What Did You Do Frugal Today Sec. 10

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  • Barbzy

    Ya know I hadn't thought of Buckeye Candles but that is a possibility. Hmm.... I think I saw they had ball molds if not I could pour wax on a cookie sheet, let it cool, roll into balls let harden and use a skewer stick and dip in melted chocolate wax.

    Wow! Thanks for the suggestions, that might just be a hit!

  • I was just thinking, couldn't you still do the candy? I mean as long as the tea room is air conditioned? You could transport them in some type of cooler to the shop. Just a thought.
    Emmalee, that is so sweet! Very creative,too.
    Okay, the lemon bars won out over the scones. I am going to do those this afternoon and make some enchiladas for supper. Guess I'd better go. Be back later.
  • Hi
    Am enclosing a photo of the set of dishes I ordered as my valentines gift from dh . Will have a setting of 8 , so plenty for company. Yes I do agree with you barbsy about the items in the Seventh Avenue catalog.

    Light snow showers earlier, now it's sunny but cold.

    Doing 3 loads of laundry, all in cold water, then will have the dreaded job of folding it all and putting it away. One job which I am not fond of.

    Was listening to a program on the radio ( They call it Tradeo) where folks call in with things for sale or what they are looking for, one call was for an Appaloosa gelding $200 not broke, but oh my , sure would like to have that one. 1 1/2 yrs old.

    Have a great day, were going to grill today for our supper, dh likes to do that thing, will let him be the chef tonight.



  • Montanaczech

    Pretty dishes, those like look what we call here Southwestern design.


    Sorry to hear your horses aren't getting along. The only thing I could suggest as a pet owner is keeping them seperate till they get used to each other.

    Whatever happened to your pet pig?


    Where I would be selling my candies is our store and I'm not sure about their climate control. It always feels comfortable to me in there but chocolates ideally should be in a real cool environment so they don't melt.

  • Emmalee--That one gave me a good laugh. When I would take every heart down, I would put them in a clear container and keep them on my desk, so I could look at them and remember the wonder children I have.

    Joy--I love the dishes, I have this weakness, I love dishes, purses and shoes. You can never have enough of any of these.

  • frugal for me today is taking dd to a free circus she is so exccited but ill have to buy dinner so but thats ok we dont do it often.
  • Boggz

    Have fun at the circus... it's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Ohio today hope it is in your neck of the woods too. Yesterday rain, today sunshine, tommorow snow... what strange weather.

  • I made bread today, the house smells yummy! I'm trying to get the laundry caught up today.

    Joy - nice dishes!

    My dh bought me a dozen pink roses from Costco. They are so pretty!


  • Carol

    Funny you should pop in here I was just talking about you to our Fire Protection Service guy... he's from San Francisco. We were talking about the Ohio Buckeye and your Horse Chestnuts and the weather you quoted in Utah today, he's been to Utah and wanted to know what city you lived in... thank goodness I have your address in my work phone book so I was able to tell him what city you were in. Although the rain is a pain in the butt it will help the farmers tremendously this year as you mentioned. Hope we have good farming weather this year too.

  • Joy, your dishes are very pretty. I bet they will make your table look so cheery, especially during wintertime.
    Boggz, the circus sounds like lots of fun! It is such a pretty day out. I've been sitting outside reading. We found a huge, flat turtle today when we went to get the mail. I'm not really sure what kind it was. I know it wasn't a box turtle. My biggest frugal thing today was throwing away the L. L. Bean catalogue I got in the mail. I didn't even LOOK at it.
    Ericka, I wish I could help you with your horses, but I don't know anything about them. I do hope things are going better for you, though. I am not originally from Ky, so I didn't grow up around horses like most people around here. I do think they are beautiful animals. Take care everyone and have a nice rest of the afternoon.