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  • Welcome Snowmoonelk!!
    This is a great site, and everyone is so nice and helpful. Enjoy!
    Ive been frugal not going anywhere and hanging clothes out in between the clouds.
    I wont be on much as I too, Like leasmom, am moving at the end of the month. Back to Montana Yippee!!! I cant wait. So lots to do, little time. And Im trying not to get stressed and think I need to do everything today. Im taking my time. Ive been picking up boxes behind the grocery stores, but I will have to buy about 4 used wardrobe boxes. They are 6.25 each.
    I love flea markets, however since Ive moved from CAlif. years ago, they dont have any in the midwest near here. Fleamarkets are one big garage sale. Loads of people in rows with all their stuff for sale. Its great.
    Im looking forward to going to the Butte, MT local farmers market. Here, Im just to far to drive up just for that.
    Well, off to maybe highlite my hair. Only cost 6.99 compared to $40 at the beauty parlor. Save, save save!
  • Hello to all my new friends, thank you all for your kind welcome!

    Anna, I love your pot pourri net sachet idea; isn't Sueanne's one pretty, are those flowers sewn on afterwards?

    We have fleamarkets here too, but I think we now have a tendancy to call them car-boot sales! Shame, really, "fleamarket" conjours up pictures of Paris and Covent Garden...more romantic and less prosaic than car-boot sale!

    Barbszy, the weather here is great, but we are not suffering with the heat like you seem to across the pond. I am ashamed to admit it, but I got caught out the day we went to the beach, and came home looking like a tomato! Oh yes, I made absolutely sure the boys wore high-factor sunscreen, but not me...

    I was frugal today in that I was given some fresh mackerel by a neightbour and we had that for tea with rice and salad.

    Off to bed now, Nos da! (Welsh for Goodnight)
  • Quote:
    Snowmoonelk, I was frugal today in that I was given some fresh mackerel by a neightbour and we had that for tea with rice and salad
    Welcome Snowmoonelk Was wondering if you have Tea there instead of dinner?

    There are a lot of good ideas on this site hope you enjoy it.

    Anna, you are always the busy Lady. Now you're making incense. I saw some home made incense when I went to a Flea Market over Memorial week-end, it was very strong.
  • Snowmoonelk nice to meet you and so glad you have joined us here.

    not much frugal today have to take dd for a teeth cleaning and need to stop at the store and get me some fat free ice cream to make me a peanut butter smoothie yum and some white beans to fix for dh its another hot one here so will be in the pool after noon cooling off. have a great day everyone
  • Hopefully I'm back on the frugal bandwagon here! I was getting a bit off track there for a while! I brought my lunch to work today (thanks, OSI, for the yogurt suggestion--that's one of my favorite treats in the summer, but sometimes I forget about it! I like to put it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so to get it extra cold!) So today I brought a leftover kabob from dinner last night and yogurt, plus some grapefruit for a snack, to keep me away from the vending machines when I start feeling munchy in the afternoon!
    I pulled my coupon inserts from the paper yesterday, so I'll be doing some clipping. I looked through the sale ads, but there didn't seem to be anything I couldn't live without. I've discovered I need to get some new summer work clothes. I've lost about 30 pounds over the last year, so a lot of what I had doesn't fit. I've been trying to replace things a little at a time, so it's not such a big wallet shocker! So I'm hoping that the stores start putting more of their summer stuff on sale soon! I bought some shorts earlier in the summer, but my work clothes need some help!
    Have a great week everyone!
  • and....
  • Welcome Snowmoonelk Was wondering if you have Tea there instead of dinner?

    Hello, Laurie, thanks for the welcome, thanks, too, futureteacher and boogsZ. Nice people you have on here, I am enjoying myself immensely.

    Well, Laurie, I suppse I should have said "dinner" but it depends on how posh I feel whether I call it "dinner" or "tea"!!

    We start the day with breakfast, have lunch, then tea (or high tea!), followed by dinner, then supper!

    Some people call dinner "tea", some (confusingly!) call it "supper". Lots of people call lunch "dinner". Phew, it's a social minefield as one can be categorised class-wise according to what one says!!! (As if "one" cares!!!)

    My frugal tip for today is to keep hens. I get fresh, free-range eggs daily.
  • snowmoonelk, we have chickens also we get around 11-12 eggs a day i was thinking about pickleing some eggs i seen in the store 2 pickled eggs were 1.69 i know i can do it cheaper than that lol. do you ever boil your freash eggs and if so do you have a trick on getting the shell off without tearing up the egg? i know you can take a stick pin and put a hole in the end then boil and it works real well but i hate to doit that way i also put salt in the water that helps also i just find that freash eggs are harder to peel than store bought ones. ok ill stop rambling lol
  • Hello everyone. i hope you all had a good weekend.

    Welcome Snowmoonelk. Hope you like it here at FC.

    Ericka I wish i could help you with your airconditioner question. Ours is leaking all over the floor. So DH is calling our builder and is going to get someone out here as soon as possible. Not soon enough though.

    We stayed at home this weekend and played games. We played Clue FX mostly. SO fun.
  • Emmjean is your A/C a window unit? If so it need to be tilted back 1/2 bubble on a level so the water drains outside through the drain hole.