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  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Just subscribing.
  • Happy Valentine's Day! It is so much fun to read what everyone is doing today. Some really cute ideas. We celebrated last night by going out for dinner and dessert. Not really frugal, but that is our tradition. Well, take care, everyone, and have a fun day today!
  • jjoj

    That's what Valentines Day is really about... not all the glitzy gadgets, jewelry and expensive roses (here they are $39.99 to $49.99 a dozen). Dh and I will be having a spaghetti and meatball dinner tonight at home but we're a "old married couple", lol 19 years this year.

    Oh btw, dh finally did get the computer completely fixed and got rid of Dr. Watson.

  • Barb,
    Sounds like Luke is doing well with the potty training. I was buying Evan pullups for night time. I stopped doing that a month ago and he hasnt had any accidents at night. Very consistent about making him go before bed and of course limiting his drink intake in the evening. I probaly could of stopped before than. Oh well will try to do better with Josh.

    Dh brought me home a bouquet of flowers (NOT ROSES) from the grocery store. That was very sweet of him. The cookies are for after dinner so he doesnt know about them yet.

    I have to admit the only freshner I have bought into was the Oust and that was because of 2 daycare babies I have. If they do a #2 during nap yet sleep through. I swear there was a lingering smell in MY bedroom. YUK YUK! The oust does work and only use in those cases.

    Glad to hear your computer is all fixed! It is rainy with Zero sun but not cold here!
  • Lee

    It is really yucky here today and since dh is at home, I actually have to go out and warm the truck up myself I am so used to him doing that for me, along with taking my trolley cart thing that I use for all my junk (thermos, lunch, books, craft project, purse) to the truck for me in the morning.. he is good that way.

    I made up some of those green shamrocks this weekend, everyone at work liked them although it was a bit of a challenge explaining to them what a candle tart is and not to eat it, lol!

    I can't wait to go back and buy more candy molds in different shapes, they had so many to choose from.

    Well it's almost time to go home and have dinner which dh is making for me so if I don't get back on hope everyone got to spend Valentines Day with the ones they loved and a special thanks to all the ladies out there who are sacrificing time with their military husbands on this valentines day to help protect our country.

  • The only thing I have done today is some laundry... and math with my 10 y o. I have lost dd's medicaid card and she has a eye check up tomorrow...... plus a prescripion from the doctor. I know I put them both together and now I can not find them. I tried to call the doctor but the phone line was busy.... I will email her instead. I am so upset with myself!

    I planned on baking cheesecake... here it is almost 4:00 and I have done nothing for dinner either.

    I think I need to calm down and regroup.
  • I was going to dip truffles today, but the heart shape sugar cookies that I frosted with pink icing took way to long. They turned out cute. I'll make the truffles another day this week. I'm going to make heart shaped biscuits with the mexican casserole I'm fixing for dinner, and I also made huge heart shaped cookies with everyones name on them for dessert. I'm going to make me some low carb peanutbutter cheesecake, yum!

    We're getting snow today, so it's pretty and white out. We've gotten lots of snow this winter which will help the draught in Utah.


  • Once again Happy Valentines to all

    My dh took me out to dinner , which he ended up not having to pay for. A guy from church who I have been encouraging him on his struggle with alcohol, was there in the resturant, and ended up he bought us our dinner,, WOW was that a surprise. So gave him a big hug and my dh shook hands with him.

    Then my dh told me to order a set of dishes I have been wanting, so went ahead and did that. They are a spanish style and are in the Seventh Avenue catalog...anyone ever see that catalog ? The web site is www.SeventhAvenue.com Quite a few unique items . We also stopped in at the postoffice to pick up the box ( which was my new bedspread) , while dh was carring in the box, he had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Guess I will keep this guy for a bit longer LoL Oh by the way, the bedspread is gorgeous.

    Light snow here and turning colder.

    Enjoy your all the posts on your valentines day / gifts and how you are spending the day.

  • ARRGGGHHH!! help..i need some help from someone...i got that paint horse. shes a mare..now my baby..my 8 yr gelding appolusa, hates her. and me both. hes very....ummmm testy about that. and he ran her thru the fence 2x today. he gets mad when i pay any attention to anyone else and gets all angry with me. this is a horse ive had for 3 yrs, dh had for about a yr befor me..and wont even look at dh now if im around. i love my app, and woundt have gotten another horse at all, except his feet are getting bad and im afraid, a long trail ride would hurt him more. now hes angry with me, and ticked off at the mare. and im at my wits end.

    any one got any ideas? personal experience, web page..any thing.

  • We went out to dinner took the 2 girls with us DS stayed home as he is sick today. Went to JoAnns and found a Valentine stamp set for $7 and they let me use my 40% off coupon so I ended up paying only 4.20 for it. DH and the girls went to Goodwill didn't find much the little one got some walkietalkie's and a gun I keep trying to tell her she's a girl!!! The older one got something to hook her speakers up. All in all it was a very nice evening. You all take care.

    Love ya,