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madmum 08-14-2009 05:43 AM

Need to loose weight
I have been to the GP's yet again as she wants to keep an eye on things and out of the blue she came out with " I think you have put weight on,cn I weigh you?" I was mortified deep down, but let her weigh me. She was right I had put weight on :( . I don't show that my weight bothers me, but it does. I am well over obese and I know my eating habits aren't very good.
She did say that she can get help for me, but where I am I don'tfeel comfortable with it, but it has kick started me into trying to eat healthier than I did.

It isn't the amount I eat (as I eat very little) so it must be what I eat and the lack of excerise but I have very little confidence.

Today I have eaten 2 apples and had 2 cups of coffee and a glass of water, (it is 2.40pm) and this is typical for me,

So from here on I am on a diet and plan to try to excersise more within the house
I will be visiting the healthy eating section for ideas and hopefullywith support here I can do it. :)

LaurieS 08-14-2009 06:03 AM

I'm struggling with the weight issues too.
I think the culprit is really lack of exersize. I used to exersize everyday but there have been issues here and I got so stressed out and got depressed and stopped exersizing.

If I had still been out in the world working I never would have let this happen.
So as of today I resolve to do more exersizing.

happymomof4 08-14-2009 06:38 AM

I have loss about 15lbs in the last year. Mostly by diet and portion control. I do need to exercise more. I would loss the weight faster if I got moving.

My goal for the rest of the year is to get moving more.

CalGalInFla 08-14-2009 09:11 AM

Hey Madmum - There are quite a few of us in your shoes. We had a contest about it that ends on Monday.

I am not a doctor, but you have not had any protein today! You really have to have a balanced program and your doc should be able to supply something for you. Not eating retains weight (Or so I have been taught) and eating every 3 hours really does kick start your metabolism. If you need support, its here for you and all of us.

Here is where some of your FC friends have been posting:

I am waiting to hear if the gang wants to extend the contest. We would love to have you join us if you feel you would like to.

Good luck. Remember, we are all here for you.


madmum 08-14-2009 10:52 AM

Thanks for that :)
I will take a wander across to have a gander :)

It will be nice having others suport

For tea I had a couple of turkey dippers and a jacket spud, but now this is the time it hits me most, it is very nearly 8pm and the muchies are hitting, although I haven't given in to them like usual.

Now I have kept it in witing I am wondering if it is all in the evening where I struggle as today is typical eating and I haven't made 1000cals yet so I am way too low really.

CalGalInFla 08-14-2009 10:57 AM

Yeah the late night thing is hard Deb. I had to really watch that and cut it out. My portions have taken about a 50% cut and I am eating healthier things. I dont eat carbs at the dinner meal. If I have them at all, I have them at breakfast and/or lunch.

Keeping active is really the key. Its also the hardest.

And writing down your food is helpful too. Afterwards you can look up how many calories the food contains (fat, etc.) and see if that is an item you should eliminate from your diet.

You can do it.

Love from across the pond -


Sammi1961 08-28-2009 05:07 AM

Deb, You are not alone in the weight loss struggle! Eating several small meals a day (healthy foods) should make the cravings at night not so strong. I think it is harder not to eat later in the evening if you haven't eaten much all day. It is better to try to keep your blood sugar level so it doesn't drop and then cause over eating because you are so hungry.

I too am struggling to lose weight. I walk every single morning (I hate exercise but got a dog so HAVE to walk) I know I need to walk even more than I do but time is always so limited. I eat fairly healthy but think my big problem is portion control. And as I work at home, food is always available. I really do need to work on portion control and find a way to fit in more exercise.

CalGalInFla 08-28-2009 05:15 AM

Sammi1961, that is so great that you walk every day! Kudos to you! I wish I did something every day.

The late nite, the portion cutting and cutting evening meal carbs were the hardest for me but that in concert with moving is working.

Good luck to all of us. 'Taint easy, but we CAN do it!


Pag36 01-21-2014 10:15 AM

Birma never heard of that tea. Can you
tell us more about it?

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