Eggs Boost Healthy Weight Loss Plan

  • Adults Who Eat Eggs for Breakfast Lose 65% More Weight

    New research confirms that eating eggs boosts a healthy weight loss plan

    Park Ridge, Ill. (August 05, 2008) – A study published online today in the International Journal of Obesity shows that eating two eggs for breakfast, as part of a reduced-calorie diet, helps overweight adults lose more weight and feel more energetic than those who eat a bagel breakfast of equal calories. i This study supports previous research, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, which showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast felt more satisfied and ate fewer calories at the following meal. ii

    “People have a hard time adhering to diets and our research shows that choosing eggs for breakfast can dramatically improve the success of a weight loss plan,” said Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, Ph.D., lead researcher and associate professor in the laboratory of infection and obesity at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a campus of the Louisiana State University system. “Apparently, the increased satiety and energy due to eggs helps people better comply with a reduced-calorie diet.”

    Significant Weight Loss Related to Egg Breakfast
    Compared to the subjects who ate a bagel breakfast, men and women who consumed two eggs for breakfast as part of a reduced-calorie diet:

    • lost 65 percent more weight
    • exhibited a 61 percent greater reduction in BMI
    • reported higher energy levels than their dieting counterparts who consumed a bagel breakfast i
    The egg and bagel breakfasts provided the same number of calories and had identical weights (energy density), which is an important control factor in satiety and weight loss studies.

    The researchers also found that blood lipids were not impacted during the two month study. They found that blood levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides, did not vary compared to baseline cholesterol blood levels in subjects who ate either the bagel or egg breakfasts. These findings add to more than 30 years of research that conclude that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease. iii, iv

    New Emphasis on the Importance of High-Quality Protein
    This study adds to the growing body of research which supports the importance of high-quality protein in the diet. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a special issue in May 2008, which contains nine articles that focus on the value of high-quality protein in the American diet. A major finding was that not getting enough high-quality protein may contribute to obesity, muscle wasting (loss) and increased risk of chronic disease.

    Jump Start the Morning with Eggs
    Jackie Newgent, registered dietitian and chef, stresses the importance of obtaining adequate high-quality protein when advising consumers about weight loss. “Eggs are a good source of all-natural, high-quality protein, so they can help keep you satisfied longer, making it easier to resist tempting snacks,” said Newgent. “Nearly half of an egg’s protein, and many of the other nutrients, are found in the yolk, so make sure to eat the whole egg for maximum benefits.”

    Newgent suggests these nutrition tips for a successful weight loss plan:

    Manic Monday: Make a batch of hard-cooked eggs on Sunday, so you’ll have all-natural, high-quality protein meals for your on-the-go schedule during the week. Plus, eggs are incredibly affordable. At an average of $1.93 per dozen (or $0.16 per egg),v eggs are one of the most affordable high-quality protein foods in the marketplace.
    In-a-Minute Morning Meal: In less than 60 seconds, you can prepare an egg breakfast to help jump start your day. Simply beat one whole egg in a microwave-safe mug then cook in the microwave oven on high for 60 seconds. Slide the egg onto a whole grain English muffin. Add flavor with a sprinkling of fresh herbs, salsa, or cheese. Serve fresh seasonal fruit slices, like peaches in the summer, on the side for a balanced meal.
    For More Information

    – For an overview of the latest research on protein and satiety, see attached fact sheet.
    – To receive an educational brochure on high-quality protein and for more information on the benefits of eggs, visit the Egg Nutrition Center at
    – Join the discussion on eggs and nutrition science on Dr. Donald J. McNamara’s blog,
    – For more protein-rich egg recipes and preparation tips, visit the American Egg Board at
  • I have to agree with this. Whenever I have eggs, usually an egg white omelet with onions and green pepper and a white cheese, I am definitely more satisfied that when I have cereal or a bagel or something like that. Proteins fill you up while carbs leave you hungry for more later.

    I like the idea of making the boiled eggs ahead of time. Problem here is I would have to make a couple dozen at a time, otherwise the kids would eat them all! LOL
  • I don't like cold boiled eggs, but I often make a quick scrambled egg for ds in the morning. Maybe I just need to double it for dh as well! (Maybe even enough for the 4 of us ~ it wouldn't take any more time!)
  • That's a good news, protein rich breakfast will reduce appetite during the day.
  • I like my eggs and can eat them any time of the day, any way. I do keep a couple of hard boiled eggs in the fridge and I date when I boiled them to keep track of what to use first.
  • My doctor told me that protein takes longer to digest than carbs so make you feel full longer which is probably why it helps with weight loss. She advised me to eat a bit of protein with every meal so I especially do it with breakfast either by eating eggs or peanut butter on whole grain bread or something like that. I have to say it does keep me full longer so i would say it works.
  • I eat two eggs a day. I hope it's okay. So that I have the energy for the whole day of work with supplements of course.
  • I wonder if it would make much difference if you had one egg at breakfast and the other at morning tea to stave off that hunger a bit more, just curious? LOL