Overweight girl 7 years old

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  • In my house as the boys were growing I did not run a restaurant, we had good meals and they ate was was made or they went hungry till the next meal, with nothing to eat until the next meal. At some point we even covered they plates and the next meal it was reheated. They eventually figured it out. I was always one for they had to at least try everything given, and they actually never had anything they truly didn't really like after trying it.

    It just floors me that all this is going when my son was not raised this way. I think I have the "bottom floor": of what is going on.... DIL had her daughter unmarried in an abusive relationship, he never married her and walked out soon after baby was born. DIL was raised by her unmarried mother who had a relationship with a then married man and he wanted her to have an abortion. She didn't, but DIL spent more time at her grandmothers because "mom and dad" were too busy with their bar life to involve a child. Once they finally married much later DIL's "meals" were McDonalds sitting in front of the TV by herself. The rest of the day she was in front of the TV eating chips, cookies, candies, etc literally all day. Mom and dad was up all night at the bars so they came home and slept till 2pm and then went back to the bars. A very weird upbringing in my eyes and I;m sure I don't know it all. Grandma that raised DIL most of the time tried to fix it all with food.. she was a very large woman herself (300+ lbs), and I guess she thought comfort could be given by food, I just don't know. I just can't imagine seeing a child so overweight growing up that you would continue to let that happen, but here it is again....

    DS has told me DIL handles things with her parents as he does with us and he has told me; well granddaughter is big because look at mom, grandma and great grandma; he has closed his eyes to how big the granddaughter really is. Him and DIL aren't the best in feeding nutritious meals to her. One of the things she gets away with at home is eating junk for a meal, pizza rolls is a main stay for her and as much as she wants! In the past when we have taken them out to eat, they fill her plate with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pizza....

    Her natural grandfather has diabetes so I expect granddaughter to turn up with it. THe child's doctor has told them at 4 she was obese and that has not changed....
  • I wonder if the school could help, at least repeat what the doctor has said.

    I had the reverse call from the school Nurse when dd1 was in the 2nd grade. they said she was under weight (no she wasn't), I told the nurse that I wasn't going to feed her potatoe chips when she wanted raw cabbage for a snack. I also reminded the nurse that she was a year younger than most of her classmates and to not compare them apples to apples.

    We had the 2 bite rule in our house which still applies to everyone (I hate cooked spinach but everyone else loves it). Which is a rule that dd1 has brought into her marriage. Her step-daughter has some issues with eating (mom lets her get away with drinking milk all day long and not eating meals) and has to eat 2 bites of everything (meat, veggie, fruit, rice/pasta) before she can be done and get milk.

  • Quote: It just floors me that all this is going when my son was not raised this way.
    I do think a lot of the woes we are seeing today in both marriages and common-law relationships, is not only a lack of understanding (and knowing) the person you are getting involved with (prior to tying yourself down), and a lack of basic people and parenting skills.

    As I told one neighbour, society runs amuck nowadays and nothing means nothing. The non-caring attitude that's so prevalent in todays' day age doesn't (at all) surprise me, for when I see women out running around town with sweat pants on, their hair still wearing the matted and sloppy look of bedhead, no makeup - no nothing, I see their children being raised the same. A complete and total reflection on what home-life (more than likely) consists of in those people's homes and related to their children.

    I pity todays generation of kids.
  • It would be nce if the school could be of help, but they are having the bad effect too! A couple of things that have happened there are: when granddaughter was having bad asthma problems she was prescribed several meds for a couple weeks including using the nebulizer, which could not be used at school so she was put on a 2 week course of prednisone. The school nurse called DIL and told her she was NOT gong to give prednisone to a child because the child had no business being on it, it has too many side effects; never mind the child's doctor prescribed it and at some times it is necessary! School nurse is no help.... Most recent incident again with the school nurse, principal and teacher all joining together. I pack her school lunches and give her nutritious ones not junk food. She usually takes a slider size sandwich ( cheese & lettuce; tuna salad, benedictine, flavored cream cheese,bologna and cheese to name a few choices), carrot sticks, celery sticks, grape tomatoes (not all three each day), pretzels or baked sugar snap pea crisps, and either grapes, or an orange. She loved sassaffras tea so would include that occasionally, along with other real fruit juice. She is always getting made fun of because she doens't have junk food. no potato chips, cookies, cupcakes etc. ( one child that is the worst with it packs her own lunch and she typically brings candy, cookies, chips and dip etc..) The kids started complaining that her lunch and drinks stink, so the nurse took her drink away from her one day as she came into school. On a conference call the nurse, principal and teacher called the mom and told her the drink had a chemical smell to it and they had it in the refrigerator for her to come smell it. It was apple juice that day not even sassaffras tea! So mom tells her about the tea and the fact that we are on well water which has a sulpher content to it. It is safe to drink, but if you aren't use to it you think it smells. So now she takes bottled water because she isn't allowed to bring drinks from home!

    So school is no help what so ever with anything as they are listening to the other kids and continuing to let them make fun of her because of her lunches. She was buying it, but once mom and dad finally looked at the menu and saw what C _ _ _ they were giving and how small portions they decided take from home was better. Surprised me!

    Then we found out she had started even throwing most of the take from home away in the garbage; so the lying has carried over even into meals now.... I refuse to give her a snack after school once we figured out she wasn't eating her lunch. So new rule is homework first and if mom and dad aren't home from work when that is done she can then have a healthy snack. I do give her a drink while doing homework.

    It is so hard to try and keep her before and after school in my home and have to deal with all the "stuff" that is beyond my control as far as doing what is right. I realize I'm not the parent and DS is only the step dad so even he feels somewhat limited at times(he has said so in the past, now I'm not sure; I just don't bring it up).
  • I would report the nurse to the school board, she is a nurse NOT a doctor. I would be livid if a nurse or other school offical refused to give my child their prescription because they didn't think it was necessary.

  • Heads would have rolled if that had been one of my kids not receiving their medication.

    Regarding fruit juice, even 100% (no sugar added) fruit juice is now being linked to type II diabetes. In our home we mix one part (100% no sugar added fruit juice) with 4-5 parts carbonated water.
  • I do mix the juice with 50% water, that is what happened with the juices and teas she was taking to school!
  • Great news. There should be a ban on all the sugar being used to boost food and drink. It's gotten way out of hand.
  • that we are on well water which has a sulpher content to it. It is safe to drink, but if you aren't use to it you think it smells. So now she takes bottled water because she isn't allowed to bring drinks from home!

    cat lover.....When I read the above it bought back memories from my youth.....When I'd go to my Grandfathers house he had well water.....OMG till this day I remember that smell!!! I thought if I drank it I'd be poisoned...lol....I did taste it and no way could I ever drink it....It has an awful after taste.....I was raised in the city and that was the only water I'd drink...lol....Live at the shore now, no well water here.....lol....I guess it all has to do with what a person is used too.....
  • We actually haul water in for straight drinking, but we use the well water for everything else including if it is a drink mixed with something, but straight water no, lol. We both grew up in the city also so not used to the sulpher. We don't notice it much any more after living here for 15 years.
    There used to be a neighbor that grew up around here and once he realized we had such sulpher water he filled his jugs with our water; he had no water at his place at all nor even a well; so the only water he had he carried home in milk jugs. He would guzzle a full gallon right away,lol!