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Old 10-25-2007, 04:49 PM
ellenmelon's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Pennsylvania
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Joesbaby-I used Schaumís Outlines to learn my algebra, they give lots of examples, words, and worked out problems, then all the answers are given in the next practice problems, and then the self quiz follows the lesson exactly. It was very encouraging for me and helped a lot. My daughters liked them too.

Connie, I am glad the court date is over. The school of hard knocks is a hard one. I think it will mean a lot to your son in the future to know that even though he had to be in court, that you were there too and didnít turn away from him in this painful situation.

Leasmom, good to hear from you, what matters more than being frugal is that we are here for each other and I am glad that your job situation has improved, sounds like the cooking/baking is going well and I wish I was closer to come and eat some of your great things!

Finally got the roasting chicken in the oven, so will eat off that all weekend. This time I saved the paper packet with giblets and will see what it does to the broth I make from the bones. Any advice anyone?

Iíll stop tomorrow and see what pumpkins at the student stand run, why oh why didnít I throw some seeds in the compost and see if anything took?

Anna, I think the dirt scented laundry detergent request must be from a hunter. The stuff they sell to camo the scent and look for hunting clothes is expensive and so maybe she was trying to find an alternate way for her dhís hunting clothes. Guess deer are very sensitive to fragrances. Donít know though because dh usually gets his deer wearing Arm and Hammer.

Ellen in PA

"God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind."
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Old 10-25-2007, 05:12 PM
Mish's Avatar
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Frugal for me ?I stayed home.I did have some phones calls so that was nice.I aslo finished reading my book.I had tacos and my middle dd wanted me to have a sundae too.I am stuffed but I am pretty happy here.
Lisa,Thanks for all the words of advice,My dh is able to help my oldest so far and her teacher too.But the problemn is that he took another few days off and they had a huge test today.The sub didn't want to help her out on the test so we will see what happens.
Connie,I am so glad that your dd is out of jail.I am hoping the fine will make him realize what he did.You and your dh are very good parents.You are standing your son without judging him.I am sure when he is older he will appretciate you more.My dear brother who (passed away a couple of months ago).Had his share of problemns with the police.Needless to say it wasn't fun but it happens.
Anna,I sure hope your docotor can help your dh.It sounds like he is very depressed.Hugs to both of you.

Barb,Way to go on the costume.

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Old 10-25-2007, 05:50 PM
leasmom's Avatar
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Picked up two major freecycles today and yesterday. I went to a teachers store about a week ago and bought $40 worth of school supplies because Lea is at a Montessori school and just to make sure she is on level or above, I bought them. But then I posted online about needing some and a teacher responded about some brand-new books they sent as a sample to her. There are 4 books, all have geography, history, and culture in them. One is American and Canadian, One is Asian, One is African, and one is Latin America. It has tests and essay questions so I'll be testing her.

Also, my mom came up with the ideal that she needed a treadmill because the doctor said she was keeping and gaining weight due to her diabetes. So, I got one off freecycle for free. Now she can work out in her apartment.
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Old 10-25-2007, 07:33 PM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
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Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,238

Yes it is for a hunter. The lady came in with a friend yesterday and bought one bar of my Dirt soap, well her dh and his friends went nuts over it so she came back today and bought every bar I had left and ask about the detergent.

It would be very expensive for me to sell her my oil, it's very expensive for me to buy then the bottle and labeling and of course I have to make money and my friend who owns the store needs to make money, so it would end up costing her $40.00 for a 8 oz. bottle. Terri was to call her late this afternoon and see if she wanted it.

I did check with another friend whose dh is a avid hunter and he buys a 48 oz. box of hunter detergent, don't know how strong it is?? but it's only $14.99 a box.

Dh as I've mentioned is not doing well and we're just very unsure if he's going to be able to be at our show at all.. so I called my young friend Lacy tonight and ask if she could help me, she very enthuastically agreed to help, we're bartering I have agreed to give her free candles for her help.

I had to take back yet another pair of jeans today that dh didn't like and didn't fit, this was a good distance from my house but in a huge shopping strip. I found a dollar general on the route where I bought more small packets of kleenex for my Friendship bags 6 for a dollar... watch closely girls. In the girly section where they have hair brushes, ribbons, etc. they had two in a pack for a dollar, in the paper goods section they had 6 in a pack for $1.00 where they had regular boxes of kleenex, paper plates, etc.

There was also a Meijer dept. store on the same route, I was able to find dh 2 pairs of the bigger size jogging pants originally $9.99 on sale for $6.99. He will have to wear those till he drops some weight plus it's just not frugal to put out $150.00 for 3 pairs of jeans that he will only wear about a month. I had went to the Big & Tall store we buy from and the cheapest jogging pants they had there that weren't thin enough to see through were $38.00 a pair, Yikes!! not even a designer brand either.

Well off to work more on packaging.

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Old 10-26-2007, 03:01 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Happy Belated Birthday Mish!! Hope your family made your day special.

My co-worker had to have surgery yesterday to finish removing the remains of the baby, etc. She won't be back to work until Monday. She is 22, healthy, pretty, and will do well if she stays away from men with bad tempers. She has good family support too, so that should help. My boss and I did what we would have suggested any woman who comes in regarding a domestic violence situation would have. But with a 22 year old, sometimes you have to just do whatever it is for them.

One woman whose husband was an attorney - they disbarred him - he hit her in the stomach when she was 9 months. And the baby is healthy, I am happy to report - she is now divorced, and thanks to my other boss' wife who is a matrimonial attorney - the husband has to pay an enormous amount for child support and alimony. She is a teacher in her local schools and he has to pay for the child care which is really expensive in this area.

Barb, when I read your post about the scrubs, I would have recommended Good Will also. But I also saw them for a decent price at Foreman Mills when we were there over the weekend.

Sueanne - good going on getting the ravioli press. They are really expensive anywhere I have seen them. Hope you get some good use out of it.

I called my doctor to see if they were giving the flu shot this year. I have an appt. for 11/6 so will be leaving work early that day. They will bill the insurance company, and if for some reason they don't pay, I will get the bill. We didn't change insurances, and last year I didn't get a bill, so hoping for the same this year.

I will be purusing the Army/Navy store in the area tomorrow, looking for Christmas/birthday gifts for nephew, Christmas gifts in general for guys. I think he will be gifted with a new printer, ink and paper for his birthday, but I will be looking for other stuff anyway. In the same shopping area is the Enteman's outlet. It is a bread outlet with lots of goodies. I have not been to this one, mainly because it is out of my way. So I have to plan some other places to go while in that area, or the trip won't be worth it.

I need to go back to Foreman Mills to see if I can find some sweat shirts/hoodies for those guys on my list. At least one parent told me the child and her were pleased with the hoodie I got him last year.

It is raining, and has cooled off here really well. No air, and if I keep the windows closed, no heat. I just pulled out my winter jammies.

Well ladies, better go for now.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 10-26-2007, 05:02 AM
barbszy's Avatar
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Location: Southern NJ, near Philadelphia
Posts: 18,716
Jeandeanette, my DS who is wearing this Halloween costume is 15 They are allowed to wear costumes to school as it is a fund-raiser for charity. Of course, they have to pay a fee to dress up....and of all my kids, he is the one who enjoys coming up with a costume and thinking about how to make it work.

We were able to borrow a stethoscope from a neighbor to accessorize his outfit.

DH only has to work 1/2 day today so I informed him that he is taking me out to lunch. He has come home late EVERY night this week, and there's almost always been something on the schedule after dinner as well. It won't be frugal, but it's cheaper than going to dinner.
Barb's blog and Barb's Fridge
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Old 10-26-2007, 05:43 AM
Mish's Avatar
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 4,708
Barb,I think that is sweet of your dh to take you to lunch it keeps the marriage going when you get time alone with your dh.Maybe you an even find a coupon to use at lunch too.Frugal for me?Well today i need to go to the store.We are out of the basics and my dh got paid so today my bill will be abit high.That is ok.I am have found 2 recipes to try out this weekend so we will have to see.We need to eat more chicken and am going to look for more recipes on that.I am already having to make cupcakes for my middle kid (who the is the chair person) she just had to decide mom would make cupcakes.I think i will have to make them and take them to school.I am aslo thinking that we will be using the ymca alot this weekend but that is ok that is what it is there for and it can be fun to go swimming.Well i should go the kids get out early today and i am not sure if my middle kid has a friend coming over or not.Plus we have Taw Kaw Doe tonight too.The nice part is that the kids have costmes here at the hosue they are reusing or can make up in the box but i did tell my middle one if she wants anything to be a witch like a wig she needs to tell me by tonight.She is my one who will make a decison and change her mind at last minutue and has me running all over the house.Make sure to check out Janets free section she has one free offer for cany at kmart.

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Old 10-26-2007, 05:46 AM
jeandeanette's Avatar
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Posts: 3,235
Good morning everyone. Hope all of you have a good Friday.

Barb, thats great that your ds enjoys dressing up and that it is for a good cause. I can't even get my yds to dress up on school spirit week. He is stubborn about those things. I hope you and your dh have a great lunch out together. I think its important to do things like that sometimes and it like you said its cheaper than dinner out.

Norma, sounds like you have got your gifts thought out and are well on your way about Christmas gift giving. I haven't bought a single thing. I have been wanting to see Christmas movies lately. When it gets this time of the year I start wanting to watch Christmas movies. Its one of the things I enjoy the most about the holiday.

Frugal today will be all meals at home. Yds gets out early so that will be nice. We stayed up late watching the football game last night and I for one don't think I got enough sleep. Our Hokies lead the entire game until the last 2 minutes and ended up losing. It was disappointing but it was just a game.

Well I will check in later. Take care everyone.
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Old 10-26-2007, 05:56 AM
futureteacher's Avatar
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 3,293
What a sweet gift from your dh!!

A very happy birthday to you!!!

I feel so bad for your co-worker. She is lucky to have such great support from all of you at work.

Good luck with your show! Great idea to barter with your friend for some help. Hope your dh feels better soon.

What a great Halloween costume idea with Dr. Pepper! Glad you were able to take care of it frugally too!

Frugal here? I'll be grocery shopping at Aldi tonight. This time it's a very full list, but sometimes that's just the way it goes! Have to stay stocked up on the basics, and it seems they all run out at the same time. I did pick up some cereal on my way to work today. General Mills cereal was on sale for $1.69 per box, plus I had a coupon for $1.50 off of 3 boxes--bought 3, thought that was a good Happy Friday!!!
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Old 10-26-2007, 06:05 AM
preacherswife's Avatar
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Location: ohio
Posts: 200
Answered prayer! DH's boss swiped his plastic at the hotel last night, so I can pay our bills instead of waiting for the company to reimburse his travel expenses. DH has only had to pay for one breakfast so far, but as he doesn't have a car there, he had to eat at the hotel, and, brace yourselves, the bill was $22! How many times could I feed him at home for that?

Frugal today is staying home and cooking up some soups for the freezer and prepping meals for the weekend so we aren't temped to go out. Maybe we can even invite someone in after church when everyone goes out and save them some bucks too. I also have to practice balloon animals for our Trick or Treat alternative Saturday. Happy Weekend! PW
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