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  • I hope you get a good night's rest, Anna. I am glad the bil and nephew are there for you and I will be praying for you tomorrow morning.
    Joy, I'm so sorry about your ex bil's farming accident. How sad.
    Frugal for this afternoon was making gingersnap cookies for ds. He has already eaten over half of them. lol Also, used the last of the potatoes and carrots. I cut them into chunks, along with some garlic, and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. I put that in the oven with grilled chicken, marinated in the last of the Italian dressing and made a green bean casserole. Now I just have to finish up on the laundry and bedding and then I am going to go and have some hot tea and maybe a cookie. If there are any more.
    Have a relaxing evening.
  • Well tonight i am going to exercise before i go and pick up the kids from CCD.They were to bring a present for some people at the nursing home so i sent a box of choclates for them.
    Joy,So sorry to hear about your ex bils accident.
    Anna,I will be praying for you and your dh all day tommorrow.I am glad he had some vistors to come and see him.
    JJo,Way to go on using up all of your food.Not sure how you are able to shop like that and to keep using up all the food.The gingersnap cookies sound yummy.Hope you all have a wonderful night.

  • anna, i am adding my prayers for you and dh's upcoming surgery, I hope that it all turnsd out as well as barbszy's mil's did

    so sorry to hear about the migraine lisa, I have a crick in my neck and that is pain enough

    I took a pork tenderloin and cut it into pieces and added hamburger helper noodles and sauce and some of our own carrots and onion and peas and it turned out good enough for a quick meal-gone are the days of cooking a dinner starting at 4 pm
  • Thanks for all of the well wishes for the headache, it's much better. And I got "Aunt Flo" so that explains headache. Again, I don't keep track of it so, didn't realize what time of the month it was! LOL

    Anna, still praying for an easy procedure for your husband and that this takes care of his health issues.

    Once I started feeling better I finished reading my Tightwad Gazette 1 and II that I rented from the library, made brownies with home made chocolate frosting, found my wood curtain rod and the two wooden supports, also found the insulated backed curtains and hung those at my living room side window (a far cry from the blue sheet that was hanging up there), made supper, vacuumed, dusted, straightenned up the dvd/vhs movie mess, did laundry. As I've said before, I miss being home.

    I did go pay the Medicom (cable) bill this morning, just before noon and put a little bit of gas in my car. Other than that I haven't left the house. Didn't have to go to Cape Girardeau with my b/f afterall, the man found someone else to drive the car in, good, it's raining, again, and it's chilly, didn't want to cross that bridge with the possibility of ice on it.

    I'm tired, going to go rest a bit. B/f is going to stop by later, we'll probably end up falling asleep on the couch...lol!

  • Good to hear you are feeling better Lisa, maybe that's why I have been so crummy this week too...the weather channel is predicting a brisk ice and snow storm for us, it'll have to be real fast moving if I am going to get off work tomorrow but I bet it's more like go in and come home slipping and sliding, AWD doesn't cure ice problems...and I worked so many hours already this week that I'll have Friday off, oh to have a day at home!
  • Well its late but I wanted to say hi.

    Anna, rest well tonight and I am praying things go good tomorrow. I bet David never had an ideal of just how many women were one day going to be worried for him and praying for him. He must be a special man.

    Mish, you don't have to worry about exercising because I think you most likely burned a lot of calories with cleaning the toy room for so long. That sounds like a work-out to me.

    Jamie, you continue to inspire me with your ability to plan and stretch out your meals until you shop again. I hope I can become more like you in the food department this coming year. I really need to cut my grocery bill. I don't go to the stores as often as I used to but I spend so much more when I do go.

    Did any of you watch Dateline tonight? The McCoy children were on there. I cried and cried. I have always loved their shows about that family. I am so amazed at how well large families seem to handle things.

    My oldest is supposed to be coming home Friday. He has one more exam tomorrow. He has really had a hard semester and he needs a break. It will be so good to have him home for awhile.

    Frugal today was staying home, using free cat food and scrapes for my dog and cooking deer meat for supper.

    Well sleep well everyone.
  • Anna, you and David are in my prayers~~strength for you, and a successful procedure for him. I know an older gentleman here in AZ (mid-70s) who had the defibrillator unit implanted, and he has done wonderfully. Maybe that's what they will do for your David. Whatever they do, I (and all your other friends here) will be praying for him.
  • Good morning all!!
    Anna, I will keep David, and you, in my prayers today, and hold you both close to my heart regading David's surgery.

    Jamie, congrats on the wise use of your food. Cookies and tea sound awfully good to me, but, I haven't had breakfast yet.

    Mish, I am glad tht the days of cleaning up any room that toys were strewn all over, is gone. At least until my newphew has children. LOL

    Jeandeanette, I hope the storm doesn't hit as hard as they are predicting. Here, for me, should be just rain.

    Pam, I will keep a special prayer going on your family's behalf too. That storm has affected so many states, and so many people. They are saying on the news that it may be another week in OK before all the power is restored. Hopefully, your area will be restored sooner, rather than later.

    Well ladies, better go for now.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Lisa,So glad that it was only your monthly and that you are starting to feel better already.
    Jean and Norma,I am glad i got the toy room in order.Santa does need to have some room to put the new toys doesn't he???I already had a talk with the older 2 about just tossing the toys in any old spot just to get the toy room picked up.
    Anna,Going to say some prayers for you and your dh.It sounds like this surgery is fairly common and i am hoping that he will be ok.
    Today i am going to go to the store for more food for us and try to do some more Christmas shopping.I still need to pick up a few more toys and some small stockings stuffers for the girls too.Aslo going to try and use both of my JcPenny coupons that i got too.My dh is taking some time off to come and see my middle dd at her dress rehearsal.I really laid into him about me not caring so much about this new club that he is doing.It is the Cival Air Patrol.It is costing us alot of money as you have to wear some extra clothes (Which aren't cheap even the shoes).I swear he does this to drive me nuts.Plus now tonight i will have all 3 kids with me and the youngets will be up later than normal.Not much for me.Thanks for letting me vent.I will be back on later on.

  • Good morning!
    Mish, you can always vent. Maybe they will be tired from shopping? I am shopping today also. I will think of you while I am out and hope that we both do well. Normally, I wait 'til Friday, but I thought if we get bad weather tomorrow, I could avoid it.
    Thank you for the compliments on the food preparation. You are all so sweet. Truthfully though, I do well the first three weeks, but then tend to get lax about planning that last week before payday, when I need to the most. Sometimes the combinations work out and sometimes they can be, well, pretty interesting. lol
    Oh, Ellen, I hope you're not slip sliding home. You be careful out there tomorrow.
    Jean, no, I did not see that. The name McCoy sounds familiar, but I can't seem to place it.
    Lisa, aren't those Tightwad books the best? I really should read them again, too.
    Norma, do you drink regular tea, or do you have any special favorites? I think I've decided that I like Earl Grey the best. There is just something nice about a cup of hot tea.
    Anna, thinking of you and David. I hope it is all going well.
    Frugal for here is using the money envelope system and not taking the cards or checkbook shopping with me.
    Well, I guess I'd better move myself toward the door. Take care friends-the weekend is almost here!