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Old 08-29-2011, 12:29 PM
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My mom made fried green tomatoes, when she did it was all I ate. 2 of my kids were the same; I was frying up a whole bunch. We have not done it in a while.
I am thrilled everyone weathered the storm so well. Prayers for those who didnít
I pulled a dumb stunt today, when leaving the checkout lane I caught my foot on the end of the next lane. I tried to go backward and ended up going forward. Scared myself silly, my foot is sore but I donít think it is broken and even more important I donít think I did any damage to the rod. If it shifts I am screwed up big time
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Old 08-29-2011, 01:26 PM
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Hello, everyone!

I tried to keep up with all of you over the weekend--you were all so busy! Mostly I just was checking in periodically to see that everyone was OK through all of the hurricane mess. I'm so glad you are all OK!

Hope everything is all right with your foot--how scary!

I have never used a pressure canner--I've only canned with the hot water bath system. Wish I had some info for you.

It will be very interesting to see what the doctor has to say. Keep us posted.

Sounds like you are doing a good job getting prepared for your surgery. I bet this will be such a great relief for you to have it done.

How is your back by now?

We have that same lovely weather here today. I plan to get out and enjoy it after work tonight.

I know there were many others I wanted to comment on, but I've run out of time! Hope everyone is having a good day--talk to all of you soon!
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Old 08-29-2011, 01:53 PM
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Cau hope your foot is okay.
Connie- hope all goes well with your surgery I know you'll be happy to get it done.Anna-hope your back is better.
Today started out badly car wouldn't start so dd had to go to work with me at my first store so when we finish I could drop her off for first day at college.dh went got me a new battery dfor my car so shouldn't have any more trouble starting the car now.Went pick-up dd after her classes,then we went by a friend of ds & dd as she had a baby stoller for dd its smaller & lighter than the one I bought so will come in handy at the zoo or to have around if dd moves out on her own I'll have a stoller here to use.Have a good evening all.
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Old 08-29-2011, 02:03 PM
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Good evening all!!

Chris, glad to hear you were checking in on us all this weekend.

JoAnne, I have never heard of the Trousseau Tea, what a nice idea. Glad to hear that your tomatoes are still coming in. Mine are done too, maybe I will get one or two more, but they didn't look all that good on Friday night.

Cau, don't beat yourself up too much, accidents happen, that is why they are called accidents. Hope you didn't do too much damage though.

Roberta, I am not too sure about freezing the tomatoes either. Maybe you can slice one, put it on a cookie sheet and see how it freezes, then unfreeze and see how it unfreezes. Being green they haven't gotten that juicy yet, but then again, it might be like squash, gets mushy no matter what? But I would try it anyway. If you have to throw out one, and learn a lesson, then it might be a good lesson to learn (for all of us!).

Kathy you sound like you had a plan, and a load to do today.

Laurie, hope you had a good day.

No ac on for me today either - got up to 81* but it is fine inside.

I really can't comment on anything else, my church is having services tonight. I need to do the dinner dishes and get on the road.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 08-29-2011, 02:46 PM
Banned for SPAMMING
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ROBERTA - I can green slices of tomatoes now. But I have frozen them. I would cut a little thicker than normal, place on a pan and freeze, then put them in a bag. I would egg and dip before completely thawed. They always turned out good. Last year I canned several quarts, they sure were good in the winter. May do it again this year.

ELLEN - I don't pressure can, but my brother does. It's the only way he does his beans. They are wonderful. Just check out on the net, there are tons of sites with instruction. I'm thinking of getting a pressure canner. I have always use water bath. I also freezemy beans.

CAU - sure hope your foot is ok. Take care.

FRUGAL today - well let's see. I hard boiled a doz. eggs. Got the back grass all cut. Cleaned all the mirrors, tv's, computers and glass tables. Also cleaned inside and out on front and back security doors. Inside on all windows (nose prints - lol).

Swept out the garage and the front porch. Took out the big bag of trash from garage. Got all trash out for p/u.

All meals from home. Worked on newsletter some. Watered everything and fed the animals.
AC is still off. Probably only have 1 more day, then will have to turn on for a few. Thurs - Sun. supposed to be in 90's. Cool again Monday. I sure has been wonderful sleeping weather - 50's and 60's at night.

6 years ago today was Katrina. Ironic isn't it. The pics of the East coast are just awful. I would hate to imagine what they would be like, if the storm had been as strong as they thought. God bless those who lost family.
Has anyone talked with Patti?

Take care all.
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Old 08-29-2011, 03:16 PM
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Cheryl,I have seen Patti posting on the prayer forum.Hoping she is ok.
Connie,Sounds like you are getting ready for your surgery.
Joanne,Good luck at your appoinment.
Norma,.Glad you are ok
Barb,So glad that you are ok and posting too.
Cau,Glad your foot is ok.
Anna,You sound busy with your candles.
Frugal for me?I went to work and then I had to return some stuff that dh didn't use.I did have to buy some milk as I knew we were out.I went to my class and then waited for the oldest.Stopped at Farway to try to get dh's dressing and was able to get his croutons!!The Manger heard me complaing about not having his dressing(It's a Paul Newman) and told me he was going to try and order some for me.Ok that is kind of nice of him to go out of his way to get the dressing for me.
Not alot was done here.The oldest had to mail an application for a job.It is a seasonal job but I told her she needs the money and she can still look for another one to continue on too.
Norma,I did send you an envie today and I am working on another one to send out later this month.
My main frugal was reusing the spagethi that was leftover and cooking that in the microwave and also making cheese bread in the microwave too.The elctric bill came and was sky high again.It was an estimate which means we need to trim our bushes down again.
I need to get some stuff.I need to pick up the middle dd here in abit.
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Old 08-29-2011, 05:38 PM
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Here is Ball's website for canning and preserving.

Ballģ Canning and Preserving | Your Source for All Preserving Needs

You might also go to You Tube and type in the search engine "video's on pressure canning" there are probably video's on there showing how to do it too.

I have canned beans in a pressure canner before (green beans) but it has been alot of years since I've done that. I followed the instructions from the Ball canning book.

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Old 08-30-2011, 02:24 AM
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Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
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Good morning all!!

I am up a little early so I could shower this morning. Just couldn't get into the mood last night after church.

Will get the garbage out the door for pickup today, in a few minutes, as soon as it gets light outside.

When I got home after church, I had to turn the fans on for a couple of hours, but they were off before bedtime. Probably will have to do the same today.

Anna, I know your house smelled wonderful with all those great scents going on.

Mish, you keep on plugging away. Complaining about not being able to get the dressing you want is certainly a way to get a store to stock it, especially if they can do something to keep your business.

Well, Douglass was just fine. Not any water in the basement at all. Our IT person was concerned about phone service, since it originates in the basement and is really close to the floor. We only sustained some damage by one person who got a new window earlier this year. She has no phone or computer service at this time.

People-wise, we have 3 people with no electricity. My supervisor's aunt has to have neb treatments at least once a day, so we made sure to have her call and let the electric company know to put them on a higher priority than others. They said it could still be until Saturday before they reach her house. And, because her well won't pump without electricity, I offered my home for showers since I was going to church, but they refused. Her brother doesn't live that far away, and she said they would go there, and Aunt Myrtle could get the neb treatment at the church they attend. Alice said it is portable and she could just run an extension cord into the church from the car if necessary. Aunt Myrtle is in a wheelchair because of post polio syndrome and a stroke many years ago. One man lives here in town, and we aren't sure why his electric is out. One other woman lives in a more rural area and expected to be out.

My gf who was ordered to evacuate, came home to a perfectly wonderful house, no water anywhere, no damage to the roof, nothing. She is very thankful.

Just back to the rest of the week, and then a long weekend. I need one of those right about now.

You all take care, and have a great Tuesday. Norma

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Old 08-30-2011, 03:24 AM
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Good Morning Everyone

It's another nice cool morning here in central Ohio. I will be going out to mow here in a half hour or so, let the neighbors who sleep a little later sleep before running the mower. I hear Mary's brother out using her car this morning so they are up. Mary came over and visited with me for several hours yesterday evening till late.. it was nice to just chat with her without the guys around. She is getting hyped up about moving to N.C. the way she is budgeting her money it looks like Nov. 1st will be move out date. She brought me over come coffee cup collectibles last night that she no longer wants.. some Campbell Soup ones made in the USA, some older Maxwell House and a couple Norman Rockwell's. These are for our store. My only trips today will be to Aldi's for more turkey burger for the dogs and perhaps a trip to a OSU themed store for some applique patches, not sure about that one yet depends on how the day goes.

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Old 08-30-2011, 03:27 AM
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Anna, people were buying anything and everything in the supermarkets, from the looks of things. I did buy the bottled water and 1 extra loaf of bread--the rest of what I bought late last week was the regular stuff on my list. We have a camping stove that takes bottled propane (which we had plenty of) so I would have been able to cook on that.

Cau, I hope your foot is OK!

Enjoying the beautiful weather here, with the windows open and laundry on the line as soon as I get it out of the washing machine. 1 week until school begins for Luke (hooray!?) I'm ready to have a break from bickering children (between Luke and all his friends) and messy teenagers (Joanna's friends like to hang out on the porch but they never pick up their trash, so I have to make her do it...that's never fun). Mom's Taxi is already busy with both kids in soccer and Luke in a local theater's production of MAME. Stephen has been back at school for a week already; classes for him start tomorrow.
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