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  • Karen, what happened to your pool was terrible!! I certainly hope you filed a police report--should you ever be able to prove it was her, it's a lawsuit!! I'm not a sue-happy person, but doing that was just a mean thing to do! Anyways, my original question was, did you get extra insurance coverage for your pool? Our neighbor did, and said it didn't cost them much more on their homeownwer's insurance. It covers the pool, the water, and any damages done by the water, including to any neighbors' property. If there's a crazy woman with a knife invading your yard, you might want to check into it!

    Frugal today--laundry in cold water, watering the garden with the rinse water. Starting to clean the house in preparation for ds1's "1/2" birthday party on Saturday. I'm very glad I opted to keep the menu simple, as dh has once again screwed up the game plan and now I'll have less than $25 to feed over a dozen people. I'm just doing hot dogs, chips, and punch. I have a few inexpensive gifts for goody bags and a few prizes for games. The cake will be made from scratch and decorated by me We'll have ice cream, too, but I've made assorted syrups for snocones so the kids can make their own. It'll be fun!!
  • Wow Karen, I've been reading what you have been saying about your neighbor and your new pool. Really strange behavior.

    Do you have a fence around your yard?

    Frugal lately has just been working alot and not shopping. Using up what I have.
  • Karen, Im so sorry about your pool. What a immature neighbor she is! Unbelievable. Some people.
    Im still waiting for my home to close and then the new one will close. Im about 80% packed. On pins and needles, want to get moved and get it over with.
    I forget who it was who saw Toby Keith, but we saw him last year with Blake Shelton. Awesome! I won free tickets too.
    This weekend we went to a free concert of Big & Rich in Deadwood SD. It was for Bill Hickok Days. That was fun. They put on a good show and are crazy guys. Lots and lots of people tho. Felt like a sardine. But it was worth it-- free. And CMT was filming the whole thing. They said it will air several times starting the end of July I think. Ill have to stay tuned. Also saw Mt Rushmore, but didnt pay the $8 each to go in the place. We could see it from the road really good. Then went in an underground cave. Really neat, but kinda scary, so far down!! A nice weekend, not real frugal, but not to bad.
  • Karen does your community have Crime Stoppers or something like that? On the radio they ask if anyone has any information about .... crime. Maybe you could put up flyers asking for information? At least then 'she' would know you won't go down without a fight. I dont know why someone would do something so stupid.

    We have insurance on our pool and it was cheap. Just put a rider on our renters insurance.
  • Good evening all!!
    Karen - if you can get that person sneaking into your yard on tape - make sure to turn the tape over to the police, keeping a copy for yourself, and then turn that over to your insurance company, along with a claim. They will take care of going after that person for their money back.

    Frugal this evening was dinner - frozen salmon purchased several weeks ago, leftover broccoli and a tomato, onion and cucumber salad with a little bleu cheese dressing. The salmon was still in the big freezer, I forgot to even take it out to the fridge this morning. I laid out the broccoli stalks left over from Sunday (no one other than me will eat the stalks, just the florets) (I split them down the middle), in my large oval microwave steamer, put the fish on them on one end, and a few florets on them on the other end. Microwaved them until everything was done (and it was all done at the same time).

    After my nephew goes home from finishing up the mowing, I will raid my freezer for an adult popsicle. I just discovered Edy's Fruit and Juice bars in the lime flavor. I got 2 boxes on sale B1G1 and with a $1/2 coupon. These are certainly too good for kids.

    I just took him home, and got the popsicle. Yummo!!

    Well ladies, I am going so I can enjoy my pop.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • I found a good deal at JC Penny's! I had a gift card for $50, and was hoping to find a dress for an upcoming wedding. Well, I found one I liked -- and it fit, on the clearance rack. Originally $80.00, but was marked down to $14.77. WOW!! I had $$ left over for a few other items.

    The only problem is, after I got it home, I realized the sales associate forgot to take the security tags off it. She was so nice, I hate to get her in trouble. I used to be a manager at a clothing store, and I know this stuff goes on performance reviews. I've even seen people fired for leaving too many on. I'm tempted to try to pry it off myself - but I'd hate to damage the dress.
  • Vickilynn, I just had a conversation last week with my brother about those tags. He used to manage a small clothing store in the mall. He said NEVER to try to take them off yourself, as some stores have the kind of tags that will spew INK all over you and the garment. Bring back the dress with the receipt and there won't be a problem.
  • Well I went shopping at Target. Normally not frugal. Though this time I was armed with a $25 gift card from our credit card's point program. I bought 4 plastic totes and a 2piece swim suit for my daughter.
    Dinner was made with what was in the cupboards and freezer. Also used up a couple of overipe bananas in pudding for dessert.
    Cold water wash and hung lots on hangers to dry.
  • Karen - that is a shame about your pool. I hope you can catch her if she tries it again. I will say if it is one of those with the blow up ring and it fills and rises to be careful. Our yard is very uneven too and we thought we had it leveled. We had a huge rainstorm with several inches and it caused it to overflow and the whole pool emptied out at the low point. Our yard does slope down so it went into the neighbors too then down, so no damage was done, other than moving mulch with it.

    I did not know you could get insurance on a fill up above ground pool.
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