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  • We ate lunch at my Mom's with my sister's family. I took cantalope with blueberries, there was hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, corn on cob, cole slaw, potatoe chips, red white & blue jello, plus a watermelon that wasn't cut into at lunch. My step-sister and her family are going over for dinner as she had to work until 4 today.

    Did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher. Going to price the items that I'm selling for more than a quarter at the sale so I can move things over on Wednesday.

  • ok lets see..frugal today..not much..lol..is there ever enough you can do frugaly? i always think to my self..oohh i should have done this or changed that....

    ok today heres what ive done...

    we had a big storm the other day..i got a peice of flying metal strait thru my car door, no kidding..just a huge sheet of metal went right thru my back door and into the frame of my car. not too funny, but i may be getting my car fixed. i have a 250 deductible, but the storm knocked over a treee in my back yard, in my horse lot, and i look like baseballs have run all the way down my new trailer also. so that is a bad thing, keep your fingers crossed i can fix it all pretty decently....but im not too worried tho. its just something that happens. my horses werent hurt when the tree fell, the barn didnt fall in, and my kids were safe..no harm no foul right?

    frugal doings tho, i dropped some of the extra channels on my satalite dish, it drops my bill down about 10 a month, not much but evey bit helps right? mom also belongs to the netflix and we get dvds on rental there. its nice and she pays.

    i gave back my computer i wanted so bad. it was a laptop and i thought id be able to pay it off by the date needed for rentway..so i couldnt and i gave it back. that hurt some..but i can use desktops, plus i dont have a hookup at home any way..i always use moms computer so thats not a huge deal either.

    dropped joes cell phone as far as i can. its 100 flat minutes a month. and its only 16.99 a month. considering he only used it for 8 minutes last month, its not a bad deal. i keep it for when he needs me, or when our son goes on away trips so he can call when he gets back to the school.

    got grocerys, spnt too much, saved about 50 in coupons. not a great deal, but not bad either. going to the fireworks tonight, and taking a cooler. that way we save some money that way. were taking tuna salad and sodas and some chips too. that should be enough to holdover the kids. i hope so anyway. lol.

    well hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

    talk at you all later
  • Oh my Joesbaby! I had to look at your loction to see if you lived in Kansas or something! I hope everything starts to look up for you.

    I'm doing nothing much today. I may go with friends to see fireworks. That'll be frugal because it'll be free!

    Here's some free colorful fireworks for everyone: http://www.riversongs.com/days/skyfire.html

    Have a great day!
  • Joesbaby
    You might want to check with a junk yard to see what a used car door would cost and what is entaled in putting it on, maybe Joe can put it on. Would your home owners insurance also cover the car damage since it was the same storm, might ask so you wouldn't have to pay 2 deductables?

    $50 savings in coupons is great! I used $30 in coupons (some doubled) this past week. This week the grocery bill will be high as I need dog food, diapers & wipes plus the food that I buy.

    We worked the church booth at the festival today for 4 hours found out I'm allergic to something in the cotton candy flavoring/coloring as my hands & arms have broken out. Having dinner with the in-laws this evening then going to the fireworks at the park.

  • New Computer Mouse
    My computer mouse was acting up. Went to Office Max got a new one on the clearance table for $7.50. What i like it is nice and big and has its own pad with a wrist gel pad attached. This pad does not slide and the fiber makes the ball roll smother. Nothing worse than when you get stuck with a mouse that won't move.
  • i hadnt thought of using it on the homeowners policy.....the door cant be fixed, it hit, this is so bad, the bottom and went thru the frame where the door sits, and the door itself. i actully had to kick the peice of metal so i could drive my car. bot the car and the house are on the same places policy..on country insurance... i may have to see it that will work. thank you for giveing me the informatino on it. i will have to call them tommrow and check in on that.

    have a good day all..
  • Oh erica, I hope the homeowners insurance will cover everything. I feel bad for you. Its the 4th and Im not going anywhere. Just got home from starting to move 11 hrs away. Ill be offline starting thursday for about a week. This weekend we took over all 5 horses, barn cats, and another trailer loaded with garage and horse stuff and patio stuff. Gas OMG- are you ready for this,- the two big fords hauling loaded trailers there, then empty on the way back, was $650 !!!!!!!!! I about died. We still have more to move. But, I suppose compared to the $3200 a mover wanted, and they dont haul horses, animals, or gas, or alcohol or food, it will be cheaper. But still.

    Im so tired- hope everyone has a great 4th. I dont really like to celebrate, this is the day my mom passed away 8 years ago. I should celebrate for her life tho huh?
  • Good evening all!!
    It's hard to lose a loved one around the holidays. My mother passed on July 6, 1992. Sometimes it is very hard. But I know she would have been upset with her children for not engaging in the celebrations, etc. on her account.

    I got some extra rest on this "extra" day off from work. And I am grateful, because now I have swollen glands. So I have had some advil and a popsicle. Why not??? Isn't that what we do for the kids??

    Just sitting in front of the tv, crocheting, and watching the concert from Philly this evening. The neighbors are scaring all the neighborhood animals with their fireworks. I thought the cat was going to knock me down getting in the door.

    I grilled potatoes and hamburgers outside for dinner. I made a great tomato salad from, of all people who has been talked about on these boards - Paula Deene. It is basically a vinegrette that you marinade tomatoes with. And i made lots of extras for work this week.

    We had a very bad automobile accident in our county yesterday. 5 people in 2 cars, and they are all dead. My boyfriend was supposed to take me and my nephew to the boardwalk, until this happened. As he is on the fatal accident squad for the county, he was drafted. He pulled up today out front to tell me that he wasn't going to make it, and he was on his cell phone, makign sure the Captain of the local police department didn't give out any information. 2 people are still unidentified, so their famililes haven't been notified. They can't do autopsies until the notification. So it is holding up the works.

    And they closed the highway, a really major thoroughfare, for hours. My sister, who works at a restaruant a couple miles further down, said that she wrote all of 8 checks last night.

    I was just a few minutes ahead of this tragic accident yesterday - my girlfriend and I had lunch out, and then I brought her home along that very route.

    My boyfriend does incredilble things with the level he wanted for his birthday a few years ago. He figures out things like where the crown in the road should be. Did we even know there was one, other than to make sure that water drained off the surface?? When he was the on the phone this afternoon, he was also asking for the measurements of the barrier that the one car went over, and what it was made of. And I am talking about those triangular concrete barriers that are about 3 ft. tall. It is very complicated.

    Then my boss will be wondering if any of the family members will be contacting our office to hire us to pursue insurance on their behalf because a loved one was involved in that accident. I can't get away from it.

    Well ladies, I better go for now. I have to get to sleep. Hopefully, the glands will go down during the night. I am the only secretary in the office this week, and I better be on my game, all the way.

    Hopefully, you all had a wonderful 4th. After all, there are no more holidays until Labor Day.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

    We are off work today, took a vacation day and am so glad I did as dh is sick from something he ate, has been flying to the bathroom. He's sleeping right now. We ate so much different food yesterday at my sister's that I'm not sure what it would have been. They sent home bunches of food, 10 lbs. of chicken, baked beans, potato salad, and 4 different kinds of pies ( couple slices each) and I'm afraid to eat any of it. The chicken is not cooked but I don't know how long it set out thawing and bil gets real weird if you ask questions about his cooking so we'll just quietly throw it away although it really, really bothers me to throw that much chicken away and unfortunately my sister is working today.


    So sorry to hear about the thunderstorms doing so much damage to your car and barn.. Wow! That blows me away to think of such bad weather, very scary.


    You say Paula Dean? You are probably right because she was using loads of fattening stuff and laughing about the audience keeping track of how much butter she was using. Very pleasant background noise though. We are just now learning how to use the DVD player on the computer, need more practice. Something is wrong with our portable DVD that is hooked up to our TV, it keeps saying No Disc Found, so it's not reading our CD's. We don't watch DVD's in the summer so we'll wait awhile on getting it fixed, it probably just needs cleaned.


    Thanks so much for breaking down the cigarette costs.. I meant to thank you the other day when I was on and forgot to write it down. I will definitely be looking into that the next time I'm at the store. Although smoking hand rolled at work would probably be criticized what we do at home is another thing... people can be such snobs sometimes about things like that.

    Well dh is up and wanting fed... so will talk with you all again later.

  • Our weekend turned out fairly frugal. Enjoyed taking the kids to Kiddie Park, even Josh rode a couple of rides. Still spent 5.00 for a few extra tickets and a popsicle for Evan. Luckily Josh fell asleep by that time! Yesterday we went to the parade. Anna your Mayor was in our parade! Finaly last night we went to fireworks which didnt end up starting until 10 p.m! Needless to say the kids were OUT when we got home!

    Joesbaby, Geeze what a storm! Hope you get everything fixed.

    Today I think I have completly finished up my resume. Found an ad in the paper that sounds interesting. SO will be sending that out today!

    Debora,I may end up going to a temp agency, but I am trying to find full time benefits! I was a temp before I landed my bank job I loved it then. If I could get a longer term assignment then I might not mind just having the money. I just dont want 2 days here 2 days there..... Still waiting for a miracle to come in and dh gets a job so I can continue what I am doing now. Maybe still get a part time on the weekend or something. I know we have to do what we have to do.

    Anna,Hope your dh is feeling better, your probaly better safe than sorry for throwing out the chicken.