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  • Norma - hope that everything goes well with your biopsy.

    My children are signed up with Burger King. We have a Bob Evans so will have to do that one.

    Hot Wheels has a club they can join on their www site. They send them a coupon for a free car. ToysRUS also sends out a card with a $1.00 gift certificate (I know, they usually spend more).
  • Good mornign all!!
    First - thank you all for the good wishes, on this upcoming procedure.

    A couple of years ago I went through a breast cancer scare. I had to have 3 mamos in 24 hours, and then an ultrasound, a trip to a surgeon, and then a biopsy. All within a week or two. I had been diagnosed with fibrocystic disease in my 20s. It turns out that those little fibro-whatevers had calcified/crystalized in that time, but no cancer.

    I truly believe that deep down, you know when something is wrong. And I feel that the doctors should listen to me when I tell them that I feel that keeping my uterus is not helping my overall health.

    Well ladies, it is Friday - yippee!!!

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Hey all, been so busy since I got back from Montana
    found a nice place on 20 acres and they accepted my offer. Waiting for this place here to close, taking forever. Wish me luck. Its only 15 min to town, as opposed to 60 min over where Im at now. Ill need ideas for the kitchen, its all WHITE. white counter tops. Ive never seen that. white cupboards. wall papaer with little specks of blue and maroon, all on white. Something has got to get painted in there. Dont know if the cupboards and walls, or just cupboards. Wish I could replace those all together, but NOT.

    anyhow, crochet2- hope this doctor will help you out. I told my doctor (a gal, and I love her, now moving will have to find another one) that Im sick of having periods, ! Im having no more kids, why cant we just get rid of all that stuff in there. She said, well, we could have you complain of pains, or make something up. I laughed. I think, if youwant all that stuff removed, and are willing to pay for it, why not? esp if youve had some abnormalities. Why wait till it may be to late?

    Gas 1.88 a gallon? Wow, that would be a dream. Its down to 2.05 here. Yippee.

    When my kids were little, they used to be in the burgerKing club, with free meals on their birthdays. That was always a plus. Actually, alot of places give you a free meal on your birthday, but dont always advertise it.

    Trying to be frugal, its been raining, so hanging clothes on the line is out. I did get my electric bill under $95 last month, and now my goal is less. A big relief as months before it was $250. That was winter with all the deicers etc... plugged in.
  • Quote:
    I truly believe that deep down, you know when something is wrong. And I feel that the doctors should listen to me when I tell them that I feel that keeping my uterus is not helping my overall health.
    Keep telling them, girl! I would be healthier if I would have stomped my foot at my GYN. Even chewed the rep out a little bit. IMHO if you have ever had trouble with your ovaries then take them out as well! IF any of my GYNs would have listened to me, I would have 'only' had three surgeries not six. That is too stupid. I see the best GYNs we have out here. I would have died if I was seeing a bad doctor.

    The woman's quatto razor.... I find I am going thru blades like crazy. Much faster than the cheapo razors I normaly use.

    We bought a digital camera. Now I hope I bought a good one and I hope I can learn to use it. The manual is scary......
  • Idyroper

    Sounds to me like they had the kitchen decorated in that blue duck theme that was so popular in the late 80ís early 90ís. you can still find some of that stuff in the market place. You could go with the metal ware that is speckled blue. I have a metal coffee pot in that color that I keep all my wooden spoons in that I use for my candle making, just happened by accident to end up in it but it looks good. That kind of ware you can find here at Meijers or I think Walmart might also have it in the camping/fishing section. Pretty cheap too. They have plates, cups, and the coffee pot. Just a couple ideas.


    Good luck with the screening. My sisterís both have had that pre cancerous cells as well as one of my girlfriends. Itís scary stuff but most of the time nothing to worry about, if it is cancer they just burn it off. Not exactly painless but not horrible either from what they tell me. Iím due for my annuals too after you hit that 40 mark they want mammograms every year, totally bites! I hate the having to schedule so many appointments. Gyn, mammogram, doctor every 3-4 months, dentist, eye doctorÖ it just never seems to end.

    Our gas at one station is $1.99 right now, a few blocks over same gas station is now $2.09. Tell me that makes sense? They are both Speedways literally within walking distance of each other. I think at home our Shell was $2.05 this morning. I have a half tank of gas in my truck, I think dh has about that in our cadillac so we shouldnít have to get gas till the middle of next week if we donít go anywhere like the candle supply places.

    Frugal & Time Saving Last Night:

    Went to Giant Eagle after I made our dinner. I was out of coffee so I bought Maxwell house, large can for $5.00 something on saleÖ normal price was over $8.00- no way would I ever pay $8.00 for a can of coffee, totally crazy. Iíve started making half pots of coffee as a full pot was too much for my thermos and coffee travel mug so I was wasting some of the coffee. With their in store sales I saved $9.00 and some cents. The time saving part is itís the first of the month and this weekend the stores will be jam packed so I went while it was relatively slow. It puzzles me why so many people who are getting food stamps, ss# checks, always wait till the weekend to shop when they are home all week and can go anytime they want to. I donít mean to sound snobby in anyway it just puzzles me. I know some elderly folks like my mil depend on relatives to take them to the stores and weekends are the only time allowable but goodness! Our stores are packed to the max everywhere you go. And unfortunately itís not because our stores are having special weekend sales either. My bil has the right idea. He works evenings and doesnít get off till around 12-1 am.. he shops Wally World then, has the whole store to himself most of the time.

    Well thatís about it for nowÖ we have the Muirfield Golf tournament going on here this week and all my front office people are going, different times all week. The owner is getting ready to go now (of our company, that is). The sun has actually come out so he switched from umbrella and baseball cap to sunscreen and straw hat, lol!

  • Anna, what gets me in my store is that they are busy STOCKING THE SHELVES during the busiest times! This is not a 24-hour store....stock the shelves when the place is closed.
    Normally you can't get down at least 3 aisles because there are little skid lifts or dollies full of stock blocking the way

    And I do have to say....normally I like to shop during the day, during the week. But sometimes I take advantage of a kid-free shopping trip in the evenings (busy) or on the weekend (really busy).
  • Anna, I think maybe they have their schedule of TV shows they watch during the week. That is when the same shows are on at the same time every day, all day. Whereas on the weekends, those shows are not on!! And of course like you mentioned, transportation. If they are on SS chances are they can't drive. And if they are collecting food stamps, chances are they can't afford the expense of a car and/or only have one car and one spouse is working during the week. Don't forget just because they are collecting food stamps, doesn't necessarily mean they don't work!!

    Barbszy, our Wally World is like that. We normally go shopping on a Saturday morning, and it never fails, they have just about every aisle full of skids of stock, and it is impossilbe to walk through them! I can't help but wonder why they can't stock them at night during the slow hours. I am sure there are people out there that would work third shift just stocking shelves when the store is empty.

    Frugal, cold water wash, I did throw the wash in the dryer, as it is raining. But, I did reuse fabric softener sheets!

    I know this is not the right place for this, but, I am sure you ladies can make me feel at ease and lead me in the direction I should go!

    My neighbors have a DD the same age as my DD. They also have a DD that is older and has children one being the same age as the neighbors DD and my DD.

    Yesterday all the kids were out playing, and I was talking to the older DD of the neighbors. As the kids were playing apparently my DD and the neighbor's little DD pulled their (own) pants down.
    The older DD let their Mom know that our two DD's did this. And at that point the Mom told the DD that my DD pulled her DD's pants down a few weeks ago. I was never told about this. But the older DD told me about it, just yesterday.

    So, I talked to my DD about this to let her know that both pulling own pants down, and someone elses is wrong. She looked at me with a look and stated that she did NOT pull the other girls pants down, that that little girl pulled her own pants down!!

    Apparently I am not supposed to know about this going on. The Mom claims to have seen this. But, my DD is very persistent with her story, and keeps saying that she did NOT pull the other girls pants down. (My DD has the same story today, as she had yesterday!!)

    Do I just brush this off, until maybe it comes up again. Do I assume that the Mom did not see all that was going on, and was embarassed that her own DD pulled her own pants down, and is just blaming it on my DD?

    My DD, and the other DD's two sons, all say that the other DD is the one who pulled her pants down first outside yesterday. And my DD just followed behind and pulled hers down.

    Any opinions, I really don't want to just bring it up to the Mom, due to not wanting to start something between the Mom and the older DD. (As I really do appreciate the DD telling me about it, because if my DD really did do this, I need to know. So, that I can correct her and let her know that actions like that are NOT acceptable. So if I were to make the DD mad, she might not tell me anything anymore).

    Thanks for listening!!!
  • I got the computer up last night thanks to a wonderful rep at Dell! I decided that maybe if I called them I didnt have to wait for dh to come home. After almost 2 hrs (thankfully all the kids were napping) I did it. So proud of myself!
    Dh got an interview for today, at a job that the pay is comprable to what he was making at his old job. Please say a prayer this leads to a postion! I miss him we have only ever been apart for a week once for a week in our 15 yrs of being together! He realized it was for the best that he went this intial time by himself. I think the kids and I would have just slowed him down!
    If this works out they told him they could give him 2 wks to start so he can rent a cheap 1 bedroom apartment and probaly by the time we would sell the house he may be comfortable enough with the area that we could just go straight to a house! This would be the perfect senerio (sp?) Praying so hard for this! Will hate being apart but in the long run will be okay and I know that.
    Gosh I sure have a lot of posts to catch up sorry if I miss anything.
    Hope all goes well with the new dr.
    Your bottles look very cool. Hope they sell well.
    Congrads on finding a house, good luck with the kitchen sure you find a great way to decorate it.
    Welcome to family corner. Congrads on becoming an aunt.
    Mom 2-4
    Sounds like kids being kids. I would not pursu it any further, just tell your dd if it happens again to come straight to you or the other mom!
    Hope you enjoyed or are enjoying your quiet time for reading.

  • Went to the dentist today for a cleaning. Good thing I have Dental Insurance. While cleaning my teeth my permanent partial came loose. She had to reglue it back. Good thing it did not break.
    Before I went in told her I wanted xrays taken since I felt something was wrong. Another tooth next to it had decay under the crown which she could not see without xray. The xrays are free so they don't do it unless you complain. Guess the pain I was getting was from the loose partial when I ate it was telling me something. She thought it was from my sinuses. Was surprised when she charged me for gluening it back $75.00. Guess it made up for the free xray.

  • Karen - I think I would just not say anything and see what else transpires, unless you don't care about a friendship with this mom, but since she is a neighbor, I don't think I would say anything. Good luck

    Well, today is the last day of school. I'm making the kid a special lunch and we're going to eat at the park.