Addicted to Sugar!

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  • Hi Leolight
    I messed up with doing good on the sugar a long time ago. Ugh. Got off the bacon diet because I didn't realize how much fat was in there and I was just looking at the carbs. With halloween coming up, we'll have a ton of kids here, I've stocked up on candy and it's just so hard to look at it even though I made sure to buy the kinds I can eat. Sugar's an addiction for sure. Wonder if Betty Ford has a ward for sugar addicts? lol
  • Oh I'm a sugar addict and I need to stop doing this to me I want to get back to a size 8 soon. So yeah I saw another post that Diet Soda was bad for you but I drink Diet Vernors and it really tastes good. But all ou SugarAddicts out there just stay determined ya'll
  • Hey ya'll
    That sugar is tricky one. Somedays I am strong and somedays I am not.
  • I find that drinking something sweet can help - have you tried Diet Pepsi Max? It gives you a good caffeine high and has a kick of ginseng in it, but is also nice and sweet to fulfill your cravings. I find that anything carbonated also fills me up, so this might be something to grab if you are in a bind and don't want to compromise your diet. Good luck