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  • Lisa--
    Congrats on the part in the play. I know it wasn't the one you wanted, but it sounds like you really enjoy acting, so I'm sure it will be lots of fun, especially since your daughter will be in it too!

    Good luck on the interview!

    I was going to recommend e-bay on the jeans too--I know quite a few people who have had great luck with that.

    Frugal for me was doing some meal prep for the week yesterday and doing some baking at home for snacks for the week. Fall always puts me in the mood for that, and it finally feels like fall here!
  • Christmas Candle Scent Advice Needed
    I'm starting on my Christmas candles and am a bit stumped. I want to do some double layer candles like Sugar Cookies & Hot Chocolate. I have Egg Nog but don't know what to put with it as dh and I have never had it nor does anyone in any of our families drink it. What goes with Egg Nog? besides I think it's Rum? I also have one called Creme Brulee and again I can't think of what to put with it?

    Thanks Ladies, the advice given for the teenager soaps went very well, she almost sold out before she could get them to the show.

  • Anna, butter rum would work nicely. Hmmm, I think sugar cookie scent would go great Anything with nutmeg or vanilla might work as well. How about gingerbread?
    Joy, best wishes on your interview!
    Chris, excellent job on your meal preparations. You do so well at that!
  • Jamie

    Thanks I do have Gingerbread so that one would work nicely with the Egg Nog.

    Now how about the Creme Brulee, anybody have suggestions for that one?

  • anna..your candles sound yyyuummmyyyy....

    anyway,im just checking in. nothing frugal today. my newly turned 16yods (that does NOT stand for dear right now) son, whom my mom just gave a 99 buick regal to, backed into a dumpster last night. he put a huge dent in the car, and busted out the back glass. now i have it coverd with plastic and duct tape, but i think that about does it for him haveing his own car for a while. he will be in town today to pick up the girls from their afterschool program, so hes walking to subway and getting my van,then picking up the girls, bringing them home, adn comeing to get me from work tonight when i get off. for a while, thats all hes going to be able to do. i think hes about done with driving his own car. altho, i may let him take his car to town on wends and get the girls, since i ll be in class and wont know when i get out.

    hope you all have a good night....
  • Ericka,So sorry about the car accident.This is why i am not ready to have my oldest driving.We live in the country and she could have a learners permit but me and my dh would like to wait.
    Chris,Good job with the meal prep.
    Anna,Your candles are sounding very yummy here.
    Frugal for me today was to stay home and relax.Tonight my oldest has her vocal concert so i will be out late for that.I might bring a book to read while i wait for the concert to begin.

  • Not much going on here, did some christmas shopping on Overstock. I like that the shipping is only $2.98 no matter what. So I was able to get a comforter& sheet set, a clip Art program and a cd for $2.98 in shipping.
  • Good job on your Christmas shopping, Cau.
    Anna, the only thing I can think of for the creme brule would be something with brown sugar, or cafe au lait, maybe? I have never actually had creme brule, so I am not really sure what it smells like.
    Mish, hope your dd's concert is a success!
    Lisa, congrats to you and your dd on the roles in the play. That sounds like it will be a fun thing to do together!
  • Went for the interview, am not sure if I would be considered for the position, but told them that I would not be interested in the graveyd shift. But the lady interviewing says that openings come up quite often and will keep me in mind. Who knows huh ?

    Getting gloomy here, suppose to have rain on wed/thurs.

    Have a good evening everyone
  • Good evening everyone. It got really warm today.

    Liz, by them giving you a second interview that sounds promising. Good luck to you and to you Joy also.

    Leasmom, I do hope you can get help for your heel spurs. I'm sure standing up working as many hours as you do makes that a hard situation.

    Ericka, I'm sorry about your ds accident. Hopefully, he will learn from it.

    I ended up going grocery shopping. I did have a coupon to get a free frozen pizza and I also did a price match for tp. This evening I didn't want to do much in the way of cooking so I heated up tator tots and chicken nuggets. I used up some packs of leftover sauces and ketchup from fast food places.

    I bought myself some clothes today. That is something I very rarely do. I keep telling myself I will buy clothes when and if I lose weight. Today, I was in a mad/bad mood and I just decided to get a few things. I also bought my yds a shirt for his birthday thats coming up.

    Well everyone have a good evening. I'll check in later.