What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10

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  • Good morning all. I have been staying home. To save on gas. It jumped up to 2.15 a gallon over the weekend. So looks like a lot of staying home. But that is okay. We are starting to plan our garden. We bought some seeds. It wont be a huge garden this year but the kids are still excited about it. We also got some flower seeds. DD wants some blueberry bushes. .DD wants some blueberry bushes. Does anyone know how to grow them? Are they easy or hard to take care of? She loves blueberries and they are just way to expensive at the store to buy for her very often. I paid 2.99 for what looked like 1/2 cup last time

    Patrice, yes the low carb thread is still there. We would love to hear from you.
  • Songberries,
    Hope you have a wonderful expierence with your dd! Very excited for you. One of my good friends is due at the end of the month, I cant wait to see the little guy. Love new babies!
    I was excited to find diet coke last week at Target for 3/7. I was trying to give up pop however with having a houseful of kids everyday I need that one pick me up with my lunch. lol I dont think 1 a day is terrible.
    Just doing the usual frugal stuff.
    Felt really good to take my pay last week and pay the car payment and another bill with my money. Didnt have to touch dhs! Yeah.
    I buy the big bags of frozen veggies for stir fry, and also peas and corn at Costco for a definite better price than the grocery. The corn is awesome very sweet.
  • Good morning!
    Redcardinalbird, thanks! I think I'll check it out since I'll be around that area today. Thanks again!
    Anna, I'll look for that syrup and see if I can find it and tell you where it was for sure.
    Great job, Chris and Norma, on your good deals! You're right, they are there if you look for them. I need to do better with that.
    Well, have a good day and I'll be back later.
  • Songberries, your outfits sound really pretty. Have a great trip and congrats on being a grandma soon!
    Lee, no, that's not bad having the diet coke. It's nice when you've been working so hard to have something nice to look forward to, I think.
    Redcardinalbird, forgot to say dh used to work at that building. It was nice because he could do the taste tests and that was lunch for him. I'm glad he's not doing it now, though. Every day wasn't very healthy for him. Okay, I really am getting off now! Take care!
  • Great! Because I have a before and During picture, the one you saw
    I was shocked to see my before picture when my sister sent it to me. I just checked and it didn't have any threads available.
  • Congrats Patrice, thats great on
    your weight lose!! Im trying to just drop 10 lbs. I really need to get serious.
    Montanaczech- the heater in the house we put an offer on is on a sep meter, with a discount he said. We will know tomorrow if its accepted. then just waiting for my buyer to get his finaancing. It is located south of Dickinson, ND on Baldy Butte. You can see it at Baldybuttehideaway.net It is for sale, but that ad is for they rent it out to hunters right now.
    Got a skiff of snow this a.m. have to take my truck in to have some bushings and bearings put on today. Dinner will be leftover porkchops I did in the crockpot last nite. I may make a batch of chili too, as I took out a bunch of ground buffalo to cook up and freeze.
    Songberries, have a good time in Seattle, and congrats on the up coming birth.! Easter weekend im going to see my granddaughter in Montana for the first time. I cant wait!!
  • Good morning girlfriends!

    I am looking for organizing tips and items for my kitchen... my cabinets are a mess. I bought a 'new' set of cookware last summer and don't have enough room for all the lids. Any ideas?
  • Mom24 and joesbaby: Yes, our family does have fun skiing. We live near a range of hills, and the ski hill is about 20 minutes from here. It's a "mountain" by our standards. We are very much an outdoor family--and when I can get 1/2 price coupons for expensive things like lift tickets, we Go for it!

    Have to share a frugal "kidism": Ds1 told me yesterday at the store when I was buying his cold meds. with a coupon, that he can't believe how much I'm always saving on things. He also said: "Mom, that's why I have to find a girl who can save me some money someday!". I think I've got him trained! Hope there are still some girls like that out there when he gets old enough to be looking for a "girl". With the rampant commercialism these days, you have to wonder.

    Hopefully frugal shopping: Going to start looking for some new winter boots for MYSELF (unbelievably) for next year. Dh pointed out (I didn't think about it myself--as long as the kids are warm!)that my feet always get cold in mine (they are 18 years old!) and I should get some new ones. Hope to find some good sales this time of year.

    Going to also start looking for mittens on sale for ds2--his are nearly done for--snowpants too, but we're going to suffer through with those--hopefully not too much longer!

    Well--laundry, shopping are waiting--and the bills, the bills....

    Have a good one--rivermom
  • My 3-year old was up most of the night complaining that his tooth hurt - it looks like he has a cavity. So, today we'll have to make an emergency appt. at the dental clinic. I don't expect that'll be frugal. But hopefully worth it if we all can get some sleep tonight!
  • Vicki,
    Hope ds is okay, I know what you mean though when a 3 yr old has a problem at night no one sleeps. Thats in my house at least.

    Read in the paper that Folgers and Kraft (Maxwell House) has raised prices for coffee beans. So you better start stocking up if you see on sale before the grocery hits the consumers with the raise!
    I just got the ad for Giant Eagle that starts Thursday they have 34-39oz Folgers for 3.99.
    Semi boness smoked hams are .88 lb again.
    I probaly should try a blueberry bush myself, I just paid 6.99 not long ago, however there were a very good amount in the package!