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barbszy 10-15-2007 03:46 AM

What did you do frugal today? - 21
Everyone is welcome to share your day-to-day frugal tips. It doesn't have to be a huge money-saver, time-saver, or energy-saver. Little things sure can add up.

So what did YOU do today to use your resources in the best way you can?

Lislyn66 10-15-2007 04:00 AM

Wow! Another new thread! I'm really just subbing to this new one. Still trying to rouse the girls out of bed to get ready for school.

Yesterday we just ate out of the fridge, didn't do too much, remember, was a bum. But I did manage to get all dishes done and straighten up. Here's hoping I have more energy this evening when I get home from work.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Lisa :sillll:

Lizzie-boo 10-15-2007 04:12 AM

Maybe it was something in the air -- I didn't get too much accomplished yesterday either, but at least I stayed home and didn't spend any money. I have a second interview at the place I'd really like to work later this morning, so "fingers crossed" I'm hoping that goes really well. I'll probably stop at the grocery store for a few things on the way back from that.


AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 04:15 AM

Frugal today? So far I have hand washed all the dishes and they are air drying. Also have been gathering all our candle tester jars ( I test each new fragrance we get in to see how it burns, scent throws, etc.) I will eventually be cleaning them all and reusing the jars. I have transferred them to the shed in a cabinet I saved from dh's moms house so I can find them again. I am also bringing up and taking out all the boxes of stuff I have been gathering up for the yard sale we werent' able to have this year. If we have a nice warm Friday they'll all be in one place that I can more easily get to the front yard, if not they aren't cluttering up my basement.

Once the dew dries on the grass I'll be going outside to mow the back yard.

Dinner tonight will be leftover chicken veggies w/ dumplins that I made yesterday. If I can get my kitchen space cleared up will be making a French Vanilla cake with sliced strawberries like a pineapple upside down cake but with strawberries.


Vjumpstart 10-15-2007 04:22 AM

Choosing NOT to be frugal
Yep, that's right. I'm choosing NOT to be frugal! I made a Blackberry Coffee Cake and Schaller's Chili (super hot!) for a couple of fund raisers. Neither one cost very much to make - maybe $15 total for the two - and I know that my coffee cake brought in $30 and my chili around $40-50. However, read the following quote from an e-mail I received regarding the fund raiser, and see if you agree that it would be self-centered to be frugal in this case.

"I wanted to contact you all to let you know that I am not making any assumptions that you all wouldn't like to be refunded the cost you paid for the ingredients used to make the baked goods and/or chili, corn bread, etc. I know it can begin to add up when you donate food for fund raisers and we intend on having quite a few more between now and 30 NOV in order to raise ample money for the children's holiday party. Having said this, I'm sorry I didn't ask Mrs. C (I took out the real name for OPSEC reasons) to add this information to the email she sent out requesting volunteers, but if you would like to be reimbursed for your expenses, please provide a receipt so that I can maintain it with the financial records we're keeping for the party. I will be more than happy to reimburse you.

I always thought that you made the stuff to help the group raise money, not to try to recoup what you had to spend.


barbszy 10-15-2007 04:31 AM

Vicki, that's bizarre! I consider things donated to fund-raisers (cakes, pies, chili, whatever) to be MY DONATION. I don't expect to hand the organizer a bill for what it cost me to make the item. That is my donation to the fund-raiser. If I am able to purchase something at the fund-raiser, then that's all the more that the charity will get. If not, I did what I could in donating a baked good or whatever.

Anna, I had to laugh when you recommended Haband. I worked there for a month one summer during college. Now, I am not a quitter, I like to finish what I start. But the working conditions there were AWFUL and actually unhealthy (giant dusty warehouse, no air conditioning, workers had to wear long pants, restricted potty breaks, etc.) so I found another job as soon as I could.

RobertaD 10-15-2007 04:47 AM

Yesterday i chopped and bagged up about 14 cups of bell peppers from the garden and froze for this winter. Unless we keep from having a killing frost that will be the end of them from the garden as I don't expect the blossoms on the plants to do anything. I also picked the few little green tomatoes and brought them inside to try to ripen.

Will finish trimming (HA! 4ft cut twice a year) the bushes this afternoon as there is rain called for everyday the rest of the week. I'm 2/3's of the way done and filled 5 large trash bags already. Frugal is I got a roll of trash bags from my BIL's work FREE as they were a mistake run a couple of years ago. I do need to let him know I could use another roll as I'm about out.

Will have dinner at the inlaws tonight and tomorrow they will eat at our house.


LaurieS 10-15-2007 04:50 AM

So far nothing frugal yet, just waking up around here.

Yesterday we went and priced the items we need to finish our bathroom. I hate making decorating decisions, gotta find some bathroom pictures. We-I have to decide on a medicine chest and lighting. I don't want it to look like we didn't know what we were doing!:loco:

Made stuffed bell peppers for dinner yesterday, chicken & beef. I got peppers 5/$1 so did 10. So I don't have to cook for a couple of days.

Cook4fun 10-15-2007 05:33 AM

Vicki: I've never heard of that either. I don't belong to the PTA, but I do volunteer for the Hospitality Committee at DSs school. We are providing a meal to the faculty tomorrow night because of Parent/Teacher Conferences. I just consider my desserts as a contribution and I've never thought about being refunded the cost.

I was lazy yesterday too. At 3:00, I just "shut down." Watched New England and Dallas play (my two favorite teams) and read some on my book. The good news: It didn't cost me anything.

Tonight however will cost as I will be running DS a couple towns over for Boy Scouts, having dinner with my sister and her family, and then driving home. It should be just gas since she is cooking.

Liz: I have my fingers crossed for you about the job. Good Luck!

Well, I'm off to start some work here. Have a great day everyone!

Mish 10-15-2007 05:46 AM

Liz,I hope the interview goes good for you and that you get the job too.
Vicki,that is odd never heard of that eitheir.
Frugal for me today is to try and stay home.I think i have enough housework to do to keep me busy here.I have already got the dishes done and put in the dishwasher.Aslo have the sheets all done and i had to go to the basement to get a new sheet for the oldests bed.Her sheet was starting to tear and it was a pretty big tear in the sheet.Aslo need to keep an eye on the dog as she has been picking at her paws.Hoping i can find a way to get her to stop so i don;t have to take her to the vet.

Mish :)

AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 05:59 AM


Somehow that doesn't surprise me about Haband, any of those places that have low prices probably don't pay their employees well or treat them well. Unfortunately with dh's size, if I buy local his jeans are on sale $48.00 a pair anything plus size tack on double the cost. We are hoping income tax time to get him back in the weight loss clinic again, it will cost us out of pocket several thousand dollars. I have saved his jeans this time for when he looses the weight. It's the only thing that works for him, this will be the third time.


RobertaD 10-15-2007 06:28 AM

Anna, I think some time back you had mentioned that your husband was trying the Alli weight loss pill? Did that not help him loose any weight? I know for me working out at Curves 3 times a week plus other physical work and watching what I was eating wasn't enough for the weight to drop. I started taking Stacker II and have lost 22 lbs.

Picked up 2 cans of tobacco for DH's home rolled cigs while next door at Curves this morning. Price jumped $.30 a can since I bought a couple weeks ago.


AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 06:47 AM


The Alli (sp?) worked at first but then I think dh figured he was loosing weight so he could eat what he wanted at lunch and it came right back. He has been in a weird frame of mind the past few months not weighing himself at work or accounting for his weight at all... drives me completely crazy!! I have to admit to being very angry with his lackadazical attitude about loosing the weight, Mondays are always depressing after he's sat around all weekend and his jeans are tight. I tried all weekend to get him up and moving and it was always "maybe later" then his car races were on and his football was on. The weight loss clinic which is one and one with a dietician where he has to be held accountable and weighed every week is the only thing that's ever worked.


czechlady 10-15-2007 07:19 AM

Just a quick stop in, took a shower, stripped my bed and remade it with clean linens. Now have the other sheets in the washer with cold water .
Last evening made a layered salad for my dinner today. Didn't have any sunflower seeds which is what I like for the added crunch in the salad.
Good luck Liz on your interview. Job hunting is really for the pits.:gaah:

Have a great day

AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 07:42 AM


Yes, good luck with the job.. hope you hear something soon.


That's what I'm in the process of doing is stripping the bed. Took the top cover blanket and the couch cover and washed them, they are now on the line outside drying. Getting ready to strip the sheet and pillowcases and wash those. The lawn mower isn't working, it looks like it's out of oil so dh is going to try to walk me through putting the correct oil in the mower as he's never allowed me to do it before and check the spark plug. He's like astounded on the phone this am, you don't know how to do this and that? Well.. if he'd showed me then yes, I'd know how:loco: .

Just got through having a cheese sandwich for my lunch and will probably have a banana after bit, not really hungry but with the diabetes I have to eat something.


leasmom 10-15-2007 08:36 AM

Its been two weeks since I was able to be online. I have a virus protector on my computer but a virus snuck in anyway and wiped me out.

I've been busy at the restaurant but I will be going back to work at Hot Foods too, so I'll be working 7 days a week.

I've been using coupons quite a bit lately for everything, its saved me a ton of money. I also bought a new deep freezer last week, I got it just in time for the winter.

Today I went to buy my nephew a gift for his upcoming birthday and got it for $8.99, a spiderman toy. I got more spiderman stuff at the dollar store. I also bought supplies for a nice I have to make for the restaurant. I have to go later and get them laminated. I spent $40 on school books for Lea. I love her montessori school but I want to make sure she is at or above grade level for next year so I went to the teachers store and bought a math book, a science book, and a history book and workbook.

I have to go to the foot doctor today, I have heel spurs and so they shot me in my heels. I have to go back today for the same thing. It feels though like I broke my pinky toe though. Its been swollen for the last two days and theres sharp pain. I'm not sure if thats true but I definately will ask him about it.

Well, I'm glad to be back online! Have a great day everyone!

AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 08:59 AM

Lawn Mower 101 Tech Support
Well dh was able to walk me through fixing the lawn mower. He told me over the phone how to get the correct oil out of the shed 10W30, how much to put in the lawn mower, how to check the spark plug to see if it was on tight, Safety 101: he told me to unplug the spark plug before turning the lawn mower on its side so that it doesn't accidently turn on by itself, he said moving the rotors is the same thing as pulling the string: so after unplugging it, turning it over and cleaning out all the dried grass, plugging the spark plug back in, it still wouldn't work. I mentioned that the string didn't appear to be coming out enough and lo and behold, theres a little silver ring on the string that had slipped down and that's what was stopping it from starting:sillll: ! So yay! I now don't have to go out and buy a new lawn mower at the end of the season if you could even find one now.


jjoj 10-15-2007 09:05 AM

Good afternoon!
Liz, wishing you all the best on your interview! Joy, I am thinking of you, too, and hope something just right will come up for you soon.
Pam, we watched the game yesterday, too. Dh and ds are Cowboy fanatics, so any talk about the game is off limits at our house for the entire week. Very, very touchy today. lol
Frugal yesterday was watching the game at oldest ds's apt. He made breaded pork chops, cheese mashed potatoes, and a spice cake. I was tickled and very proud of him for doing a good job on the meal. Even though his cake broke into pieces and he glued it back together with frosting. It still tasted very good.
Frugal for today is having leftovers for lunch and having the rest of the baked beans and smokies for tonight's dinner. Also, making apple crisp for dessert. I am fixing lasagna ahead for tomorrow. Mainly, just eating what's available and doing our shopping on Friday. Other than that, we haven't been using the air or the heat, so hopefully we can bring that electric bill down this month.
Take care friends, and have a very nice Monday!

czechlady 10-15-2007 09:27 AM

Got a call this a.m. for an interview at a Senior retirement apt building. It would be approx 20 hours per week, the down side is it's for the grave yard shift...yuky..but will still go in for the interview. See what it all entails and if there would be a possibility for a swing shift /day shift opening down the road.. I am not much good to man or beast working graveyd.

So will see how that goes, also will drop off another app at a thrift shop .


Way to go Anna on the mower repair.

bluebird 10-15-2007 09:42 AM

Vicki, I agree, that is crazy! Donate means donate.

I should be making lunch but our kitty is having poopy problems again. I went to the vet once this morning, he gave me meds for the kittens. I have to take a fecal sample in. I have been collecting kitty poop. We aren't hungry right now. lol

I started sewing up a blouse last night. I am impressed with myself. I have never sewn this type of fabric before and am doing great.

I have started my WM list for this week. I will start my menu plan today too. Might have to take dd back to her doctor this week. That is always $$$ spent. If she needs it , she needs it.

futureteacher 10-15-2007 09:53 AM

Congrats on the part in the play. I know it wasn't the one you wanted, but it sounds like you really enjoy acting, so I'm sure it will be lots of fun, especially since your daughter will be in it too!

Good luck on the interview!

I was going to recommend e-bay on the jeans too--I know quite a few people who have had great luck with that.

Frugal for me was doing some meal prep for the week yesterday and doing some baking at home for snacks for the week. Fall always puts me in the mood for that, and it finally feels like fall here!

AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 10:00 AM

Christmas Candle Scent Advice Needed
I'm starting on my Christmas candles and am a bit stumped. I want to do some double layer candles like Sugar Cookies & Hot Chocolate. I have Egg Nog but don't know what to put with it as dh and I have never had it nor does anyone in any of our families drink it. What goes with Egg Nog? besides I think it's Rum? I also have one called Creme Brulee and again I can't think of what to put with it?

Thanks Ladies, the advice given for the teenager soaps went very well, she almost sold out before she could get them to the show.


jjoj 10-15-2007 10:10 AM

Anna, butter rum would work nicely. Hmmm, I think sugar cookie scent would go great Anything with nutmeg or vanilla might work as well. How about gingerbread?
Joy, best wishes on your interview!
Chris, excellent job on your meal preparations. You do so well at that!

AnnaInOhio 10-15-2007 10:41 AM


Thanks I do have Gingerbread so that one would work nicely with the Egg Nog.

Now how about the Creme Brulee, anybody have suggestions for that one?


justEricka 10-15-2007 11:01 AM

anna..your candles sound yyyuummmyyyy....

anyway,im just checking in. nothing frugal today. my newly turned 16yods (that does NOT stand for dear right now) son, whom my mom just gave a 99 buick regal to, backed into a dumpster last night. he put a huge dent in the car, and busted out the back glass. now i have it coverd with plastic and duct tape, but i think that about does it for him haveing his own car for a while. he will be in town today to pick up the girls from their afterschool program, so hes walking to subway and getting my van,then picking up the girls, bringing them home, adn comeing to get me from work tonight when i get off. for a while, thats all hes going to be able to do. i think hes about done with driving his own car. altho, i may let him take his car to town on wends and get the girls, since i ll be in class and wont know when i get out.

hope you all have a good night....

Mish 10-15-2007 12:19 PM

Ericka,So sorry about the car accident.This is why i am not ready to have my oldest driving.We live in the country and she could have a learners permit but me and my dh would like to wait.
Chris,Good job with the meal prep.
Anna,Your candles are sounding very yummy here.
Frugal for me today was to stay home and relax.Tonight my oldest has her vocal concert so i will be out late for that.I might bring a book to read while i wait for the concert to begin.

Mish :)

cau 10-15-2007 12:26 PM

Not much going on here, did some christmas shopping on Overstock. I like that the shipping is only $2.98 no matter what. So I was able to get a comforter& sheet set, a clip Art program and a cd for $2.98 in shipping.

jjoj 10-15-2007 01:30 PM

Good job on your Christmas shopping, Cau.
Anna, the only thing I can think of for the creme brule would be something with brown sugar, or cafe au lait, maybe? I have never actually had creme brule, so I am not really sure what it smells like.
Mish, hope your dd's concert is a success!
Lisa, congrats to you and your dd on the roles in the play. That sounds like it will be a fun thing to do together!

czechlady 10-15-2007 02:23 PM

Went for the interview, am not sure if I would be considered for the position, but told them that I would not be interested in the graveyd shift. But the lady interviewing says that openings come up quite often and will keep me in mind. Who knows huh ?

Getting gloomy here, suppose to have rain on wed/thurs.

Have a good evening everyone

jeandeanette 10-15-2007 02:41 PM

Good evening everyone. It got really warm today.

Liz, by them giving you a second interview that sounds promising. Good luck to you and to you Joy also.

Leasmom, I do hope you can get help for your heel spurs. I'm sure standing up working as many hours as you do makes that a hard situation.

Ericka, I'm sorry about your ds accident. Hopefully, he will learn from it.

I ended up going grocery shopping. I did have a coupon to get a free frozen pizza and I also did a price match for tp. This evening I didn't want to do much in the way of cooking so I heated up tator tots and chicken nuggets. I used up some packs of leftover sauces and ketchup from fast food places.

I bought myself some clothes today. That is something I very rarely do. I keep telling myself I will buy clothes when and if I lose weight. Today, I was in a mad/bad mood and I just decided to get a few things. I also bought my yds a shirt for his birthday thats coming up.

Well everyone have a good evening. I'll check in later.

barbszy 10-15-2007 03:28 PM

Liz, good luck on your second interview. Joy, I hope a position with better hours opens for you soon :)

Ericka, sorry to hear your DS had a car accident. Luckily he is ok....I am going to be in your shoes next year since my Big DS turns 16 in January and in our state you get a license at 17.

I tried that recipe for "cream of whatever soup" today. It worked pretty well, although I thought the consistency was a little thinner. But that would be easy to compensate with a little less liquid. It's definitely easier to store than the 9 cans of soup the recipe makes--takes much less space, and is cheaper too.

I also figured out a substitute for those fried onions that are used in casseroles. You can just use crushed crackers and add extra onion powder or dry minced onion to the casserole itself. If you like the cheese flavored onions, use crushed Goldfish or cheese crackers.

jjoj 10-15-2007 05:59 PM

Oh, how neat, Barb. I am definitely going to try that recipe. It would be quite a bit cheaper and handy for all those times I seem to run out of cream of mushroom soup right when I need it. :head: Thanks so much for the link!

Cook4fun 10-15-2007 08:01 PM

Well, I had my post all ready to post and my computer froze up and it went away. If you all see it in the "Garden" section, I apologize.

Barb: Thanks for the link for the soup. I use alot of cream soups.

Jamie: Tell your guys I'm right there with them. I was hoping Dallas would win, too.

Jean: Buying those clothes is what I call "Retail Therapy." Sometimes you just gotta!

We just got in from Boy Scouts and I had to make banana pudding and take peanut butter cookies from the freezer for tomorrow night's faculty dinner at DS's school. I'm pooped.

I noticed as I was taking off my jewelry that my earrings don't match. They are two different sizes, but not by a lot -- anyone could make the same mistake, but they are TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! One pink and one clear! I've got to slow down a little...:crazy:

Norma: I hope you had a better day today.

On that note, tomorrow is Boss's Day. For all the boss's out there: "Be nice to your employees! They are your most valuable asset."

I've got to go to bed now:bedtime: , I'm starting to ramble. Sleep tight everyone!

Vjumpstart 10-15-2007 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by OSI
I'm starting on my Christmas candles and am a bit stumped. I want to do some double layer candles like Sugar Cookies & Hot Chocolate. I have Egg Nog but don't know what to put with it as dh and I have never had it nor does anyone in any of our families drink it. What goes with Egg Nog? besides I think it's Rum? I also have one called Creme Brulee and again I can't think of what to put with it?

Thanks Ladies, the advice given for the teenager soaps went very well, she almost sold out before she could get them to the show.


Someone else already said something about Egg Nog, so I googled creme brulee. These are the different flavors I found:

ginger, white chocolate-raspberry, coffee brandy, martini, roast apple, raspberry, almond chocolate, pumpkin

Don't know if any of that helps, but it all sounds yummy to me!


crochet2 10-16-2007 01:58 AM

Good morning all!!
Pam, I had flashbacks, even to just this weekend about the earrings. I only have a few pair, and they are all studs, and all real stones, or pearls, and one pair of gold studs. I picked up a ruby and an emerald stud and had them both n before I noticed as I was doing my hair and saw them in the mirror. Now, if it were Christmas time, I could get away with that, but...I went and changed. (I have very small ear lobes and nothing but smaller studs really look good in my ears. I am not a "little gold dolphin" type person either. See, I thought that was just my brain problem kicking up again. Maybe not, who knows.

Yesterday was ok, but my boss that I e-mailed, didn't say anything to me abou the e-mail, not even that he got it. And I was there an additional 10 minutes (I know it doesn't sound like much), because he didn't sign certain letters that he wanted out, until 4:55, and then told me he wanted them out. That means photocopying, and folding - and all of them were regular and certified mail. I hate ripping off the back of the green cards to attach them to the envies.

Other than that, not much happening. I took lunch to work, and did not have either the heat nor the ac on. They are saying it will heat up a little over the next few days, so maybe I will need the ac one more time before we remove the unit for the season.

Liz and Joy, I am including your work situations in my prayers. No one who wants to work in this country should be without a job.

Well ladies, better go for now. Take care all!! Norma

futureteacher 10-16-2007 04:45 AM

I hope today goes well for you at work. You don't deserve to be treated so poorly. It always amazes me when employees are treated so insensitively--it's as if those handing out the poor treatment forget they are dealing with fellow human beings. Sounds like you handled things gracefully though.

Sorry to hear about your son's accident. Scary stuff, isn't it? At least no one was hurt.

Frugal here was convincing my co-workers to have a potluck for bosses day. The original idea was to order food to be delivered, but at $7 each, I thought that was a bit pricey. So we are all bringing food instead. I went with cookies--I had the ingredients on hand at home already, so that worked out well fo rme.

kathymac 10-16-2007 05:08 AM

:java: Good morning, ladies! We're having ANOTHER cloudy, rainy day here. I think this is day 5 or 6 of this weather. What I wouldn't give to see a little bit of sunshine! It looks like I may have to wait until Friday for that.

Today I will be updating my pantry and freezer inventory and making up a meal plan. I need to go grocery shopping tonight. I clipped coupons last night and gathered up the grocery ads for ad matching at WM.

Lisa - congrats to you and your DD on getting parts in the play. That sounds like a lot of fun!

Lizzie - how did the second interview go? I have my fingers crossed for you.

Joy - sorry you're having such a difficult time finding a job. The perfect job is out there somewhere. I wish you luck finding it.

Ericka - I am in the exact same boat as you. DD1 got her license in August. It is getting a little bit easier as time goes by. But I can't relax until she returns home safely every time she goes out.

Chris - good for you suggesting a potluck instead of ordering out. Not only because it's cheaper, but it's always nicer sharing food with friends that you've made yourself.

jeandeanette - sometimes a little retail therapy is needed. You work so hard everyday taking care of your family, you deserve to treat yourself once in a while!

Well, I've been pretty lazy the last couple of days. So I'm determined to have a productive day today. I'm going to go get a few things done before I go to work.

I hope you all have a great day!



bluebird 10-16-2007 06:05 AM

Tonight is my fung shui (sp) class! I am so excited as is dd.
Today will be housework, some laundry, school, little crochet and sewing.

AnnaInOhio 10-16-2007 06:31 AM

Vicki & Jamie

Thanks so much for those tips on the match for Creme Brule, I have never had it either so didn't know what should go with it. I have several different Brown Sugars, I have a chocolate that could be renamed white chocolate and I do have Sun Ripened Raspberry so I could mix those two together and call it White Chocolate Raspberry:sillll: . I know there are so many cooks on here that I could count on you all with the food scents:-P:: .


Good job having the cookies already made in the freezer for the Boy Scout meeting instead of having to rush out and buy something.


Sorry too to hear about your ds accident, I'm sure he felt badly about it I know I would've.


Lislyn66 10-16-2007 07:11 AM

Ericka, me too, sorry about your son's accident. I have a 15 yr old dd with a learners permit, scares the crap out of me. She's not the driver her brother was. I don't remember being scared poop-less when I was in the car with him. She scares me!

Not so frugal last night, got pizza's but it was an awful day at work and I thought, screw it! The b/f replaced the starter on my mom's car last night, only asked for money for the part, $148! I saw the receipt! Mom tried to pay him for his time and he refused, said he doesn't charge family. Awww!

Only working 1/2 day today, have to take dd for an ultrasound. Plan on making supper from whatever is in the house and cleaning the dang house when I get home. Also promised youngest dds we'd get their Halloween costumes, there goes frugal! I'll make up for it by not spending any more $$ this week, I hope.

Must get back to work. Oh and Norma, we're still going thru issues here at work. I'm with you on what you're going thru, right there with you.


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