What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10

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  • Wow, Leasmom, that's a lot for heat! We heat our whole house with electric baseboard heaters, and never pay more than $200 per month in the winter (last month's bill was $158) - and we live in Wisconsin!
  • Leasmom
    Have you checked around your windows, doors and electrical outlets for air leaks? Do you put plastic over your window and use insulated drapes? Sure makes me glad we have gas heat.

    For some reason my towlet backed up this afternoon and I plunged and plunged and plunged until the rubber plunger part broke with no luck. Went to buy a new one DD1 tried to talk me into one of the new fangled ones for $13 but I bought the old fashioned $3 one instead. Plunged and plunged when we got home and whatever was blocking it finally let go so we can go potty now. I doubt this one will last 18+years like the other one did. I think my plunger is telling my age LOL.

    I'm kicking myself because I forgot to pay with the gift card I had still from Chirstmas. Went to the blackhole of money too! Kids talked me into getting 2 DVD's for $11 which isn't to bad and they had banannas for $.28 lb. The plunger ended up costing me $15 and change LOL. Really upset that I forgot about using the gift card.

  • ahhh haaa, it was here that I found the link for the razor, for I the life of me I couldnt remember!
    Wow that is expensive for only heating certain rooms. It doesnt get that cold there does it? Maybe your landlord needs to update the heating system or something.
  • Well. I went to take the pie out of the oven and almost a third of it was missing! So far, no one is admitting to it. I suppose it seems a little bit funny now, but I didn't find it especially funny at the time! Oh, well, guess I'll get over it.
    On the heating, one of the things we did was to buy down comforters in the summer when they are marked down reasonably. We can keep the heat lower at night this way and still be comfortable. I try to keep it on 65* during the winter and just wear extra layers to stay warm. Our propane for this year went up to a 1.59 a gallon from a 1.29 a gallon, so we decided to keep the temp lower for that reason. Take care and have a great weekend, everyone!
  • Found 2% milk for $1.99 a gallon ! Our fruit market is having a gr. opening for another store.

    Dh is off for the weekend, which means UNfrugal days ahead. Both dd's think that when he's home its "out for meals" and ice cream time.
  • I lucked out this morning and purchased gas at 1.93 a gallon. They were busy as everyone else was over $2.00. Alas, they too went up this evening.

    My unfrugal was driving to where I was told the Boy Scout office had moved to only to find out they are not there yet. Turns out they have a temporary office right by us. Then I had to spend $40 plus for his shirt, belt and 5 patches. Ouch!
  • Good morning all!!
    Frugal for me today, is riding in someone else's car, using someone else's gas. My nephew is going to an outlet store (Foreman Mills) to get new clothes. Not only is he growing like a weed, and needs new duds for spring, but his father promised him that he was going to take him for Valentine's Day and it didn't happen. After the fiasco last summer with the 44-46" swim trunks that he let his son get, I just spoke up and said I was going. And I am hoping that while I am there, I can find socks that fit me.

    I have really large legs and my feet are not swollen. I have even tried diabetic socks, but the feet are too big. Mens socks are no better. I have tried Just My Size, and even tried shopping at Fashion Bug Plus and Catherines for socks that will not cut of my circulation, but this is soemthing I just can't find. I did find some chenille knit socks at Christmas time in Macy's. But at $6 a pair, they didn't hold up, and shed everywhere. What a waste. I need some socks!!!

    Unfrugal last night was taking my nephew and the woman I drive to work daily, to dinner. It is a chain, Famous Dave's BBQ. But it's really reasonable, the food is good, and even though the parking lot was so filled, I had to park elsewhere, there was still room inside, and we were in and out in about an hour.

    Then my boyfriend came over, and the cat decided that he couldn't stand it anymore, and sprayed him. I was so embarassed, my boyfriend was livid as he doesn't particularly care of cats any. Needless to say, I am washing those clothes today. The cat was on the back of the couch, and then just climbed over his shoulder and as he was coming down the front, he got him. What a mess.

    Anyway, that is about it. I hope you all have a very frugal weekend. I need to shop for meat for dinner for tomorrow, and staples like bread and milk, but that is about it. I think I can shop from my freezer and my stockpiles in the garage.

    BTW, I got that razor and a woman's razor this week too. So if you remember, you might have 2 of them coming??

    Take care all!! Norma
  • gosh, Leasmom, that seems like alot
    to heat and electric for your home. Ive read the new electric type of heaters cost less than propane to run. Were going to look at a property today that heats with electricl. They said in the winter the whole bill average around $200 a month. And its a large 3 story home 4 bedroom with livestock heater too. Not frugal driving there, its 3 hrs away, and gas is now 2.09 a gallon. Ugh.
    Oh well. I splurged and took my son and his girlfriend out to dinner last nite at the Casino. We had a nice time and I got to know her a bit more. I felt we deserved it as I hadnt taken my son out to eat in a long time.
    Im trying to sell a 3 bed 16X 80 mobile ive got here. It sits on 40 rented acres. Its 30 miles to town, and people just dont want to have to drive that far. Its a 1983 and in good condition. They could move right in. It allows for horses too. Wish someone would buy it, then Id have some money!! Im only asking $8000
    which is well below the average mobile that age.
    Well heres to a unfrugal weekend!
  • Theres a difference between electric heat and electric-base board heat
    Base board is that it's attached to the wall and you have to go around and turn each knob for the heat. Base board is horrible and this house is old and there's lots of leaks around the windows and around the walls. I love this house but this is killing me!!! I can't get my landlord to put up a light-(it took him 3 wks and he bought the cheapest one he could that didn't last me 2 wks), so I don't I could get him to switch out the heating source. He cares mainly about his money and that's all. He's not a horrible person, but to ask him for something is like pulling nails! I may end up moving for alot of reasons, not just that. I have two open yards and he refused to work with me in putting up a gate and my neighbor across the street constantly harrasses us. Recently she call the police to my house while I was at work, my co-worker was going past-(I live 5 seconds from my job), and she said that the cops were there. I rushed out to the house and they weren't there, they had left. But I think I know why. She didn't see dd come out with me, but dd was over a friends house. So, I'm sure she called Child Protective services on me...she watches everything we do and has hit me once calling me racial names because we're a mixed family-(they are a black family). So, I'm worried that this summer things will jump off again. This woman has tons of people coming through all the time and it's just a matter of time. I'm trying to debate whether I should move when my lease is up or not. But, I really and truelly feel comfortable in this house, it's just two neighbors that cause us problems, despite the fact that we don't say anything to anyone else. Alot is going on in my mind, alot to think of...I don't want to move but I don't want problems either or people walking past my daughter's bedroom in the summer either!!!
  • Wow leasmom, I think I would be looking for a different neighborhood to live in.

    Your neighbor sounds like a troublemaker. And your landlord doesn't sound to good either even if his is a nice man he's not doing right by you as a renter. There are renters rights laws somewhere.

    You mentioned that your family is of mixed race, can I ask what races?

    Sometimes people can be so cruel.