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Old 04-15-2005, 02:19 PM
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Chris, no problem. I have had quite a few moments like that myself!
Anna, that's super that your dh is installing the alternator himself. That will save huge. Labor costs can be outrageous.
CAGmomof two, I LOVE the Olive Garden! Have fun tonight!
Barbszy, good going on the free stuff! Those are items that are so handy to have at hand.
I did okay shopping. Probably not as well as I would have liked, but will strive to do better next time. Thank goodness at least that I am done for another two weeks. Take care everyone, and have a fun weekend!
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Old 04-15-2005, 03:47 PM
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Posts: 1,443 update to let you all know where i am now. i have the electricty hooked up to my new trailer. we are moveing things here tonight. we should actully stay there tonight. wich will be cool. no water yet tho..luckily i can just run across the yard and take a shower or give the kids a bath or whatever. thank goodness for moms. lol.

they came and hooked up the new satalite today. well are still working on it. i had dish, but they wanted to move me for a bit over 100.00 and i just couldnt afford it. plus an extra 100 for the 4th dish box for the kids room. directtv was free exctp for the 19.99 processing fee, i got the 4 boxes free, and i got 3 free months of premuim channels for only 41.99 plus the box fees..a total of 60 a month. insted of the 89 i was paying. i got the channles i care about, and i get the boxes free. plus the dish boxes, i plan to give to my mom and she can use them in her place since she tapes every night shes on the road.

other than that..not much else going on. i want to get the house pretty well done and ready tongith but i doubt it happens. i have to start driving the kids to school and that will take money, but its for the next 6 weeks. thats not too bad, i can stay there and pack while they are gone. that shoudlnt be too bad for me. i hate to not have any noise tho, so i have to find a raido or something to take with me. also will be getting a refund from dish for my last month of service. i get back aprox 75. thats a bit more than my first month with direct. so that will be nice too.

well gotta go move things. you all have a good day
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Old 04-15-2005, 04:58 PM
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Frugal today was not spending money, I balanced the checkbook. I hate doing that. Ds (4 yo) took a long nap and I did too. I ate leftovers for lunch. This weekend we are laying low, Dd (11 yo) has a girl scout event and it is paid for by the troop. Ds (14yo) is being taken out by his grandmother for his birthday. We will probably watch movies this weekend. I joined Netflix, we have a month free to see if we like it. I ordered the movies on Wed and they came in the mail today. And we can keep the movies however long we need to. There is not a service charge. And I don't even have to go to the rental place and not being able to find the movie we want.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Old 04-15-2005, 06:12 PM
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Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
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Good evening all!!

Just checking in. Frugal today was not having to pay for lunch. My boss told me to order what I wanted. So I had a whole half of a cheesesteak sub with everything (mushrooms, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and hot peppers on the side). so for dinner, it was just a small salad from my last shopping trip. I had to feed my nephew, but that was nominal. He really likes pork roll and cheese sandwiches. I had leftover rolls, and a box with 4 slices of pork roll is only $1 at our local grocery. I also keep american cheese, so again, it was on hand. And two weeks old, so I didn't mind using the last of it and knowing I need to get more this weekend. And he is happy!!!

I have a sweepstaking lunch meeting tomorrow so that will not be entirely frugal. But not necessarily unfrugal either. I ususally get the meal with 1/2 a chicken and take 1/2 of that home for another meal.

After that, I want to stop at BJ's on the way home and pick up a few items. I always take fruit as part of my lunch, either fresh or Dole mandarin orange cups. They have the best rolls. I also am in need of their frozen scallops. No grit and only 20 minutes to prepare. I stay away from processed foods for the most part so most of the stuff in either the refrigerated or frozen cases are not for me. I think that I can do better with frozen veggies at the grocery with coupons, and so many of the other things have just too much salt for me. I am not really into milk either, but I do get and keep a big box of powdered on hand for cooking.

I wouldn't charge anyone to ride in with me. After all, my mother didn't drive and my father passed away when I was 9, so we depended on others for "rides" here and there for years. I know what it is like, both having to walk everywhere and also having to ask others for a ride. So I feel like I am re-paying all those who were kind enough to take me to school functions, to church, to the doctor when I was too sick to walk there, even the doctor who was kind enough to make housecalls. He still does. And I have seen him walking down the pike with his black bag too. He is in his 70's now and still going out to make those housecalls. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have this man as a doctor are truly fortunate indeed. Don't think that he can cure everything that ails you, he is teriffic at colds, it is his bedside manner that got you through all the illnesses. He was even going to close the office one Saturday morning to come to a blueberry field where I had gotten a bloody nose and we couldn't stop it. This was even though the emergency room at the hospital was closer to me than he was. That is just plain nice. So the movie "Pay It Forward" is sorta how I feel about repaying the people who have been exceptionaly kind to me, in any way.

Well ladies, I better get on with my good night's sleep.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 04-16-2005, 05:20 AM
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Ericka, I wish you many happy, healthy years in your new place. Enjoy it! I know you have been looking forward to this move

Well, I can't take the congrats on the banana bread I made a TRIPLE batch (I had a lot of bananas and they all browned at once), got it all in the oven including 2 dozen mini muffins (Luke loves them) and had the oven at 350. 20 minutes later I go to take out the muffins, the smoke alarm is going off and I have charcoal muffins and burned bread! This bread takes an hour to cook and it was overdone in 20

I had taken the oven thermometer out so I could test one of my Nesco roasters for accuracy, so I put it back in after the oven was off for 20 minutes and it read over 400

I aired out the house quick and took some cookies out of the freezer that I had made for Easter but we didn't need when my ILs brought pastries for dessert.

Today I will be checking my oven with that thermometer. I'm going to turn it on to 250, check after 10 minutes, then turn up to 275, check after 10 minutes, etc. This way if we need it repaired we can tell them exactly what's going on.
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Old 04-16-2005, 06:53 AM
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Congratulations, Erika!! Enjoy your new place. It must be so nice to be close to your horses.

Barbzy, good idea using the thermometer to test your oven temp. I'm going to try that! Have you ever made corn-on-the cob in the nesco? I'd like to try that as soon as I can get some corn at a reasonable price.

I just found a recipe for peanut butter-bananna bread. I'm going to try it today. Will post it if it turns out good.

I have to grocery shop today. Will try to keep it as frugal as possible, though. I'm trying to save some $$ for our vacation next month. We're going to California to visit our oldest son (stationed at Camp Pendalton). Except for taking everyone (4 adults & 1 child) to the San Diego Zoo one day, we don't plan on spending much. And, if I can convince DS to wear his uniform, he'll get into the zoo for free.
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Old 04-16-2005, 07:42 AM
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Location: Southern NJ, near Philadelphia
Posts: 18,716
Vickilynn, yes I have done corn on the cob in the Nesco. I followed the directions in the booklet that came with it and the corn came out great

Norma, my DS really likes pork roll & cheese sandwiches too. The school serves them occasionally and he asked me to buy it so he can make it on the weekends. I showed him how to cook it and he's happy to make his own. In North Jersey where I grew up, the same item is called "Taylor Ham."
Barb's blog and Barb's Fridge
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Old 04-16-2005, 08:53 AM
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Congrat, Ericka.

VickiLynn, could you post the recipe for the peanut butter banana bread. It sound like it would be very good.

Frugal today is going to a near by town for the firemans auction. A friend called last night and said she had an extra family ticket that her parents bought but can't use so we get it. Free BBQ and free music. So I wont have to cook dinner.

I reject your reality and substitute my own.
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Old 04-16-2005, 10:09 AM
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Today Saturday April16th,2005 Frugal Things:

Today Saturday April16th,2005 Frugal Things:
Today is My Mother-in-Law's 60th Birthday.
Frugal Things:
Not using any air/heat or lights unless we honestly have to.
We are going to the Park so Darling Daughter can play.
Then we will be going to the Grocery Store Using Coupons ofcourse.
Church on Sunday.
CAGmomof2(Carla)Loving wife to Mark,mom to 2 children one who lives here on Earth and the other one lives in Heaven!! Renewed our Vows on July31st,2005!!

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Old 04-16-2005, 11:23 AM
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Good deal, Ericka! It sounds like things are falling into place quickly for you.
Today, I had to go to Walmart and buy towels and a kitchen trash can. I have been putting it off for so long that it became a necessity. I put the used trash can in the garage to use for keeping it neater in there and trash from the car, etc. Frugal will be using some garlic bread that I got yesterday for .60 each and .25 lunch meat from Aldi to make sub sandwiches. Mostly cheap except for the cheese. Other than that, we are staying in the rest of the weekend and keeping the windows open for fresh air. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!
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