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  • yeah, I crave pretty much anything all the time. If it is high calorie, high sugar or high fat I am all over it! UGH!

    I will be very embarrased too, but I think that is what will be the kicker that really makes me see how bad my eating is!
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    I have already started. I told DH what we were doing and he told me not to cheat and leave off all those chocolate chip Otis Spunkmeyer muffins I eat. I told him I wouldn't. He told me if I did, he was going to come on here and tell on me. LOL He would, too!!!

    I know what ya mean girl. I cannot go with this low carb, low fat, no sugar, no fat, so salt, no taste stuff. I grew up cooking with lard, I don't use that unless I am making biscuits, bacon grease for seasoning, ham hocks in your greens, I mean this IS the south.

    Sam's has these great Tequilla Lime Chicken wings that you bake in the oven, I love them, however, I fix Texas Crisper french fries with them. Not a good nutricious (sp) dinner. Oh Well!!!
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    Originally posted by kellydid
    Ok girl, I'm taking you up on your offer. Today is the day I begin to write down every little thing that crosses my lips. I will post at the end of the day what I have eaten. This could prove extremely embarassing to me.
    Please go to the Weight Loss Journal threads and ask Amanda to open one for you instead of posting your daily food intake here.

    Here's the link to get your own journal :