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  • well, we're packing the car and moving dd1 back in. She says if this one isn't good then that's it, she's coming home for good. I just hope she finds a voice if she needs to and doesn't suffer in silence again...
  • WOW I pay $1.78 for 5 lbs of sugar.

    We are off to the Christmas parade we are Mary, angel, shepard and a wizeman on one of the floats.

  • Roberta, I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed yourselves. DD1 and I were in the parade last weekend, had a fantastic time.

    I've got a pot of chili in the crockpot and the house is beginning to smell so good! My house is still in semi shambles, the kids are playing as b/f dd is still here. I'll start getting out the Christmas stuff in a little bit. I need to whip up some kind of curtains for the living room window, a sheet tacked up is, well, tacky!

    Kathy, hope the winter weather misses you! Just please, don't send it to So. IL.

    Ellen, I'll say a prayer for your dd that this works out for her with the new room mate. It has to be so difficult for her but you're right, she needs to speak up and be firm, but it is easier said than done till she does it the first time and gets a positive result. I used to be a big chicken about speaking up for myself. Am happy to say that's changed.

    Have a great afternoon!

  • Frugel today was My DH going to the store as I am sick. I needed som Klenex tissue and caugh drops and wanted som Hot choclate mix. He remembered to take cupons and when he got there thay were having a sale on Tissues that if you buy 3 get one free and the cupon was $1.00 off so he got all 4 and he saw the big bag of halls that was cheaper than the small so he is learning he said he couldnt find a sale on Hot choclate, And he said some man in back of him was up set about him using cupons and he told him we are saving money that can be used on some thing else and that all the women claped and said smart man.
  • Bunny I hope you feel better soon and way to go on your dh using the coupons. I think he was smart to do that.

    Yds decorated our tree today. He did a good job on it. The only thing I done was get most of the hooks apart for him. He also cooked his own breakfast today. For some reason he has been so extra sweet today. I am making him and me a cheese pizza right now for a late lunch. My house actually looks like Christmas now with the decorated tree, and a strand of lights on the door with Christmas cards around the door.

    Frugal today is staying home, eating from home and feeding the dog some food scrapes from yesterday's supper in with her regular food.

    Everyone sounds so busy. Its a very busy time of the year right now for most all of us I guess. I need to see if ds wants me to help him wrap up the gifts he got his dad and big brother.

    Well have a great afternoon.
  • Bunny, I'm so sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better just as soon as possible! Fantastic that you're turning your husband to the light on coupons and hooray for him for standing up to the male Grinch!

    My b/f just picked up his dd and they are on their way back to his house, but he and the dd and his ds will be back about 6:30. I have chili made but he's going to also bring pizzas with him, works for me!

    Time to go get my oldest dd from her friend's house, she spent the night. When we get home, time to start on the tree!

    Hugs, Lisa
  • Hi everyone, missed reading all of your posts. Lot's going on here. A friends little boy nearly died of a bowel obstruction, another friend's 3o year old husband had a stroke, my mother is showing obvious signs of dementia...

    I've been focusing on frugal things on line. Been reading some good blogs, Wise Bread and Simple Dollar. Good stuff.

    Still had time to do some frugal stuff. Found 2 lamps I've been looking for at the Goodwill outlet store for a total of $4, and a Fry Daddy (for sweet potato fries) from Freecycle. Dressed warm and left the heat lower. Stayed home some days. Baked bread instead of running to the store. Cooked from scratch. Made curry from leftover pork roast, beef stroganoff, potatoes, canned tomatoes, half an onion, some spices and a can of coconut milk. BTW, coconut milk is 2.89 at the grocery, .89 at the International Store. Got a free lunch at work today, leftover Subway sandwich from the meal for the people who volunteered to work over night. Noticed we weren't using all of our minutes on our phone plan, got a smaller plan and saved $40 a month. Almost talked DH into cancelling cable, pretty sure I can get him down to basic, at least. We have no tv reception due to the military facility down the road, so no cable, no tv. Was in the neighborhood of a good bulk food store and stocked up on dry foods, and ordered a box of tvp chunks, since I can't find them anywhere.

    We're pretty much ready for Christmas, our gas cards are loaded and we're stocked up on groceries, so I'm going to see how long I can go without buying anything. The after Christmas sales will be hard to miss... pw
  • Preacherswife,Sounds like you have been busy.
    Ellen,So sorry about your dds roomate problemn good for her to move out.
    Lisa,Sounds like you are having lots of fun too.
    Frugal for me?We went to the town Christmas party.All of the girls won something.The younger 2 girls won 5.00 dolllars and the oldest won a dozen cookies from the convinece store here in town.I have been trying to clean up the house.Right now i am getting ready to go see Oprah and Obamine tonight with a friend.I am just hoping it will be a frugal night.

  • We had a good time being on the float at the parade. Ended up having 3 wisemen, 1 shepard, Mary & Joseph and an angel on the float no one else showed up. DD2 let us borrow a baby underduress to be Jesus in the manger.

    Went to an early dinner with the inlaws that the service was terrible. 3 meals came out overcooked then waited and waited on the other 2 meals and the sides for the 5 meals . Meals ended up being comped as the sides were cold and MIL's pasta dish was cold when it finally came out. Manager had all the meals redone and they still forgot 2 of the sides so we ended up being given 2 $50 gift certificates for the problems.

    Then to top things off dd2 threw up at the table, one Daddy's coat getting out of the booth , once in the bathroom and then on Daddy as he carried her into the house and her coat. So I'm doing laundry right now. Hopefully it will be a short term bug and noone else gets it.

  • Aww, Roberta, sorry to hear your dd is not feeling well, that's horrible. A speedy recovery to her.