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  • Hey all!! Frugal things for today: making out a grocery list for shopping tomorrow. Will walk up to the store here in town rather than drive to Port Huron. Also, I had set aside a few bucks last week because the store has been having really good sales on Thurs./Fri, but if you don't get there asap on Thurs, you don't get the deals lol!! Today I also made pb&j sandwiches for the freezer--it's too easy to let ds1 have hot lunch if I don't feel like making him a lunch, so I'm nipping that in the bud lol!!

    Not frugal, but necessary: sending in a payment to the state to pay our taxes. ~sigh~ I'm glad they'll accept payment arrangements with no penalties--we'd be in big trouble!!
  • Good morning, everyone!
    Mrs. Maniac, good job making the peanut butter sandwiches and hope you get some great deals tomorrow. Sorry you have to pay on taxes. Good for you not to let it get you down.
    Norma, that is really sweet of you to not charge the lady for gas. It sounds like you have been a good friend to her, especially when she needs one.
    Well, lets see- today will probably not be too frugal. I am getting Dh's birthday present today and we are also going out to eat. I want his day to be special for him even though it won't be the most frugal. I have to grocery shop today as well as pick up library books. So, I should be able to save in gas by doing everything in one trip. Frugal also, will be buying most all of our groceries from Aldi. Happy Friday and I'll talk to you all later!
  • OSI and crochet2: I think the benadryl and mylanta mixture would probably be good for any kind of mouth soreness. Crochet 2--Very kind of you to help out your car pooling friend. I'm sure it's much appreciated by her.

    Today I will be starting to wash all the bedding after the long winter. Will hang on the line since it's going to be 70 and beautiful today!

    Will also be putting away my sweaters and taking out summer things! Yeah!

    Have to grocery shop (Aldis, day old bread store) for lunch for tomorrow for the crew that will be helping put in our new window--not that cheap, but much cheaper than hiring it done--and much appreciated! Will be making hot pork in the crock, wild rice soup, and chips, carrots/dip, pickles and a nice dessert. As well as beverages. They deserve it!! Hope it doesn't rain....

    Also need to clean bathrooms today--for the company mostly! But--do need to disinfect after our poor little boy's ordeal this week. Also will be throwing away toothbrushes and replacing with new.

    Happy Friday!
  • Today Friday April 15th,2005 Frugal Things and Not So Frugal Things:
    Today Friday April 15th,2005 Frugal Things and Not So Frugal Things:
    April15th,1999 My Dh and I started Dating and in July 31,1999 we were Married. So My Dh and I have been a couple 6 years ago today.
    Frugal Things for today is I will be making up a Grocery List with Coupons. Not So Frugal:so we can go to the Grocery Store. On of our Grocery Stores is Tripling Coupons right now with there Store Grocery Card.
    Frugal Things:
    Daily Household Task.
    Homeschooling Darling Daughter.
    Run By the Bank and Deposite some Checks.
    Plan Darling Daughter's 5th Birthday Party.
    Not So Frugal Things:
    We are Taking My Mother-in-Law to the Olive Garden along with my Father-in-Law to Celebrate my Mother-in-Law's Birthday which is on April 16th.
    We will however be using a Coupon.
    Going to the Grocery Store and to Walmart to buy things we need.
    Paying bills.
  • Yesterday I got 4 free toothbrushes by combining a CVS sale with a MFR coupon So I replaced toothbrushes all around....I always keep a stock in the linen closet when I find them on good sale so I had enough for all of us.

    I also picked up a large box of all one size "band aids" (CVS kind) to refill the band aid boxes we keep in each bathroom and the kitchen. I have a box in each of those rooms with a tube of generic neosporin. The kitchen box get empty fastest! (Guess I'm a klutz)

    There's a tub of wash on the line and I will be using my brown bananas to make banana bread to feed my guests at an afternoon meeting at my house today.
  • Good Morning Everyone

    Frugal for us: We paid our state income taxes on Monday so we wouldn’t run the risk of being penalized by not having them in on time. We saved back money when we got our federal income tax refund to pay the state. We also saved back money to pay our yearly vet bills for the dogs. Wish there’d been more to save back but we bought our car so that took the rest of it.

    I will be so happy this time next year, we will have our loans and truck paid off , what a long road this has been and hope the truck will last another 5-10 years before we have to go in debt again for a new one. Then we start getting major work done on the house, new roof, etc. that should last us till retirement time when the house will be paid off. Frugal is having a plan in place of knowing what we want done, how we’ll pay for it and shopping around for both good pricing and reputable folks to do the work.


    Sorry I couldn’t help with your question yesterday on consignment clothing stores. I should have suggested you post your clothes on our FC garage sale forum also ebay is a good alternative. Do you have a digital camera? You can post pictures on the garage sale forum too. The only restrictions is you must have 100 posts to sell a item and each item should be under $20.00. If you have any questions on how or where to post, just let me know as I’m the moderator of that forum.

    I went to the grocery store last night after I made our dinner and only bought one item not on my list and it’s a weekly item I buy anyway.. just would’ve bought it this weekend instead of yesterday. Now that summer is here, I may try varying my shopping trips to on Mondays instead of the weekends when it’s so busy. That way I can enjoy my weekends more instead of running from store to store and taking up all my free time.

    I need to start working on stocking up my blue jean purses again as sales start picking up at our mall. I finally sold my Elvis purse I had down there, it was so cute had a pink cadillac on it. I want to make some this summer using a material I bought last year with fish on it, maybe put a lighthouse on the outside (appliques). My best sellers are my USA and Go Bucks purses but it's fun to do other patterns too.

    Well guess I better close this off for now.. hope everyone has a great weekend. Weather in Ohio is beautiful again today although a little cool, in the 60’s for the high today but hey after below zero and snow… I’ll definitely take it.

  • I had forgot to mention I jotted down that mylanta/benadryl recipe--hopefully I'll never have to use it, but it's definitely a handy piece of info to have!!

    CAGmomof2, my 7th anniversary is this Sunday. Happy Anniversary to you, and I wish you many more to come. I'm wondering if dh and I will make it to #8--it's looking doubtful right now.

    Frugal today: walking to town to do my errands. Hanging the laundry. And finally got around to "organizing"(HA!) the pantry. I now have a good idea of what's in there to work with, and will tell dh to stay out of it lol!! He doesn't do it on purpose, but he always fixes himself something to eat that was supposed to be dinner and it throws off the plan.
    Also bought dh tobacco and papers to roll his own smokes for the week. I opted out of buying some for me because I'm trying to quit again, which is waaaay frugal lol!!
    Not frugal: spent extra at the grocery store. Not on junk, though, but stuff I'll be needing. It was on sale and I saved a lot by getting now as opposed to when I'll be out next week and having to pay full price.
  • jjoj--
    Thanks for the encouragement on the "not-giving-in-to-the-guilties" moment I was having the other day. It was nearly a moment of weakness over something very silly!

    Sounds like you had some very frugal things today--especially organizing the pantry. Way to go! Knowing what you have always helps with not overspending on a bunch of things you don't really need. And finding the time to go through the pantry is always a challenge. Hang in there with the dh--sounds like things have been a little rough for you. I'm sending positive vibes your way

    Hope everyone has a fun, frugal weekend! The weather here in my part of Illinois sounds like it's going to be nice again, so I'm looking forward to that!
  • sorry for the back to back posts...
    Thanks for the info on the FC garage sale area, etc. I hadn't thought of that before...now I just need to go through those clothes!
  • JJOJ & Mrs. Maniac

    Did you all hear where Smuckers was denied patenting rights for putting the crimps in the Uncrustables… how silly to even try.

    Unfrugal today- the new “used” Cadillac needs a alternator. Dh priced them $121.00 for one with a 3 year warranty. He’s still calling to do price checking.

    Frugal- He will install it himself.


    Don’t you just love those kinds of deals where you end up getting it free? We used to have that a lot till Giant Eagle ran Big Bear groceries out of town, now everyone’s keeping their prices high. I did take advantage though and got tons of toothbrushes and toothpaste for either free or close to it. I am probably going to have major sticker shock when I see how much stuff has went up.

    Good job on saving the bananas into banana nut bread.


    Be sure to watch your bandaids if anyone in your house is allergic to latex. BandAir brand doesn’t have any that don’t have latex. The only brand we found is 3M NexCare. My dh’s allergic to latex so I have to watch for it hidden in a lot of things, bath mats, balloons, etc.

    Well it’s almost time to me to go home, 1 hour and 15 minutes to go. Will talk with you all again soon.