am making it now. But I do have enough supplies to make another 5 gallons, and won't need to do that before probably February. The other items you mentioned, I have more than plenty of - including toothbrushes.

Chris, if the former co-worker turns up it will probably be tomorrow, pay day. All of our money is direct deposited, but we get the stubs tomorrow. He may not want to wait to get that in the mail. And he will be drunk if he shows too, which makes him more dangerous.

You just keep checking in when you can. And try to keep your stress level down, whatever works for you.

I came home, fed Asha, and promptly put the winter storm panels in, and removed the screens for the winter. From what I can see, this morning/early afternoon was the last really nice weather. It will be getting cooler as we head into time-change (this weekend), Halloween, and beyond.

Been thinking some about Hurricane Sandy, 2 years ago tonight it roared in. Just thankful that I was not damaged by it, and still concerned for those who lost everything in my area. Statistics show that only about 50% of the properties have been restored. A lot of them were beach/summer homes, but a lot of people lived full time there.

I remember calling my dn's father about making sure he got that couch out of the property he was watching in Ocean City, and how it was after dark when he got to my house, and we swapped out the futon for the couch and got the futon to my sister's home in case Elwood and Amanda could use the futon, and get a new mattress for it, all just before the rain started.

I remember the next morning when Doug called me, picked me up (me still in my jammies), and we went and put the message on that we would be closed for the day due to Hurricane Sandy.

I remember checking in with you all, all through that night and the next day, and all the support you kept offering.

I remember going out and helping others clean out their houses, throw away so many items (tp being one of them), and trying to get houses cleaned out before the mold set in. Collecting and packing bags of food, cleaning supplies, etc. and distributing them to those who were trying to stay and/or clean out their houses too.

And now, two years later, there are so many who were damaged in Sandy, that worked in the casinos who are now jobless too. It is sad, really sad. Like when Detroit closed down, or when the coal mines have closed in other parts of the country, sad.

Better go for now. Dinner is leftover (planned) stuffed potatoes and zucchini with a piece of leftover meatloaf.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 10-29-2014, 06:28 PM
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Gizmos pain meds are the same way. Now we have to prove she needs them. Blood tests too, to prove Giz is taking them not a human.
Fresh grain needs to be kept a certain way to stay fresh. I learned the hard way storing flour in glass jars for years, it will go bad. Bay leaves in flour will keep the bugs out. Good luck on the jobs!
Our friend is out of the hospital. She went to Whole Foods to get something to eat then to her brothers to eat, shower and rest then hopefully he will give her a ride home.
I have been contacting a lady who is selling some light. Drove there tonight and found out later we were at the wrong church. How was I to know that tiny town has two Quaker churches? I asked where the church was. Sigh, she is hard to communicate with. So we are to look at the lights Tuesday. If it doesn't work out then I throw my hands up and walk away.
The beef jerky I made was a huge hit.
Don't stay were you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated!
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Old 10-29-2014, 06:40 PM
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Thought Provoking Video

I saw this tonight on MSN and it brought me to tears and made me think though I have never run into someone actually asking for food, only money that they say is for food.

They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza. What He Did With It Dropped My Jaw - GoingViralPosts

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