Overweight girl 7 years old

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  • Without mentioning anyone by name as not to offend anyone; how to help a child slow down in size without putting on a diet! This child is 7 and wearing size 14 panties because she has such a huge bottom and belly. The rest of her is in a large size also. Mom can only buy sweat style pants for her so they will fit, but even those don't really.

    I try to "limit" foods when she is in my care and watch very close what she eats. But when she is at home she gets carbs and sugar over and over! And at grandmas house she has a candy drawer that she can have whenever she wants, chooses her own foods, and does nothing but sit in front of the TV and eat all the wrong things! Never gets to go outside and play!

    I get her out as much as I can at my house and do everything I can and if she was just here we would be making some headway, but she stays with grandma and then home isn't much better. So she slides backwards and looses all our headway!

    Doctor has mentioned her weight issue, but it goes in and out the ear as fast as it is said! She is being set up for so much pain and she is already starting to get teased at school because of her weight!

    Anyone else gone through this?
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  • Anyone have any way to get through to all these people that just keep feeding her the wrong things? They just won't listen. Now she is about to go into size 14/16 at 8 years old!
  • I would pull no punches and tell her parents, you are setting up your daughter for type 2 diabetes, heart and stroke woes, and many other health related issues.

    I sometimes wonder if some parents don't care?
  • Would be nice if they would listen,but it all still fall on deaf ears. She is at her moms mother for 2 weeks, the place she decides what and when she will eat, and has her own candy drawer!

    Mom and Dad were down there Sunday and the grandmother was working so when dad and mom had to go to the er they left the girl and my grandson with him.... when they got back they asked what he fed them, he said ask her; referring to the 8 year old. Grandpa didn't feed them nor do anything else so the 8 year got potato chips and m&m's out for her and the 2year to eat! I'm furious, but it's out of my hands.
  • What a shame. I'd be half-tempted to contact child services.
  • Child services has no authority in a "weight" matter. It is really a shame. I'm at this point distancing myself as much as I can.
  • Please don't distance yourself, that child needs you. Even though you say there's no grounds for authorities to step in over weight issues, I believe there's a good case for sub-standard care and treatment related to the child's basic needs.

    I would push for all that I could, right down to every last drop to try and make a case against the woes facing this child. Shame on any parent who sits back and watches their child grow at an alarming and unhealthy rate without stepping in and intervening. It's just shocking to me that there are parents in our world who can do that and look themselves in the mirror.
  • With their behavior, the other grandparents undoing any thing I have tried to do and basically the child's behavior I am stepping aside. I can't change any of it and she has turned into such a sneaky child that she is unpleasant to even have around. She is very smart and knows she can get away with anything with everyone,but she also knows I can see through it all, but can't do anything about it.

    At this point I don't even trust her at all she has done some things at home and school and is still playing it up with all those that believe she is the right one; even though she has been caught doing wrong.

    The parents have decided that we have all including them have been too hard on her and that is causing all the problems excluding them feeding her wrong! So time for me to sit back and let them deal with the problems that are there and will be coming to them as the parents and I can know that I tried to no avil to stop and help her before she lands in jail or a children's home, because that is were she is headed.
  • Sometimes there is no other recourse other than to sit back and watch the woes unfold, however, it's awful to know what a lifetime of troubles the girl is being conditioned to suffer.

    My kids were still at the baby highchair stage when I would tell them, NO, you never finished your supper tonight so NO dessert. They'd cry like the dickens but I never gave in. In our house, finishing your meal (the nutritional side of eating) was number one, then came a reward of enjoying dessert.

    If and when a big enough fuss unfolded (and unfold they did), a spanking was administered, said child put in their room in their crib, and we looked toward a fresh new start the following day.

    If I had a child with tendencies to put on weight at an early age or was packing a little too much weight, I'd make that child my personal project and address the issue to the fullest, right up to and including shutting off all needless sugars and frivolous things.

    Then again, society has parents who care, and those who don't. I seen enough of the don't back in my old babysitting days.

    How did you handle diet and mealtime in your home, CL? Or should I say, defiance towards such?