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  • Anna, I'm so sorry to hear that David is back in the hospital. I will keep praying for both of you.

    Lisa, I hope your headache improves and that you feel better soon.

    Pam, I'm sending you warm thoughts and hugs. I hope you get the power back really soon.

    We fared much better than they were predicting on Monday. The weather service was calling for icing followed by 2 - 5 inches of snow yesterday. The storm kind of fizzled out in our neck of the woods so we just got a little bit of ice and maybe an inch of snow. Luckily, they did cancel school so I didn't have to go out driving until later in the afternoon. By then, the roads were in decent shape.

    Well, I better get off to work. I haven't been there since last Wednesday! I don't even want to see what my desk looks like.

    I hope you all have a good day.

  • Pam, I'm so sorry you're going thru this. It is a very good thing you have the fireplace and a gas stove. I'd be up a frozen creek, electric stove and no fireplace. You're doing great in staying positive. Will pray that by the time you get home your power will be restored.

    The headache has eased somewhat. I'm being a slug, just resting and it feels heavenly. Just thought I'd check in.

    Until later.

  • Anna, I am so sorry. I pray that the Lord would completely heal David and give you calm and peace through it all. And may the procedure go smoothly without complications. In His name. Hugs and prayers to you today, sweetie.
    Pam, bless your heart. It would be difficult to stay upbeat in a situation like that. You are doing much better at it than I would. I'm glad that some of your food was saved. I know it's so hard to see anything go to waste. That is a really long time to be without power. I hope it won't be that long-yikes. We were without power for about that long once in upstate NY. Something that we did was cover the doors and windows with blankets. It helped a little bit.
    Lisa, hope you get over your headache soon. Ouch.
    Frugal for today was reserving library books and movies online. Other than that, just staying home and using up what we have before we shop on Friday. Unfrugal was mailing my inlaws' package mistakenly to their former address out of habit. Hopefully, it will eventually find it's way to them.
    Take care friends, and stay cozy and warm today! I am thinking it's a good day for hot chocolate!
  • Lisa, we got more snow, a few inches. Hopefully it will clear up so I can run into town tomorrow. Then more snow on Friday. Winter is here.
    Lisa, I hope you start feeling better.
    Anna, I am so sorry about David. I am praying for both of you and David's doctors.
    Pam, I hope your power comes back on soon! I am praying for you and your family.
    I am staying in today. Hopefully the roads will be deiced by tomorrow. I really need to go to town.
  • Pam, I too hope your power will be restored quickly. I have had that happen before to where we didn't have electric for nearly a week. Its very difficult. I am afraid about that happening this weekend with the weather we are supposed to be getting but I hope not. Lisa, I'm like you I don't have a fireplace and I have an electric stove. We do have a kerosene heater. You can't cook on it but it will warm up part of the house. I heard on the news that several people had been killed I guess mainly from accidents on the road due to ice.

    I have been and still am trying to wash clothes. I didn't realize so many were dirty.

    Well I had better get back at it. Take care everyone.
  • Hello

    We had a light dusting of snow last night, came down heavy, finally quit.
    Put up my small Christmas tree, also the nativity . Have a huge soft teddy bear which I sit on the couch, every time I look at him I want to just squeeze him.

    Received tragic news last evening, my xbi was killed in a farm accident. Am keeping the family in my prayers, they were a very close loving family.

    Special prayers go out to you Anna and your dh. May the Lord guide the surgeons in the up coming surgery. Prayers are a going out your way for his speedy recovery.

    Off to work soon, still no additional word about adding more clients to my day, certainly hope that pans out. Will be mighty skimpy on the $ in Jan if not.

    Take care everyone, hope those without electricity have it restored soon.

  • Anna -- you and your dh are in my thoughts. I hope all goes well with his surgical proceedure.
  • Anna,I am still thinking of you and your dh and praying for a speedy recovery.
    Pam,I am glad you are able to stay upbeat about your sitaution.I hope you can get power soon too.
    Joy,I hope your company can give you more work so it will be help you out and not make money so tight.
    Frugal for me?I have been home today.I am taking a short break as i have spent 3 and 1/2 hours working on the toy room.I have it looking alot better.I am trying to cut back on some of their toys and my youngest doesn't play with alot of it.Well i should go back to it as i need to get it all cleaned up before the kids come home from school.

  • Good Evening Everyone

    Thank you all for your prayers, they are to do the surgery tommorow I don't know what time. I'm exhausted... home at 1am back to the hospital at 8am, home now at 5:30pm... I have to finish up the fragrance oil bottling, do some laundry and try to get to bed at a decent hour to be back up in the morning. My bil and nephew (7) came up to see dh today, dh had said he didn't want visitors but they came anyway, bil can be a real pain sometimes but was very grateful to have someone besides myself visit dh.


    so sorry to hear about your former family's farm accident, even when they are ex's they still have a place in your heart. Prayer and comfort to you and the family.


    I hope your power is restored soon... I still clearly remember ours being off for several days year before last.

    Well I'm off to feed the girls and get that laundry started, take care my friends.

  • Anna will be praying for david tomorrow that all goes well