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AnnaInOhio 02-14-2005 09:03 AM

What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10
What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10
Welcome to our new edition of What Did You Do Frugal Today, one of the most popular threads on Family Corner. Please share with us what you do to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle.

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futureteacher 02-14-2005 09:13 AM

We have a tradition at my office of leaving small Valentine gifts for each other on our desks. I purchased a bag of bulk candy for $2 and divided it by the number of my co-workers. Then I cut red tissue paper squares (I bought the red tissue paper for next to nothing at an after Christmas sale), put the candy in the middle and tied each with craft ribbon (also purchased after Christmas cheap) and made handmade tags for each co-worker from my scrapbooking supplies. Everyone at work got a big kick out of them. They also said I need obviously need to finish my degree in elementary education soon, because they thought that little project seemed very much like something I would do for my future students. Anyway, I was glad they enjoyed them, and it was inexpensive to do!

melly 02-14-2005 09:19 AM

Afternoon everyone,

I have not been too frugal, went to Walmart and got a few things. In our newspaper this weekend we had a coupon for a FREE Oust fan. I guess they want you to try it. I forgot to check how much the refill is. Walmart had the fan for 6.99 and the refunded amount could be up to around $9 off.

Melly:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

ethansamuel 02-14-2005 09:50 AM

Just subscribing so I don't get left behind!

futureteacher....that IS something students would enjoy!

VickiLynn 02-14-2005 09:51 AM


Originally posted by melly
.... In our newspaper this weekend we had a coupon for a FREE Oust fan. I guess they want you to try it. ....
What more can they find to do with air fresheners? Does everyone's house really smell that bad? Or do they just want us to think they do so they can sell this stuff?

OK, off my soapbox. Ethan & I made a not-so-frugal trip to town today to take Ethan's Valentines to daycare. He only goes on Fridays, but the party was today, so we stopped-in. He came home with lots of treats.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

barbszy 02-14-2005 09:52 AM

Wow, #10 already....I think I have been around since #3! :goof:

First of all, wishing a wonderful Valentine's Getaway to Emmjean and Ethansamuel and their DHs! Have a great time!

Usually we give a small gift at Valentine's Day but we didn't do that this year. DH and I did get each other a nice card, and he got me some chocolate :-D what a sweetie! :heart2: I will be making his favorite dinner tonight--chicken parmesan.

I did get a couple of treats for the kids when I went food shopping today but otherwise I stuck to the budget and came out pretty well--$62 and that included milk, steak and a good amount of produce. Never coupons for those things!

I am working hard to get Luke toilet trained! That will save me lots of money on diapers and wipes (though I do keep a pack of those around as stain-pretreaters and hand wipes for when we're not home). So far today he is doing well, just 1 accident :clapp: and he was on his way to the bathroom when that happened, so it was just bad timing. This is one area where having much older kids has handicapped us--we're away from home so much that it's hard to be consistent about potty training.

ethansamuel 02-14-2005 10:03 AM

Barbszy...I've got to start on the potty training myself...he (Ethan) has shown interest in his potty chair for quite awhile and like to sit on it while we're in the bathroom too. He is also quite aware of when he is "stinky" and comes and tells us right away...I'm hoping it goes smoothly for both you and I!

justEricka 02-14-2005 10:29 AM

Just subscribing so I don't get left behind

AnnaInOhio 02-14-2005 10:35 AM

Good luck ladies with the potty training, that will surely save you bunches of money.

Dh is still working on the computer, finally called Gateway at noon, they were really nice (called their American Corporate Office, saved that number from when the lady from there called me about the crashed hard drive last year). Anyways, after trying a couple of things, he told dh to reinstall the operating drive and that we shouldn't loose everything we had stored, fingers crossed and will definitely be backing those files up this time as I should've already done.

It's is pouring down rain here today, and chilly. What a yucky valentines day in our neck of the woods.


justEricka 02-14-2005 10:47 AM

not doing much today. i feel yucky. i ddi print out a poem for dh for valentines. were so broke today that i cant get him anything so i wanted to make him a card. didnt really find a card that i liked..but i did find a poem i liked. so i printed it out. other than that..not much here. i hve alot to do..and just feel too bad to do it.

have a good day

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