weight after exercise

  • Do we actually weigh more after a workout? It seems that whenever I get on a scale after exercise I weigh 1 or 2 pounds more than I did beforehand.
  • I have no knowledge to this phenomonen.. Most people would normally loose 1/2 to 1 pound immediately after exercise from dehydration... I couldn't find any research information to support this either.. When are you weighnig yourself?

  • I have had this happen to me too......back when I actually weighed myself!! ;-)

    Maybe it happens to me because I keep a water bottle (or two) on hand when I am on the treadmill and drink plenty during my "hikes".

    Do you do this too mrspaul??
  • Yes, when I am on any type of cardio equipment I always have my waterbottle handy.
    I also do some weight training, could this be why, I don't know I've always been a scale watcher, I know muscle weighs more but I want the scale to show how hard I am working also.
    Also does any one have a good exercise for under the buttocks and the sides of my hips, I guess that would be the adductor??
  • http://www.fatlosstips.com/tone.html

    Here's a cool link with photos of the exercises being done properly...

    Let me know what you think of these!


    PS I wouldn't rercommend doing the 3rd exercise on the page.. that one is not "back-friendly" If you know what I mean.. Y'ouch!!

  • I think its waterweight. Since you bring two bottles with you to the gym, you'll gain that weight. But it'll go away. Before you go to the gym, weigh your bottles of water, that will determine how much you will gain after exercise. I didn't bring water with me to the gym, I just drank from the fountain when I was thirsty.