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Weight Loss Trying to lose weight? You are not alone. Find a buddy or simply get support here.

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Old 01-20-2003, 07:45 AM
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I still don't know about Atkins. I'm still not sure it is healthy. A gal I worked with was VERY heavy and lost quite a lot on the Atkins diet, but then gained most of it back after going off of it. It helped her lose weight but didn't change her eating habits.

I have done the same thing a couple of times on other diets, Prism and counting Weight Watchers points, although I didn't stick with them to reach my goal and gained again. The WW point system is easiest to keep track of and, since my husband is also trying to lose and he prefers this system, we are on this again.

We have found that having chips and cookies around is not good because we can't stay out of them. He is a meat and potatoes guy, but now we are eating a lot of stir-fried vegetables with chicken (wok style) with a marinade sauce and he is happy. For snacks we have fruit, sugar free jello with light CoolWhip, sugar free instant pudding with the CoolWhip, or light ice cream bars. We are losing gradually and not feeling too deprived.

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." ~Anne Frank
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Old 01-22-2003, 06:41 AM
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I have a child that is 14 and over wieght and I took some anatomy and physiology classes in college and I runa support group for a rare digestive desease that falls under one of the rarest heritiditary colon cancer and I can tell you a few things that were taught to us from a specialest at a major hospital that is a dietition. Now first off you need to find out from your doctor what is the ideal weight for you there are a lot of things that come into play. ONe is hieght, bone structure and also your activity level. Now here are a few basics for anyone. All refine carbohydrates turn into simple sugar when you digest them. So try to avoid them like bread made from regular white flour. The alterative is stone ground white bread. I stress stone gound it iis not refined. Another is long grain rice rather than instant. Stuff like that. If you eat a starch on your plate eat that first and the veggies and meats last. In the last 10 years or so sevings have gotten larger. Try to keep your starches no bigger than a fist size. Make sure you eat for if you skip meals or starve yourself you body will hold on to every colorie it can and when you eat you will put on the wieght and then some also. Besides starving stips mucles not fat. Now make sure you eat veggies, meats or protiens (incase you are a vegitarian and your bones and nucles need protien or you will pay the price when you are in your 40's) and fruit. and plenty of water. staying totaly away from deserts can lead to bindging so eat them in moderation also. If you just watch the food servings you eat it is better to cut stuff totaly out. Oh yes here is something very important your body needs so much fat. Do not cut fat out totaly for if you do you will not be able to have proper bowel movements and it can land you up in the hospital. Happen to someme i know. YOu should as an adult youshould have at least 5% fat in your diet.
Now for the atikins diet now any damage done to your body from ketones is not reversable. You should stay away from fad diets. IF you exercise in the morning it will bost your matabolism and burn more calories than if you did not for the whole day. Also you can boost a motablolism by eathing 5 small meals rather than 3 large ones and you will snack less. but if you want to snack eat stuff like carrots, cellery, cucumber slices in ranch dressing. or even fruit. You will not go wronge eating raw fruit and veggies. Now when one diets they loose a good deal during the first few weeks and then it starts to slow down. You may even hit a plato and stay at teh same wieght for a bit. If this happens don't be worried that is totoaly normal just stick with it. But you really should talk to your doctor before you do anything. Oh one last thing. cut back on caffeen. after 2 cups of coffee or enough cafinee to be aquavalent it will slow down your motabilsim.
Hope this helps
If you can dream it do it, if you can think it then say it. live is too short.
In ever cloud there is a silver lining sometimes you just need to look for it.
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Old 01-23-2003, 12:39 PM
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CONGRATULATIONS on your 20lb. weight loss ~ that's AWESOME!!! You want to make healthy eating choices. Have some fruits but not too many as they are packed with sugar. Corn has a lot of starches in it so go easy on that, but have lots of other veggies.

With childhood obesity & diabetes on the rise you want to start your healthy eating choices now. If you feed your body the nutrition it needs, it doesn't crave the other things. Muscle does weigh more than fat so do measure yourself. Go by how your clothes fit not by what the scale says. I, myself, weigh 10lbs. more than I did in high school but I wear one whole pant size less than then.

Good luck to you

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Old 01-29-2003, 11:04 AM
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Weight Loss Help

First of all, I must stress- Do Not Take any diet aids- pills etc.

They don't work long term.

The one thing I must warn you about is- that once you start a diet you are at risk of gaining weight, thus becoming larger than you were before.

I was overweight at your age- right after I got my first period the weight seemed to pile on. It wasn't until I was in college that I started to lose weight and "fill-out" my frame. I'm still overweight to this day- I'm lucky though, I carry my weight very well.

During my late teen years- I tried everything to lose weight- from magazines diet to pills, Slim Fast etc.

I got larger.

I went to Ohio State University - a very large campus- I walked to class everyday and ate in the dorms.

Guess what? Yep. I lost weight! And the beauty of it all was I wasn't even trying too!

Later after graduating school- I wanted to lose an additional 20-25 pounds. So I decided to diet. It was slow going at first because I focused on my diet more than exercise. (I was no longer walking the college campus.) I switched up and joined a gym and exercised 5 days a week- in any combination.

I started off slow- but I always made sure I did some form of aerobic exercise- treadmill, bike, stairclimber, etc. and work myself up to atleast 30 mins. a day.

The weight fell off.
Now with two children and a husband I don't exercise too much anymore and I've gained weight- I'm not fearful because I know how to lose weight if I choose to.

My advice to you is to find anything aerobic to do- start off 3 days a week for atleast 20 mins. even if you have to keep stopping to rest. Work yourself up to whatever your goal may be 30,45 mins.

Cut out most junk foods. Allow yourself very few of a select few- that way you don't have to cheat.

One thing that worked for me was away from home- I didn't eat anything that I didn't make at home. If I went to fast food places with friends I would order a plain cheese burger- no condiments, no fries, with water.
I would tell myself that McDonalds, Chili's, and my other favorite places will still be aroung after I loose weight- and I'm not missing out on anything.

Most of all you must be determined- after a while it gets easier.

Another thing- to get through the exercise- I would tape may favorite female artist's music (like Janet Jackson) for the length amount of time of my work and it would motivate me to want to have bodies like theirs and listening to the music made time pass by quickly.

Good luck,

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Old 04-30-2003, 03:03 PM
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There is a website: www.settingcaptivesfree.com
They offer FREE assistance with overeating and even have a prgram designed by and mentored by teens.

Good luck!

The ORIGINALnagymom

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Old 04-30-2003, 07:03 PM
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ginger6034 is right....


I know at this age image is everything, it is our society but don't let it get to you. Go see your doctor and let him tell you if you are overweight or not. If you are then that is okay but I stress DO NOT DO FAD DIETS OR TAKE PILLS!!! ginger6034 is right they will only make you gain more once you quit. I know I "thought" I was fat so I did every fad diet out there in my teens and everytime I would end one I would gain more weight. It wasn't until I got a job working in the kitchen at an eating disorder hospital did I see the BIG PICTURE! The emals were planned by a dietician and then we had to cook them. Not only did I learn to cook good healthy meals I learned how to eat and those leasons have stayed with me even years after that summer job.

Weight Watchers is a great program that teaches you HOW to eat but some people can not pay the weekly dues. you can get the same plan from a doctor it is just up to you to do it.

After a surgery a couple of years ago and having ot limit excercise and taking medications I am about 50lbs heavier than I should be BUT I know I have to want it. No one can do it for you.

You have to reach that point to where losing weight (IF YOU ARE TRULY OVERWEIGHT) is more impotant than junk food.

Good luck and know that we at Family Corner are always here for you. You are not alone....most of us have experienced the same thing.
Until we "meat" again, break an "egg"

TX Chef Fran
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