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Closed Thread
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Old 06-07-2005, 08:51 AM
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Patrice, good luck on the move.

Sorry I haven't been online much. DH had a week off before he started school and the new work contract didn't show up until yesterday. (SIGH) So we spent time together the four of us. The kids are now a little lost they got used to Dad being around after only a week. But they will get over it. It was nice to have him around even if I couldn't get anything done. Never could do house work while DH is around. Just doesn't happen. I cringe at the thought of running the vacuum cleaner when he is trying to read. LOL.

Happy Anniversary Leighann and DH!

did you learn your thrifty ways from any family member?
I learned from my Mom. Who had to learn after my Dad passed away. We had very little income after that and there were 7 of us. So she learned how to make things stretch. Like how to make a meal go further by have lots of cheap side dishes then more meat. She had a rule of one piece of meat but all the vegies you wanted. We also learned that you didn't have to go to a hotel for it to be a vacation. I learned to love going camping. Now we take our kids every summer. We try to go to a new place every year. And I research the camp grounds to find a nice one that is fairly cheap. And I like to think I am teaching my children to be responsilbe with money. SO they wont have to learn the hard way that it will just be the way it is for them.

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Old 06-07-2005, 10:36 AM
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I remember my dad taking me to the supermarket (I must have been in 4th or 5th grade....) and we did the shopping. We spent the whole time comparing unit prices on the different size packages--this was before barcoding & shelf labels, so you had to do all that math in your head. He's an accountant so it was quick for him. The trip took twice as long, and it drove my mom nuts that he did (and still does) this but it was a VERY valuable lesson.
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Old 06-07-2005, 12:45 PM
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Hi all! I am new to this board. I just have to say how all of your posts have really inspired me to be frugal. My dh and I are going through a really difficult financial time. My dh had his own business but things weren't going well so he had to close it. Money is really tight right now. He has been going on job interviews and I think he will be working by the beginning of next week. Due to our financial problems I had to declare banruptcy which was so hard for me to do but we had no other choice. I have had to really change my spending habits. Everything has to be paid for in cash, but I am getting used to it and it isn't so bad because I stopped alot of my impulse buying. The only good thing that has come out of all of this is that my hubby and I have realized that we have to stop trying to keep up with others and just to enjoy what we have. I thought that the kids would really feel it the most but I have to admit that I don't think it has really affected them. I just explain to them when they ask for things or want to go out and eat all the time is that we don't have the money right now but maybe we can find something fun to do like go to the park or take a walk on the beach. My dh and I have decided that once we get back on our feet we are really going to set some financial goals that are good for us. I just want to say again that all of your posts have really made me realize that you can be frugal and still have fun. Hope to be reading more of your post very soon.
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Old 06-07-2005, 01:13 PM
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Welcome 3girlsmom! I have found this thread to be VERY helpful and inspiring, and everyone here has been so nice! I hope you enjoy it too! Good luck with your financial situation--sounds like you are on the right track!
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Old 06-07-2005, 01:18 PM
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Location: Southern NJ, near Philadelphia
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Hi 3girlsmom and welcome to Family Corner! I have found the people here to be so kind and helpful I hope it's the same for you! I think the way you are teaching your kids is great--not just saying "We don't have the money right now" but offering them a fun alternative that you CAN afford (or is free). That's a good example for any family no matter what the situation.
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Old 06-07-2005, 01:26 PM
jjoj's Avatar
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Hi, 3girlsmom! I am sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that, but it sounds like you are definitely heading in the right direction! I know for me anyway, some of the hardest things I've gone through in life have almost always held the most value. Something that always helps me to grow from the experience. I had to learn to change my spending habits, also.
Frugal for today was shredding four credit card applications and an L.L. Bean catalog that came in the mail.I also managed to resist going grocery shopping a day early and instead am holding out until tomorrow as planned.
Candy, your sandwiches are making me hungry!
Take care, everyone, and have a good rest of the afternoon!
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Old 06-07-2005, 01:34 PM
boggsZ's Avatar
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HI and welcome 3girlsmom so gald you are joining us this is a great place no matter what you in need of a frugal idea or a shoulder to lean on this is a all around great place to be.

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Old 06-07-2005, 01:54 PM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
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Welcome Aboard, glad to have another new face with us and look forward to hearing your discoveries in frugalness too.

Good Afternoon Everyone

It has been such a busy day and itís taken me awhile to get caught up on all the post. What a interesting topic Barbzy brought up about where you learned to be frugal.. I would have to say besides FC the Tightwad Gazette is what inspired me. My family wasnít particularly frugal although my mil is very, very frugal. I didnít start out listening to her or dh and I would be in much better shape when she discouraged us from getting credit cards and we went ahead and got them anyways. With age comes wisdom I guess.

Not much frugal here to report. Took lunch to work, sat in the shade at lunch with co workers, dinner tonight is Tilipia white fish and veggies with pasta. I thawed out the fish yesterday in the frig. All day and put the frozen veggies w/pasta in the bottom of the frig. This morning so it should be thawed. The fish I will grill on the George Foreman and the veggies will go in a steamer dish in the microwave, dinner should be done in about 15 minutes. We will probably then go outside and sit in the front yard. Thatís about the only excitement here in my neck of the woods today.


Hope the kids are feeling better with the ear infections.


That cherry amaretto was a strong one for sure!


Thatís the way it is in our house tooÖ dh has to leave so I can vacuum or at least be outside. His mother same thing when his father was alive, drove her crazy having him underfoot after he retired.


You always seem to be making the most gourmet meals, sounds divine!


Good luck with your move and weíll talk again as soon as you get hooked back up.


We wonít be selling this time, only looking at the set up and what other people are carrying. Iím not so sure about being somewhere at 6am to set up shop? Thatís very, very early. Weíd have to leave our house by 5am to get there.

Well it's time to go home, catch up with you all in a little bit.

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Old 06-07-2005, 02:19 PM
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Haven't done much today we ate leftovers today and went to the library. I combined going to the library with doing two errands. Tonight we will be at VBS so tonights entertainment is taken care of.

On the A/C debate my DH is normally always cold so our thermostat is set at 76-78 unless it gets really hot & humid out then it comes down some.

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Old 06-07-2005, 04:29 PM
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Learning to be frugal: I definitely learned alot from my parents, both of whom lived through the depression. My mother worked full time, but always home cooked our dinners, hung laundry out and used vinegar and baking soda to clean things. My dad was great at re-using things for different purposes. I also learned some frugal cooking things from my dh and his mom--canning and other frugal uses of food.

Vinegar washer rinse: For those who find it too strong--I have used white vinegar in the rinse. Has anyone tried both? Have an opinion as to which one works better for a softener?

Teacher gifts: Found hanging petunia baskets for $4+ each. Very cheap and nice!

Used leftover corn on the cob (scraped off) to make a salsa bake for dinner--using my own homemade bisquick, cheap salsa from Aldis, chix breasts from Aldis and shredded cheese from Aldis. Also served canned green beans and salad--also from Aldis. Very cheap and good dinner.

Also found morningstar veggie products on sale today and used coupons from Carol to purchase a bunch of "chicken" nuggets and corn "dogs". I love that the kids get their veggies, less fat and they don't even know it!! Will be good summer lunches....

Also made rhubarb/strawberry refrigerator jam using the easiest recipe ever! Will be glad to share if anyone's interested.

For summer drinks/treats I ususally make slushies using kool-aid, sugar and ice cubes. The kids love it. As for smoothies--I use whatever I have, fruit, yogurt, ice cream, milk, juice, honey, etc.etc. Mix up a combination until I get something that I like the taste of.

Also found a SUPER easy and quick p.b. cookie recipe that the kids also love. For a small batch: 1 c. chunky p.b., 1 c. sugar, 1 egg. It's that simple. I usually double the recipe. Bake at 350 for 8-10 mins.

Have been borrowing free dvds from library, bought a couple good books from garage sales for .25/.50. Dh and I finally put up a duck border in our mud room using border paper I had purchased at a sale a couple years ago for .25. It looks great! Also just purchased a very antiquey-looking mirror (very heavy!) for $2 that will also go up in the mud room, after dh makes a hanger thingy for it.

Getting lots of free watering in the yard today with storms that won't quit! Had some very large hail and threats of tornadoes, but they each went n. and s. respectively. Fine by me! I hate tornadoes! Ds2 gets very scared--but we made it through.

Well--should get a move on--things to do!

Have a great evening, all.

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