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Old 11-19-2007, 01:28 PM
jjoj's Avatar
Seven Year Member
FamilyCorner Fanatic
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: rural Kentucky
Posts: 3,495
Good evening!
Barb, I got the coupon for the magazine today and just wanted to say thank you! I am going to mail it tomorrow.
Karen, wow, I am so impressed-eight points, too! Congratulations!
Bluebird, that's wonderful that your kids were able to figure out the computer by themselves.
Pam, a roaster! I am so excited for you! Have you been planning all the kinds of things you are going to make in it? I'm glad that you liked the cookies. I got it out of a Ft. Benning cookbook I unearthed from my cupboard. Since I've not ever actually been to Ft. Benning, I have no idea why I have it. It is a nice cookbook, though. lol
Lisa, hope the dog house works out. That is a great price!
We had a bit of excitement today. When we went to check the mail, we noticed that instead of the usual two horses in the field, there were four. Apparently, the neighbor's horses decided to stop by to say hello. I guess they were able to somehow unlatch their gate. The neighbors were gone. But of course. Thankfully, the horse lady was checking on her horses, so we were able to get them back to their home. I didn't realize horses were so social. Kind of like the horse welcome wagon committee, I guess. :-)
As for frugal, nothing too much. We have had the heat off the last few days also. I made some bread and grilled some chicken breasts this morning to store in the freezer. We leave early tomorrow morning, so I wanted to make sure to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Take care, friends!
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Old 11-19-2007, 01:32 PM
Lislyn66's Avatar
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Southern IL
Posts: 4,037
Happy Thanksgiving Jamie, take care and be safe.

James 1:2-4
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
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Old 11-19-2007, 02:08 PM
Mish's Avatar
Eight Year Member
FamilyCorner Fanatic
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 4,708
Jamie,I hope you have a happy thanksgiving.
Lisa,That does sound like a good price too bad i didn't live closer or i would come over and i am sure we could put it in my exploer.
Bluebird,Wow i think that is pretty neat that the kids were able to fix the computer for you.
Frugal for me?I went to my youngest conference,.She is doing ok in school but gets upset with herslef if she can't figure out something right away.We still have lots of stuff for her to learn the phonics and different words for going into the 1 st grade next year.I was aslo given a hard time as i haven't taken the time to help her learn how to tie her shoes.Well i need to go to my middle dds conference.Tonight we had rice and chicken it turned out pretty good.When i come back i will pick up the other 2 for their stuff going on tonight.It is a good thing too i need to exercise as i have been eating alot of food.Have a great night.

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Old 11-19-2007, 03:19 PM
ellenmelon's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 10,509
Yes we did get snow, very wet and heavy, I was surprised to see in the local paper that we had about 15 accidents out of it too, but not me so all is fine here. I think we are supposed to get some more and am waiting for the weather report on the tv as I type...

I love my roaster, it frees up the oven for baking the pies and casseroles. I split my turkey in half and it cooks more evenly and fits in the roaster better, on a rack, with liquid in the bottom and spices there too for flavor, I usually serve the turkey already sectioned and sliced on a platter at the table or buffet so it doesn't look very Rockwellish but it is delicious and since the cleanup is already done I have more time to sit with coffee after dinner and chat with guests...

My frugal is still eating out of the freezer only buying milk and bread and eggs at the store, also have some great chard from the garden, even with the frosts and snow it is doing so well, and some red cabbages, dd1 pulled some carrots up, they were 3 inches thick and 3 inches tall so we shredded them and make carrot raisin salad, very sweet
Ellen in PA

"God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind."
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Old 11-19-2007, 04:52 PM
czechlady's Avatar
Nine Year Member
FamilyCorner Groupie
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: If not for irrigation it would be desert
Posts: 720
Yikes !!!

I have been getting quotes on boarding my dog while attending the wedding in CO.. Well the cheapest was $20 for 24 hours. x 5 days,,,that's a bit more than I can afford..

Got a quote from the airport parking, that was very reasonable I thought @ $7 for 24 hours. Asked the gal if I could board my dog there for that price, it got a giggle out her.

Still not sure what I will do about the trip.

Today after leaving my last client, the censor light came on in my car, so stopped off at the dealer where I bought it, they will give me a loaner tomorrow afternoon, my car is still under warranty so that was good.

Frugal is not eating at fast food places before I come home, made a small kettle of spagetti when I came home. Had some leftover sliced cukes & sugar free instant choc pudding.

All the snow melted by noon today, woke up early thinking about me not having snow tires. Am wondering if I can sneak by this winter with just my regular tires. Not an expense I need right now.

Have a good evening all, am happy for those who have been hunting and got their deers. I don't eat wild meat so won't even be jealous of you having it !

God Bless America
Pray for our Military
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Old 11-20-2007, 02:00 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Jean, sorry your son didn't get a deer this time. He will soon.

Boggz, good for you. And good for the freezer. And good for the budget.

Barb, good for you, thinking outside the box (birthday digt box) to come up with such a thoughtful gift. I am sure your great aunt will appreciate evey bite.

Jamie, have a safe trip.

The receipe for the spiced peaches is as follows. I have substituted in 2 cinnamon sticks instead of 1 tbsp. of ground cinnamon.

1 16 oz. can peach halves in light syrup
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp whole allspice
1 tsp whole cloves

Bring all ngredients to a boil. Reduce heat and gently simmer 20 to 30 minutes, until the liquid is slightly thickened.

Put the peaches into a container. Pour the liquid and the spices over the peaches. Let cool, then store in the fridge until ready to eat.

Well ladies, better go for now. I have a litter box to change and get the garbage out to the curb.

Take care all!! Norma
1 tsp whole cloves
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Old 11-20-2007, 02:37 AM
RobertaD's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,481
Joy, do you have a responsible neighbor /kid that could come in 2-3 times a day to let your dog out and to feed it? Would be a lot cheaper on you.

When digging in the freezer for the turkey.... decided I'm not buying meat until January so I can see what is in there. Didn't realise how much meat is there and it is time to weed through it.

DH is having a hard time stopping smoking but has cut down a lot. So bought a can of tobacco yesterday instead of buying the pouches as I have been. Gasped when I was at the discount tobacco store paying under $13 for tobacco and filters to roll a cartons worth of cigs. A lady came in and said I want the cheapers 100's that you have... was $30 and change for no name cigs.

use code TAKE10 for 10% off your first direct delivery order in 2019 with me!
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Old 11-20-2007, 04:17 AM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,238
Frugal yesterday? Found chicken thighs 4 in a pack for $2.00 on clearance... bought 4 packs. That's a good bargain, also organic.

I see you all talking of snow, here in central Ohio it's supposed to be in the mid 60's today... I will be going outside here in a few to do the last mowing of the year, Yuck! Dh is fretting about it though as he says it will be difficult first mow next year if it isn't cut short now.

Dh has been really irritable, depressed since even before his hospital stay.. very difficult to be around. I've mentioned this to the doctor each time we went, well after another bout yesterday morning of his saying he wished he were dead and not a burden on everyone, when we saw the doctor I emphasized this again and he put him on Lexapro. Dh has a family history of this, his grandfather they used shock treatments on back in the day, his uncle was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, his aunt has it and his mother was depressed all the time after his father died, I guess there were incidents over the years before we were married. Dh felt it was weak to take a anti depressant but I told him, it has nothing to do with you or your personality, it's a chemical embalance in your brain. So hopefully this will help him get his life back on track and be happy instead of worrying all the time about everything.

Today I will get the last batch of that big candle order done and packed up for delivery. Fingers crossed the customer gets her husband to sign over that big check this weekend. She is from India and her dh makes all the financial payments.

I go today or tommorow to pick up my bulk order to start selling candle supplies at our store, lots of math and legal writting to figure out what to sell it for and cover myself legally against people using the products improperly.

Well off to get dressed... everyone who is getting ready to head out on the roads, have a safe and happy thanksgiving. And of course, Happy Thanksgiving wishes go out to all my Family Corner friends.

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Old 11-20-2007, 04:35 AM
Mish's Avatar
Eight Year Member
FamilyCorner Fanatic
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 4,708
You did get a good deal on the chicken.So sorry to hear that you and your dh has been depressed.I am glad the docotor has him on some meds and i just hope he will be ok.
Roberta,It is very hard to quit smoking.Good for you to get something else for him.
Joy,I was thinking the same thing of asking a neighbor kid to let your dog out.
Ellen,Sounds like you got a lot of snow.Hope you and your family can stay safe.
Frugal for me?Last night i went to my middle dds conference and i got 2 books.I then came home and took the other girls to the ymca.Today we are going to go to Target and try to get some stuff for the kids.Wish me luck with that i am going to need it.

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Old 11-20-2007, 04:54 AM
futureteacher's Avatar
Nine Year Member
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 3,293
I'm with you! I don't know where the time goes either!! I've only been able to visit here a couple of times a week lately, and everyone has been so busy!!

I did my annual Christmas shopping trip with my girlfriend on Saturday. We found LOTS of deals! I think the only things we paid full price for were lunch and a few items at a specialty gift shop (and those were worth it!!) She and her husband have 2 children and they are 2 of my godkids. I usually buy her kids' gifts after she and I shop (I think it's fun when the gifts are a surprise to her too!), but other than that, I am nearly finished--just a few odds and ends here and there left. Whew! That's a lot of shopping!

If I don't get a chance to post between now and Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! Hugs to all of you and your families!
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