What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10

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  • Anna

    Just got back from Aldi's myself. I also buy there stuffing mix. I have had there ravioli and it is great. They always have great prices on produce. I loaded up today!

  • The kids were off for Spring Break last week. We spend more money that usual. So this week I need to tighten our belts. I need to make a run for groceries. Today I am trying to get a little rest and recover from last week. So there is not too much I am going to do.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Barb,
    I do need to move to your block! lol I have never really paid to much for Evans clothes but it would be nice for him to get a few hand me downs! I find even in the thrift store that its hard to find "decent" clothes most I seem to find are pretty well worn!
    Good job on the deodarant and excedrin! I never seem to find the free stuff. Today there was an article in the paper about a couple that just started a website for Cleveland and Columbus showing all the best deals at their local stores to save time going all over, however it is 15.00 a month with 5 going to Harvest for Hunger. I couldnt bring myself to pay for the best deals just have to strive to find my own.
    It is nice to go shopping in your living room for free.
    Your dd is very cute! Even without a lot of hair. ds2 is one still doesnt have much hair espcially compared to his brother at that age. The 1 1/2 yr old that I watch poor thing has lots of hair in the back but not much on top, if her mom didnt put it up in pigtails she sorta has a mullett type thing going on. She is still a cutie though!
  • My friends baby has a whole lot more hair. Cute clips, pony tails, etc. Oh well guess it will come with time and I will soon be wishing she didn't have hair when I have to brush it all the time.
  • AFter 3 days of spending nothing, I had to pay the house payment today--that did not feel too frugal!!! But it's not like I have a choice I guess. Ugh!
  • Montanaczech

    Glad to see you back on, we always miss hearing from you. I love reading the post from all you folks out west… so different in some ways from us folks up east. Sounds like you are going to have one heck of garden this year… I would really love to try to grow strawberries, running out of room with all my trees though. I sure hope my cherry and apple tree bear better fruit this year.

    Txchef Fran

    That sounds like a good “carb free” lunch idea, I might try that next week as I already have the cream cheese.


    Don’t forget to check into that Mycoupons.com site… they used to always put the best deals in there. I don’t do a lot of couponing anymore but still worth checking out their site.


    Sounds like you are becoming quite a coupon queen.. good deal on the free items, those are getting harder and harder to come bye.


    Yep, can’t say enough good things about Aldi’s… I’ve never gotten anything bad from there. Good produce prices.


    At least it's not rent, we wasted 7 years paying rent before buying... only 19 years left and it'll be ours.

  • Quote:
    Originally posted by OSI
    Txchef Fran

    That sounds like a good “carb free” lunch idea, I might try that next week as I already have the cream cheese.

    If it is for you you can also wrap in a lettuce leaf. That is what I do but SS won't eat the lettuce! lol
  • Anna--
    Very true on the house payment not being rent--at least when I send in my $ I know I am getting something out of it that I get to keep!
  • Is the low carb thread still going
    Wow I haven't been on there in along time. I have lost about 100 lbs in a year and am finally breaking through my plateau, yippee!!!

    Well, paid my bills and frugal was using dd's certificate for a free personal pizza for her lunch while out, her reward for getting her reading goals at school and buying a soda for us both. I'm sick so I didn't eat anything, but unfrugal was buying some medicine and Halls at the gas station but I was in so much pain-i.e. sinus infection that I couldn't help it. It all came to $5 when I could've bought some meds that really worked for that amount.

    Dd's doctors appt. was $20 and $10 for the prescription and $5.60 at the thrift bakery. So, we're home and except going to get a few little things like eggs and lettuce we should save on gas and money by doing as much as nothing as we can. Well, except going up to the high school to walk, I haven't been able to excerise since we came back here in June from Colorado-(been busy ever since).
  • Fran she is adorable and the hair will come my dd didnt start getting hair good tell about 2 and now she has a head full at 8