Diet soda bad for you?

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  • I lkaways thought that diet soda wasn't any better in terms of sugar intake than regular soda. I blame the companies for marketing the product as being "safer" than regular soda.
  • From personal experience, when I drink diet soda I am very happy that day, but when I look back at the weeks that I do not drink diet soda, I am much happier with my food and eat a lot less.

    I like diet soda though because the bubbles cleanse my palate. I guess other bubblies would work just as well like tonic water or something like that.
  • Ugh... my body fiercely rejects anything with artificial sweetener in it, particularly diet soda. My stomach aches after, and I feel nauseous.

    IMO that tells me how bad it is for you.

    I avoid all things artificial.
  • Diet Soda / pop / cola can be bad for the digestive system, especially if it has Aspertame in it, and / or you have a digestive disease (i.e. Diverticulitus, cancer, etc).
    My DH's surgeon said no "soda" of any kind, he took that to many for weeks after the surgery. Then the surgeon eased up, and told him regular soda is best if he "has" to have it, and to make certain it is made with either Natural sugar or Splenda...he prefered DH have the natural sugar, but finding natural sugar in diet soda (which is relatively okay for Diebetics) is near impossible. However, Coke Zero he likes, and Diet Coke has Splenda in it which he drinks only when he can't find the Coke Zero in the store (or it is not on sale). He also limits his Soda intake (even before the surgery), adn YES, soda should be served cold. My MIL was a Registered Nurse and had all the details as to why cold is better than warm, but even DH's G.P. and Surgeon says cold is better if you "must" drink it. Personally I like Diet Dr. Pepper, and have one very seldomly.
  • I've never been able to take the taste of diet drinks of any kind and get headaches from most artificial sweetners.

    I am trying to stop drinking soda pop as a way to cut sugar from my diet and help me loose a bit more weight.