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  • Anna, I have to laugh about the Escalade.
    On the way to my kids' school I always pass this garage that if I lived on that block, I'd tell my kids not to ride their bike near it because it looks like a strong wind could blow it over. Recently the front doors were removed from it, and now this gigantic Escalade is parked inside!!! It sticks out a bit which I guess is why the doors are off....
  • Well, yesterday's frugal fun was great! Ds1 skiied all day on his lift ticket coupon. Ds2 and his friend went tubing for 2 hours also using coupons and spent the rest of the day sliding down a smaller hill on their butts ( I think they had even more fun at that!). We ate lunches and snacks that we packed, and everyone slept on the way home!

    Today, unbelievably, both boys were invited to go with friends. Ds1 went roller blading at the local rink with a free coupon and some spending money, and ds2 went to the movie (at least it was matinee prices). It's rare when they're both gone at the same time! A nice breather for me. I think I'll clean the toilet....

    Actually, I may ski through the woods and out onto the lake a bit for some exercise, but it's pretty cold and windy here today.

    Didn't do very well on the radio auction yesterday--we had an 8 a.m. bball game and I didn't get through before I left. By the time I got on later in the a.m. there wasn't much good left. I did get 3 passes to a waterpark we hit at least once/Summer. But I missed the car washes, a favorite restaurant and movie passes. OH well.

    Best get moving here....enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!

  • The home we looked at has forced electricheat
    does anyone know about that? They said it wasnt to expensive. They best not be lieing. We put an offer in contigent on the guy buying our ranch getting finanacing for it. Well see what happens.
    I forgot who asked, but the land rent is $150 a month where the mobile sits, includes the well water and septic. If youd use the who 40 acres, (horses) its $175 mo. Went by there today, and some skirting blew off, had like 55 mph winds. Crap, now I gotta fix that. People like it, they just whine about driving 25 min to town. OH well, the right person will come along.
    We have puppies we are giving away. Holey smokes, If I had adollare for everyone whos called or emailed about them, Id be rich. there are 7 of them, I think all are spoken for thank god.
    My son brought home this boston terrier mix type dog, someone had cut her ears off (along time ago) and she was being passed around and traded for stereos etc... So shes a rescue. Can here PG, great, she had 8 pups, one died. I said, what do I look like? and ad for Purina dog chow? He also brought home last summer a Rotti, which is named Tank, and eats like one. Plus my 3. We go thru 40 lbs of dog food a week-------- I buy the cheapest stuff, its about 9.50 a bag. I told him no more, and I may make him get rid of one of them, its a bit much. Cause you know who takes care of them.
    Osi- gosh those freebies always end up costing dont they? But at least you guys had fun.
  • It's sunny and warm today here int he south It funny yesterday moring we had snowflakes. the cubs hunted the eggs with them falling.

    My frugal thing today staying home. Not spending no money.. I been decultering. done throwed away 6 walmart grocery bags and 2 large trash bags to give to good will. Still working on it but had to have a brake

    I have a pizza in the oven.

    This be Tree
  • <<The home we looked at has forced electricheat does anyone know about that? They said it wasnt to expensive. They best not be lieing. >>


    Call the electric company with the address of the house and ask what the electric ran. They should go back at least a year so you get an average figure.

  • im at moms again..i should be able to be here most everyday and read the boards,,even if i cant write everyday.

    frugal today was joe going to work and cutting 20 sheets, thats only needing 8 more for a ton. a ton is going for 80 right now. so thats good. plus my sil finally picked up our nephews horse. so now all i have to pay for is my own horses. wich is good too. with sonny, he ate at least his food and then ran my horses from theirs. this way, its only my 2 i have to pay to care for.

    lady roper..id buy your place if i was closer. id pay that and love it. id love to live that far out. and have that much land....sigh...dreams are free at least.

    rivermom that sounds like alot of fun to have skiing so close. id love to learn to do taht.

    osi..i love car shows. i usually spend all my time looking at the suvs..im an suv junkie. lol.

    futureteacher, that is sooo cool you made a cake from scratch, ive tried that .and its not ever worked out. good that it did for you.

    spent today going thru the things on my desk and putting things in my files. hope it all works out that i can get the silly thing cleaned off as soon as possibal. im trying to find all the old bills and set up a way to see how much ive changed in the last year..2 yrs ago i paid 45 for elect in 12-03, in 12-04, it was over 150. still unsure how that happend..oh well.

    have a good day all
  • Osi, those Escalades are very nice, I was eyeing one up last year when I took DS to therapy. But, now I have my eye on the Ford Freestyles. DH and I both said that by the time we are ready for a "new" car there should be a used Freestyle on the lot that some rich person had for one year and now traded in.

    rivermom, it always sounds like your family has so much fun sking, and tubing. It must be nice do you live near a ski slope?

    ldyroper, I could deal with driving 25 miles to town, I just wouldn't go shopping weekly, I would try to cut it back to once a month. Especially at lot rent being $175/mth!!! We pay $350 for a lot just a little bigger than our trailer, it does include water/sewer and trash, but what is that compared to $350/mth??

    LJsmom, good job on getting away with only one meal out. My kids are like that also, think that because Dad is here we should order out. I think he don't like my cooking!

    Not much frugal here just relaxing. And getting ready for the week ahead.
    and I'm already bored-lol! Maybe it's because I'm sick, head-cold and allergies. But, bored I am. Gosh, I've got a whole week left to go-LOL! Anyway, the good thing is that dd has an appt. tomorrow for the doctor and I get to pay bills-yeah-something to do-LOL!

    So, off to veg in front of the t.v. and hope this medicine kicks in!!!
  • Frugal today has once again been staying at home and not spending any money. I went through the coupon fliers in today's paper. Found one for my brand of deodorant, which also was listed in the Walgreen's sale ad as a buy one, get one free deal, so I will be using that this week. The rest of my coupons will put in an envelope for the coupon exchange after I get other copies of the fliers to clip.
    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! It's COLD here today in Illinois, but bright and sunny
  • I've been working on getting tax paperwork ready to go to the accountants tomorrow. Had an error in my paperwork that I had to go back and find so now finally we are ready. Had a real sticker shock when I added up the medical bills, no wonder I had no money this year LOL. Hopefully we will get a nice refund.

    Other than that I just folded the laundry from yesterday and it away and did dishes.

    Going recruiting in the morning with my manager so I need to prep brochures tonight when the kids are in bed.