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  • Yes, Jeannie, I have to agree with you. I believe in moderation and exercise with a healthy lifestyle. I know it takes WAY more effort and time, but much healthier for you and afterall that is our goal with weightloss, isn't it? I know we all want to look like models, but that isn't the way our bodies say we are meant to be, so we should just be happy the way we are!! Now if I could just take my own advise!!!!!!!!:p
  • Drugs prescribed by physicians have been the root of more deaths in the US than over the counter diet supplements. Yes, the FDA will take things off the market if people complain. Working at a pharmacy and there was a drug Accutane that when it first came out certain doctors were using it on cancer patients and it was actually shrinking cancerous tumors in a lot of cases. It caused people to be nauseated, FDA took it off the market, it was made less effective and then put back on. No longer helping shrinkage of cancerous tumors.
    I'm a size 3 so I don't worry about the weight thing so much even though we all are never happy with the way we look, I work out but still lack that little bit of energy that I got from the Metabolife and boy do I miss it like crazy!
    If the drugs had killed many people I'd think it was the drug but it affected people that had heart problems that shouldn't have been taking it anyway and it clearly stated to consult with a physician before using. I know I did, kept check of my blood pressure and he checked my heart out every time I went because he knew I was taking them. Common sense when using something over the counter really works wonders.
  • Yes for sure common sense is the key! I don't even like taking any kind of drug that isn't natural, never did...and now after becoming a herbalist and learning that the drugs that dr's prescribe are not natural, or just a part of the natural plant, I even more avoid any kind of drugs! (I don't even take an asprin if I have a headache) I am lucky, tho that I am healthy and haven't been to a doctor in years, but there are things that doctors are still needed for...like if you broke your arm or leg....
    I like being in control of my own health.....but don't get me started.........:p
  • Hey KimMcG
    There are sites on the internet where you can still get ephedra products. I received three bottles of stacker 2 and one bottle of metabosurge (just like metabolife) today!!!!!!! Just do a search for ripped fuel and you might find it. Don't know if I can put the place I purchased mine from on here or not but send a PM and give me your email address and I'll be happy to send it to ya.
  • So why doesn't the FDA take alcohol and cigarettes off the market too??? They are by far worse for you than the ephedra. At least the ephedra helped some of us lose weight. I would like to know of any advantages there are to smoking or drinking.
    Its not always as simple as "just eat right and excercise" for some people. Heck if it was that easy then everyone would be skinny!
    It all comes down to how responsible you will be while taking ANYTHING...
  • the way it looks they're trying to take cigarettes off the market too but after all, no one knocked down their door and forced them to smoke. I'm a smoker so if I get cancer from it it's my fault and no one else. Alcohol, heck girl I need that every now and then just to put up with my husband. LOL.

    Suffering from panic attacks I've been prescribed a lot of different things and one doctor gave me two prescriptions to take which caused me to stop breathing. Had I not arrived at the hospital when I did they said I would have died. I think prescription drugs kill more than over the counter ephedra.
  • Has anyone tried CortiSlim and had results/no results with it? I was thinking about trying it and wanted to see if it would be worth it before I spent the money.

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    I've not tried them but have two friends that did and got NO results. They're like everything else, just a vitamin and it says you have to diet and exercise with them so that's how you'll lose the weight.
  • The metabolife 356 with ephedrine really did help because it curbed your appetite, and even though exercise would only complement the weight loss. This supplement truly worked on its own. Its a shame it can't be sold anymore. I am curious about the new Hoodia supplement though, has anyone tried that one?
  • I miss the metabolife too!!!!!!!
    The only other thing I've taken are the packets you can get at the conveience stores. Energy Now. The ones in the gold and orange packets are the best. They give you a little energy.