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Closed Thread
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Old 03-16-2005, 11:56 AM
leasmom's Avatar
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Location: Louisville, Ky
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I guess the key to my energy is Low Carbing

Believe me before doing that I had NO energy. Well, I think I'm gonna go back up to the grocery store and get some more stuff for St. Paddy's day. Dd wants Irish soda bread, I can't eat it at all, so this would be a treat for her. So, hopefully I can get some good deals.
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Old 03-16-2005, 12:06 PM
jjoj's Avatar
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Hello, everyone! Good job Chris, on using the certificate for the gift.
Barbszy, I agree on it depending on what the definition of frugal is. Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture.
Frugal for me yesterday was spending 79.00 at Aldi and getting a whole grocery cart full of food. I so love that place! I spent about 15.00 at Walmart picking up a few things they didn't have at Aldi. So, not too bad. The best part is I don't have to shop again for another two weeks. That will also save on gas. The good news is I saw that gas prices are supposed to lower. I hope so! Well, take care!
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Old 03-16-2005, 12:39 PM
VickiLynn's Avatar
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Ethan had a cavity. It was tough watching my little 3-year old it that big chair. I had to hold his hands down because he kept trying to push the dentist's tools away from his mouth. But we both survived.

They didn't give me a bill. I think they're running it by our insurance co. first. I know they won't pay it, but at least it buys me some time. But I still had to fork-out $15 to buy the "Wiggles" video I bribed him with.

I was hoping his first appointment would be his check-up (scheduled for June) so he wouldn't get a bad first-impression of the dentist. Oh, well, at least his pain is gone, so we all got some sleep last night.

Leasmom, are you sure you want to be putting so much work into your house if you're thinking you don't want to stay there?
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Old 03-16-2005, 01:48 PM
leasmom's Avatar
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Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Louisville, Ky
Posts: 2,897
Too late, I did all that except recently pulling up the carpet

when I first moved in. I don't know what I want to do. I love this house, its the first house where I feel completely comfortable as if we belong but our neighbors seem bent on harrassing us. I'm hoping that some miracle will occur where I won't have to be bothered. I don't know what I will do. I am thinking of taking a class so I can have a better job and stay in this area, if I stay I would prefer to stay in this house, even though the electric bill is very high. I am not sure... My lease is up in June and for now though the floors are MUCH better than that awful nasty blue carpet. I'm still trying to work things out and trying to figure out which direction I want to go in. I am tired of moving and this would be the house I would prefer to stay in. Since the people next door bought their home I don't think people are walking past my daughters bedroom because they would have to walk next to their yard, so I may come up with some cheap gating or something. And as far as my neighbors...I have to be on guard with them because I'm sure as soon as the sun comes out they'll be starting trouble...but I am tired of moving because of neighbors...
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Old 03-16-2005, 02:52 PM
RobertaD's Avatar
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Did the normal stuff cold water laundry, rolled cigs for DH, brewed tea for iced tea, ran full load in the dishwasher, topped off the gas tank at $1.99. The kids had their afterschool snack at church. And we ate leftovers for dinner.

I need to go through the grocery lists and match up my coupons for my grocery run on Friday. Need to see how much I can get for near free.

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Old 03-16-2005, 08:11 PM
LJsmom's Avatar
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Location: suburb of Chicago
Posts: 824
Haven't spent any $ for 2 whole days !!! Of course I've been home sick-does it still count?
Caught "poor" dh yacking to his mom how hard it has been cooking dinner for the kids, running to get milk, sm. errands etc. after working a full day ...for the past 2 days . I could hear her laughter across the room Yep he worked hard going to McD then cooking hotdogs tonight. Nutritious dinners hmmmm.

Our local NBC news at 10pm has a Best Kept Secrets segment that is new. Tonight it was about how to get tailor made clothes for off the rack prices. offers a service that can even take your measurements online to make your clothes. If they don't fit right, the store will re-alter them for free. Haven't checked it out. We have one of their outlet stores nearby, never been in it though. Maybe if I could lose those "extra 5" pounds I may give the tailor thing a try
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Old 03-16-2005, 09:20 PM
redcardinalbird's Avatar
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Anna, check out Meijers, our store was handing out coupons that allow you to take 50% off the clearance in the card and party section. If your store does not have them the coupons were on their internet site. The sale is good thru Saturday. There was also a coupon for 25% off clearance toys, housewares and other depts.

I had to go back today as a new cashier messed up my bill to the tune of $25 dollars. I did not run right back as I wanted to but waited and went on the way home from taking DS to school. While I was there they rolled out the clearance cart. I found Capri sun drinks for .05 each, pencils and gel pen sets for .10, evelopes for .25 and a memory book for 1.00. I also used the 25% off coupon for a shower present (corning ware) for my nephew and his fiance.

LJsmom - hope you are feeling better now. Those men have to work so hard when we are sick.

Leasmom - I agree, you are always doing something. Want to come to my house? LOL I hope your neighbors settle down and allow you to enjoy your house.

Barbszy - So true about the medicine. My DH did not go and get his refilled while he was off. He is now having horseness and other symptoms.

Vikilynn - poor little Ethan, glad he did okay for his first visit. I had always taken the kids with me. By the time DS was ready for a visit he did fine.
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Old 03-17-2005, 03:08 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054

I got into refunding by having a couple of friends who encouraged me to do so. And I encourage everyone I know - you included, to do so.

The companies put out these for us to take advantage of. But they also know that a lot of people will buy the products, and then not follow through with the rebates.

Start small. If there is a rebate form for something that you use in the Sunday supplement section (SS), take it out, follow the directions and in a few weeks, you will get a check back. That is how I got the rebate forms for the Green Giant and Birds Eye veggies.

Next, find a group of people who find the forms. In my area, and I am sure Barbzy will agree, there are not too many forms. Trade for things - like postage stamps or a small amount of cash for the forms you are interested in. Since I am willing to sell a lot of the stuff I get free after rebate, I am open to a lot of things.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention. I know that all of the big drug chains now have a monthly rebate program. I have 2 CVS stores about 15 minutes each from my house, but one isn't open in the morning when I pass it on my way to work, and then is on the other side of a concrete divided highway that I would have to go around a jughandle to get to it and another one to get back on the other side of the highway to get going back home, and the traffic in the evening is horrendous - not worth it. The other one is just somewhere I don't pass often. So I hardly think about it.

But I can handle Rite Aid and Eckerds, both just a few blocks from my house, and an Eckerds right next door to the building I work in. Get the monthly rebate form in the store, see what they are willing to send you money back on that month. Every week, a few of the items may be on sale in addition to the rebate, and if you have a coupon on top of both a sale and a rebate, it is called a triple play, and you probably will be paid to take the item out of the store when you have received the rebate. They drug stores also allow you to apply for the rebates online, not havign to send in the cash register receipt - bonus.

Now, if there is also a premium that you can send in for if you buy an item, sending in the cash register receipt and the upc from the product - that is a quadruple play.

See, you get a sale price, less the coupon you used, a rebate of the price rung up before the coupon was used, and a premium to boot. Anyway, when this happens, you actually make money, most times about $1-2.00, get the original item for free, and get the premium (anything from a stuffed toy to a pot holder, to a case filled with makeup). That is just too good to pass up. And I can then either give away the premium, or add it to my stash for the yard sale(s). Have a separate coffe can, or envelope that you put those refund/rebate/sale of premiums money in. That is your roll-over fund. Everytime you make a small profit or sell a premium, you are adding to the amount you have to spend the next time.

Maybe in the future I will find a deal like that at the Advance Auto Part store, where they will send me a Matchbox car, or something, if I buy a particular product. But I won't do that unless all those things are in place.

What I suggest now, is that you cut and paste this post to an e-mail to yourself. Then print it out. Read it over and over, if you are interested. It takes patience, it takes knowing what coupons you have, listening to your friends who do this, reading the grocery and drug store fliers, and a willingness to devote some time to it.

Well ladies. it is past time for me to start getting ready for work, so I say - "Have a good day".

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 03-17-2005, 03:37 AM
barbszy's Avatar
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The other night I ran out to Sam's for some milk, eggs, half & half. These items are pretty much the reason we joined, as the prices are SO much less than we pay at the regular grocery.
For the second time in 2 weeks they had no whole milk.
So I zipped across the parking lot to Walmart and picked up the milk--2 gallons. That's almost a week's supply for us.
Last night at dinner we opened it up and it tasted NASTY.
Now I have almost 2 gallons of undrinkable milk, and with a sick child in the house I can't get out to Walmart to bring it back in person.
I'll never buy milk there again, but I have just wasted $6.00.....if I wait until tomorrow I can bring it back when DH is home.
Should I call the store? Email the headquarters? Or just bring back a gallon and a half of icky milk right to the courtesy desk?

LJsmom, I hope you feel better soon! I love Lands End clothes. For adults, I think they are a great investment. The price is good considering how well made the clothing is. I like that you can get some of their things at Sears now. At the end of last summer I got a fantastic deal on their shoes, 3 pairs for what one would normally cost! I live in those things, and they look way nicer than sneakers but are just as comfy.

We don't get too many refund offers around here, as Norma said. When my oldest was a baby I used to be more into it but there was more available then.
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Old 03-17-2005, 03:54 AM
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FamilyCorner Fanatic
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We just got back all of our rebates from Taxcut 10.00 coupon at Staples (probaly will get printer paper) and a 15.95 rebate check for electronic filing. The only other rebates we seem to particapate in are for the computer. Our printer only ended up costing 12.00 after all was said and done! I think that was our best one. Find lots of offers at! I personaly find that the ones for grocery store products never seem to work for me, as I usually dont buy all of their requirements! Maybe someday!
Todays frugal will be dinner-catchall night for the week.

Have a question I would love an opinion on (nothing to do with being frugal though) Josh had "gunk" coming out of his eye Monday night, by Tuesday morning I realized it was pink eye as I have seen before anyway I called the doctors office had to leave 3 messages, I called at 9:00 when they opened one of the girls in the office finaly returned my call at 2:30 that afternoon. I explained to her what his eye was doing she agreed it was pink eye said they would call in a prescription for an antibiotic by 4:00, she was supposed to call me. Since I had not heard from her by that time I called the office again, again getting the machine they closed at 4:30 never heard a thing from them. Called the drugstore they never heard from them. I then called the answering service to have the doctor call me, mine wasnt on call but the other dr. never called me back. I started calling the office yesterday morning again getting a machine, finally at 10:30 a human answered the one I was dealing with. I reminded her of the situation her reply "oh that was me such a twit I forgot to call it in I will make sure its called in today by 12:30 or you can personaly come in to crucify me! This is really bothering me, I dont think her answer was acceptable. Should I send a letter? Or attempt to get them to directly speak to the dr? I am afraid a letter would never make it to him! At this point I feel a Dr. is only as good as his staff, and am ready to not return to him...What would you all do??? Poor Josh was a misreable baby and some could had been prevented if she did what she was supposed when she was supposed to! Sorry for babbeling but would love your thoughts on this!
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