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  • Did a Walmart run this AM myself. DS has suddenly outgrown all his "appropriate for church" shirts except long sleeved ones. Yesterday he wore an Old Navy Tshirt and we only let him do it because he was an altar server and it would be covered by the altar robe! I got him 2 golf shirts so that should do it. Couldn't get any in his favorite dark green. He will have to live with navy and white.

    Later we went to the supermarket where we used our coupons to get 4 free boxes of trash bags, and 4 bottles Mott's apple juice with calcium at half price. Since Luke doesn't drink milk, I have to get calcium into him some other way.

    I have 2 loads of wash on the line, enjoying the sunny day. I did discover a "roller gel" type ink pen in DS's bathing suit pocket and the ink got on one of DH's favorite T-shirts Now I have to figure out if there's a way to wash that out. At least I didn't put it in the dryer. The ink would be in there forever.
  • Happy Anniversary Lee and dh.

    I HAVE not been frugal lately, and I feel a bit guilty, but I needed to indulge myself a bit lately too.

    Anyhow, you all have a good day.

    I'm going to go fix leftovers for lunch for dd and I. At least that's something, as I really want Sonic. LOL.

  • Lee, I wish you & your DH many years of happiness. May this anniversary bring the start of a new job for your DH and many other wonderful things
  • Happy Anniversary Lee and dh.

    Doing lots of laundry today but I can hang it out. It is nice and breezy here... I don't care, the sun is shining!

    Ds has been calling around trying to find a used radiator for the pick up and a window motor for the van. I really hate to drive 80 miles one way to get a window moter. I will be up there next week. I need to call back and see if they can ship it out. Why didn't he ask that? Oh yeah, cuz he wants to 'run' to town.

    I have made applance covers for my mixer, Mrs. Tea Pot, Nesco, blender and coffee pot. They get so dusty.... I used some material I had planned to get rid of. It is blue. I think I am doomed to have a blue kitchen forever...... I am in such a sewing mood! Capris for me are next, I think.
  • Good Afternoon Ladies


    Happy Anniversary and I sure hope your dh gets good news on the job front. I truly admire you for hanging in there and not getting too stressed out. It is such a scary thing.. times have changed so much. It used to be you could get a job and as long as you did a good job, you were set for life. Not anymore. With the advent of temp. services and jobs being shipped overseas it’s definitely a employers market anymore.

    Gosh Leighann

    I have to admire your perseverance in not turning the AC on, we’ve had ours going for awhile. It is so incredibly hot and humid here, be careful what you ask for. In my office we have the AC on but it’s still so hot I have a fan going too.

    My Shop: You may be right Lee, time will tell I guess. We want to go to the flea market this weekend to scope things out there. The guy said be there at 6:00 am even though it doesn’t open till 7am. It’s only $6.00 for a space.


    Dh has me do most of his clothes shopping and I discovered last week that shorts have a inseam in them… I didn’t know that. He now has shorts that go below the knee. They look o.k. but I guess I need to buy a shorter inseam? Why do they need a inseam? Strange.


    Cherry Almond… yum! That one doesn’t seem to be one on my list, bummer. I’ll have to ask them about that one. They are always getting in new fragrances, still waiting for that “His Essence” one to come in.

    Mrs. Maniac
    Yeah, guys do tend to like the vanilla also coffee scented candles although my dh really dislikes the coffee scented candles. His favorites besides the Wango Tango are Jasmine, Cherry , Patchouli and Vanilla. He also likes Lilac-he’s a odd ball what can I say, lol!


    I meant to mention, you ask a couple days back who was redecorating… it’s Idyroper. She’s buying a new house and was talking about the blue and white speckled wall paper in the kitchen. We gave some hints to docorate it till she can remove it.
  • Oh, sorry, Anna, I think it was called Amaretto-I got the name wrong. Actually, it is one of yours! Anyway, it does smell terrific!
    Frugal this afternoon was making snacks and staying home all day. Take care!
  • Gosh, was I frugal, and I didnt even try!!
    Since Im moving, I need to repaint this place, really needs it. But didnt want to spend much money. I first got some paint at Big Lots for 4.99 gallon, its flat latex. ( Not my choice, but Im moving, so who cares?)
    Then driving by a hardware store, I saw a sign, latex paint 2.99 a gallon Well, I whipped in there so fast I gave myself whiplash. HeeHee. Couldnt believe it. Latex flat 2.99 off white.
    I felt good.
    Except gas is back up to 2.14 which bites.
    Nice out today, so hung out 2 loads of laundry. Watched RFD TV a show on colt breaking, so went out and used my new found knowledge on my 2 yo. Didnt look as good as on TV - but hey, the concept is there.
  • ldyroper, great deal on the paint wish i could find my porch paint like that i just paid $26 a gallon i have a big porch and it took 3 gallon but it will look really good once im done and im almost there My dh loves the RFD channel he likes when they have the mule's working on there.
  • Good evening all!!
    Frugal for me this evening was cooking like I was at a restaurant. I made a "salad" which is exactly like what one of the restaurants in the area charge $2.99 for as a side - a wedge of lettuce with bleu cheese dressing on it. Then I heated some breaded scallops and made a "microwave" baked potato. With a big glass of home brewed iced tea, it was teriffic. And it would have cost me a good $15.99 or better at a restaurant. And the atmosphere is teriffic too - vases of roses (homegrown of course) scattered here and there for the whole house to "stink" just right. I also had no reactions that I normally have at a restaurant after the salad course.

    Not much else frugal - lunch taken to work is about all. And I stayed away from the pharmacy next door to my job.

    Anyway, no money spent here today, nor hopefuly, tomorrow.

    Barbzy - I got those hefty kitchen bags too - and I just opened a box of 120. It is a shame I didn't have more coupons. I might check to see if there are any listed on eBay that I can just pay for with paypal and have them sent immediately. Even though I live by myself, it seems that I have 3-4 bags a week. Not having to buy trash bags means more money that I can shift to other spending - or giving. ShopRite has 2 lb. bags of their plain rice on sale 4/$3.00, so I bought 4, and just took them to my sister's house to pass on to the food pantry. I have made up my mind that I will do something every week, and not just all at one time.

    Lee- Happy Anniversary, and I hope your dh is just waiting until the right time tonight to call you and tell you he has landed that job you two need so badly.

    Well ladies, I now have the other part of that restaurant work to do - clean up.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Thanks for the happy anniversary, dh didnt get called today, but that doesnt mean he wont later in the week.
    Believe you me I am stressed make that with a capital S. However it doesnt change our situation. So dealing with it the best I can. It has been hot but a decent cross breeze from the back to front of house. I am sure when dh gets back there will be a discussion. I will also have to point out yes they have programs that can help but someday you still have to pay back. My friend
    whose dh was out of work a year showed me her gas bill it was 3,000 dollars her electric was at 1,800! IT will take them an eternity to pay that off!
    Have to put the baby to bed he is like clockwork at its 8:30!