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Lissa 07-05-2002 07:46 AM

Diet soda bad for you?
I was told a few things by a relative yesterday about diet soda. I was wondering if anyone has any info about the whole thing.
#1 Diet soda shouldn't be drunk warm, always cold. The chemicals and gasses make formaldehyde when warm. It was found during Desert Storm when Pepsi sent diet soda to the troops and there was no way to refrigerate. The soldiers complained of their tongues buring and these were the findings.
#2 After your body gets used to aspartame, it starts to convert it into sugar.
Does anyone know the validity of these statements? I drink between 2 and 4 or 5 cans of diet soda per day. I know that in itself isn't very good, but is it harmful???

Shemmy 07-05-2002 01:34 PM

Funny you should ask this. My body has been re-jecting nutra sweet. I love diet coke, but I have side effects fom it.

I have also heard that it can raise your insulin and work just like sugar in your body. I have cut way back. I only drink one can a day. I used to drink a 12 pack a day so easily!

My body will reject it and it makes me sick.:(

That is very interesting what you posted though.:)

Shiralyn 07-11-2002 06:00 PM

:-O :-O :-O

I once looked up aspartame on the internet and I found the most
disturbing article which now makes me think twice before I use any artificial sweeteners.

I'm dieting as well - use 3 t. of sugar in my morning cup of tea and no more the rest of the day. I drink water.

Am following the American Heart :heart: Foundation diet. It's not much fun - but neither is death.

I have lost about 10 lbs and have 70 more to go. This is a new way of life for me because I eat when I'm mad, sad, glad and bad.


Shawn 07-11-2002 06:02 PM

I have been drinking Diet Rite. It is made with Splenda.

It comes in several flavors that are very good.

My fav is Black Cherry and Tangerine

MomsZoo 07-12-2002 06:37 AM

Diet Soda
I guess it's one of those "too good to be true" kind of things, but that's a real bummer! I live on Diet Coke!!!

Lissa 07-12-2002 08:50 AM

I tried searching for more info about the whole thing with no luck. I went to the FDA website and all I found was something from when artificial sweeteners just came out. It said how they thought at first there was a link between the sweeteners and cancer. It wasn't valid, so they deemed artificial sweeteners ok. It reminded me of the Gilda Radner story how she joked about getting cancer from drinking Tab. I'm begining to think my relative was misinformed. I hope so because I drink warm diet soda all the time.

Shiralyn 07-12-2002 12:56 PM

FYI:eek: :eek:

or The Aspartame Victims Support Group

or simply ask your computer "Is aspartame dangerous"?

There are so many websites displaying articles about many kinds
of artificial sweeteners.


Don't forget what the tobacco companies used to say about smoking!



eskie13 07-12-2002 07:54 PM

Diet pop - what to do?
I too have heard that diet pop is bad for you. A friend of mine started having symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The doctors have found that the nurtrasweet can give certain people these symptoms. She has stopped drinking diet soda and the symptoms have gone away.

I for one have a hard time drinking regular pop. Diet is the only thing I can drink when I want pop. I am going to try diet rite since it is made with splenda and see how that goes.8-)

Lissa 07-16-2002 11:34 AM

Thanks Shiralyn, I haven't checked out the sites yet, but plan to today.

sueb 07-18-2002 05:47 PM

Diet Soda
I am sad I am going to have to give up diet soda. I am sure this is what is keeping me from loosing weight. Thanks for the information.

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