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  • Wow! gas under $2 a gallon?
    Id love that. I was happy when it went down to 2.09 here this week. UGH! Frugal was hanging the laundry out to dry. I love that! It was 80 out today and really nice. I didnt feel like cooking, just thru together a pot of chili, simple, easy and no heating up the house with the oven. Have enough for about 4 days!
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    have a good day everyone
  • Good evenign all!!
    I think this site is like a big family, and families share. They share the good times and the bad times. We share all kinds of things: Anna's sales, adventures in the world of work and daycare, laundry, cleaning, thrifty finds, moving, and kids with germs, kids with boo boos, and my finding some wild and crazy deals. And like a large extended family, we are all at different places at the same time. But we all wish each other well, send prayers and advice.

    None of us are in a perfect place, not in the neighborhoods where we live, or in our financial lives. And that is one reason we are here, on this site - trying to find ways to make it a little more comfortable for ourselves. We have found that by sharing, and caring, we are.

    Personally, I hope that by reporting all the great coupon buys I get, it will inspire more people to use them, consistently. And use them to be able to give more to others. I would like to be able to do more rebates, and I look for opportunities in this area all the time. And I am still not as dedicated to couponing, as I would like to be. I search for the coupons that I think I need, and I sometimes let go of the ones I really need. I also get a number of items that I am sure I will use, and sometimes forget to get more for others who could use the same thing, and cannot afford them.

    Well ladies, better go for now. I have to get some sleep. After all, tomorrow will be Friday. I can hardly wait for the work week to be over. Maybe I can get some things doen around here.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Happy Friday everyone!

    Gosh this week went by fast! Our dd was in a dance recital last night and since I wasn't feeling all that well I made sandwiches for dinner. I always feel guilty about that, but the kids love it. I had a protein bar and gave my dh a plate of leftovers. Tonight my dh is taking the boys on an overnighter with the dads and sons from church, so I don't have to fix them dinner. Mmm, might do a sandwich again for my dd or maybe pancakes.

    We went to the library the other day and I found some great dvd's and videos. That sure saves money! We were brousing around a bookstore the other day and Chauncey showed me a book he wanted to read. I told him we'd see if the library had it.

    Well, gotta go get the kids to school.


  • Wow, I miss a week, and a new What Did You Do Frugal Today takes place!!!

    Leighann, good luck with the move!! That would be scary!! Good luck with DH finding a job.

    Leasmom, good luck with your move, as well as ldyroper!!

    It has been a busy week. Last week DD3 was sick from late Thursday night until early afternoon sunday. DD2 got sick late Saturday night, but she was better by Sunday evening. DH got sick late Sunday night, as well as DD#1, it took until late Tuesday for them to recover.

    Sunday afternoon, one of my neighbor friends was in a car accident, so she has been coming and sitting with me during the day, so she is not alone. She is prone to seizures, and was on prescription pain meds. Her DH is home today, so she will not be sitting with me today.

    DH, ended up not taking that other job offer. Until he asked around, and found out that that company is not doing as well as they had been in the past. And when he told his current employer that he was looking, his boss got upset, and now he has more work! Which is a good thing.

    Frugals have been eating from home, cold water wash. I hope to get back into the routine of hanging laundry out to dry starting next week. Today it is rainy and dreary, so I hope to sort through DDs toys, and maybe get rid of some!

    I plan to plant some tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and hot peppers this weekend. I got the packs of seeds @ 8/$1. So that was frugal. Our strawberry plant looks wonderful, it has tiny little green strawberries right now. So, I hope the birds, and ducks let them alone.

    That is another frugal thing we have been doing. Feeding the baby ducks bread from the freezer, the stuff that got freezer burnt, stale, or just the crusts, that I had in the freezer.

    And DD's bike tire was so bent that the wheel was scraping the chain guard. I was thinking that we were going to need to get her a new tire. But, it turned out that all DH had to do was tighten the spokes, and it straightened it out!!

    I am also going to take advantage of the free "camps" that our rec center is offering. DD3 will be taking a dance camp, and a craft camp, and swimming lessons. And DD2 will be taking a cooking camp, and swimming lessons as well. They will all be free. DD3 is also going to band camp, but that is at a cost of $44, but that includes a bus trip to Hershey Park for an afternoon, after they perform there!!!

    DD3's last day of preschool will be next Wednesday!! Where has the last nine months gone???? Next year she will be a big kindergartner!! Out of a list of 16 things they need to know she only got two wrong. And that is because she writes her name with some capital letters, and she holds a scissors in a very weird way, but does a great job cutting, so they marked those two that she can't do them!!!!
  • Good morning, everyone! Ahh, finally after a few days, I have access to a computer again!
    I love this site for the friendships, and also how everyone is so caring and encouraging to each other. Also, the more I read about being frugal the more I tend to think about it and stay focused on it as well.
    Our gas here tends to be a little less than it is in Louisville. Frugal last night wass filling up the car when it was 1.87. It looked like a lot of places were changing their signs to 2.06. I've noticed that many times prices will go up on Thursday night, right before the weekend. With dh driving to Louisville to work every day, gas is one of our biggest expenses right now. At least the good thing is if he has to drive to another town, they will reimburse the gas mileage. We were adding up last month how much we'd spent, and it was a little over 200.00! So, if I have to go to Louisville, I combine everything and try not to go unless I need to.
    Connie, I'm so glad that you're okay. That must have been so scary!
    Anna, you are making me hungry! I read somewhere that lighting candles with baking scents is supposed to help suppress your appetite, but mmm, I think it would have the opposite affect on me! LOL
    Take care and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  • Barb,
    I liked the site you had posted, it has good tips most of which I do!
    I think that family corner is a great site with many online friendships, I certainly have learned a lot in the years I have been a member.
    I will be resarching on the net to find out cost comparison on moving. I am sure there is one out there somewhere.
    The biggest itmes we need to move are my armoir in the living room my living room furniture, our bed and ds1s bed. Leaving the crib behind as we borrowed from dhs cousin for both our boys. It is code and was very expensive according to cousin, has slept 5 babies thus far. Will probaly be passed along to cousins grandchildren. Not taking dhs and my dressers, hand me downs and will be giving those to sil for her extra room she has. (Belonged to dhs parents orignally)
    Mom to 4, thanks for the well wishers. Glad to hear your dh is getting more work! I bet it is hard to beleive that all 4 of your kids will be in regular school!
    THat is positvive that your car can be fixed! !
    Happy Friday everyone.
  • Hi everyone

    It's been a busy morning here entering catalog requests for work and mailing some out. It's funny when I look at the address and think... gosh, my DNA is going all over the world ( I know, too many CSI movies, LOL!). Got more to do but thought I'd stop in and say hi. It's stormed here last night, and it's cool and dark today although the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. We're supposed to have sun tommorow and hopefully our yard sale. Dh is already balking at taking out the ottoman that's taking up a 1/4 of our extra bedroom...guess I'm not even going to suggest the entertainment center, sigh!

    Frugal: Not much, just washing and hanging clothes inside still since our weather is so iffy.


    Too bad you can't find that article. Everyone here yesterday was wanting to eat the strawberry shortcake candle. I said maybe I should set up a cart in front of the weight watchers clinics, that info. would definitely be a asset.

    Well ladies, I'm off to do more catalogs.

    So glad to hear that everyone is getting so much from this section and so very glad that Kimmyo started this so long ago.

  • VickiLyn--
    In answer to your post about wondering what we have gained since we've been on this site, I'd have to say that I have already benefited a lot, and I've only been posting since February or so of this year! I have definitely become a lot more aware of what I have been spending. And seeing other people's great deals (especially Norma's--she is quite the master at this!) has really inspired me to seek out good deals myself. I've also started doing a lot more cold water laundry and hanging things to dry when I can. It's also a huge help to know there's this little group here pulling for each other all the time--kind of keeps me motivated to do things like keep bringing lunch to work when it would be SOOO much easier some days just to stop and get fast food! And there have been so many little pieces of advice here and there that I've adapted--I can't even think of them all right now! I'm just so glad that I happended to run across Family Corner and this thread!!
  • For those moving you might want to check out your phone books, credit card bills and online for discount coupons for the company you have choosen. The first move we did we went the do it yourself route and the 2nd time we checked into a local moving company and the price was the same to have them load, drive & unload the furniture, appliances, and boxes as we paid to do it ourself (and all of our friends).

    For sturdy lidded boxes you should check with your local Avon representatives as we always have an over abundance of them. I always have a list of people that want boxes because they are really nice to store things in.

    This evening we are going downtown to the street festival. Grandma is buying dinner and then we will hit the kids tent for free crafts and entertainment.