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  • I didn't lose weight last year. This year I am making changes.

    I have found I eat too darn fast. Slow down my eating, drink more water.

    I can do some exercise. I will make a journal of what I can do and what hurts. I am having problems with some scars.

    I am trying one new food on the family a week.

    Remember to take my meds and vitamins!

    Stay off the phone! I have a df who talks and talks. I need to stop doing this. My kids will help me.

    Less white flour! Fewer potato dishes!

    I am going downstairs right now to find a book on exercise I want to review.
  • I did really well with my food choices until the kids went on holidays for the summer. When they are only on a couple of weeks holidays it's not so bad but we have another 3 weeks to go till ds2 goes back to school ... can make it LOL

    On my dinner place I halve the rice, and pasta I used to eat and lay off the potatos but sometimes they just look so good sitting there on the plate I have to have that little bit more, my downfall I'm afraid.

    I've given up prepared drinks (bought or in bottles) and use splenda 2/3 sugar 1/3 in my cooking
  • Pasta is a huge downfall here! The kids love it. They don't like the whole wheat stuff either. They are great about eating rice and grains.

    As for drinks, I bought flavored stevia and mix it with carbonated water. This is a treat not a daily drink for the kids. Vanilla cream tastes like cream soda. We have root beer too.
  • Connie Instead of white bread eat wheat bread or rye bread, thay also have a bread with only 7 carbs and its realy good Good luck
  • I made whole wheat sourdough starter yesterday. We don't have white bread often here. We have a flour mill in the next town. They sell the good stuff they don't use in the white flour as hot whole wheat cereal. I add that in with the flour. Fresh whole wheat flour. Since it isn't smooth, it gives bread a nutty flavor.
  • Connie, You can do it!!!
  • Connie, you have set some great goals. I need to follow your example. My problems are eating too fast and I eat too much at dinner. I eat fairly healthy - whole grain bread, yogurt, veggies, fruits but don't eat that much during the day. Then dinner time comes and I make a homemade dinner almost every single night and eat too much of it because I am hungry. I try not to snack but when I do I eat a few almonds or a low fat mozarella stick or a piece of fruit. And Connie, my dks don't like the whole wheat pasta either. I think your goals are great and should try to implement them in my own life. Keep up the good work!
  • I've had to start putting on the bench the containers with dates, sunflower seed and nuts so that I have one of those instead of going for a biscuit to nibble. I was really good there for a whole year but since christmas slowly sliding back.
    I find if I put the good stuff in a prominant place, the bench, I'm more likely to go for that.
  • Connie, you have set some good goals. Good luck!

    I have been doing better with eating healthier. One of the mistakes I've made in the past is not snacking. Like Sammi, I then get so hungry at dinner that I can't stop eating. I've made a point to pack an extra healthy snack with my lunch to have midmorning. I've gotten hooked on Kashi granola bars with chocolate chips and dried cherries. I try to bring water instead of juice or even diet soda. It does help to curb my appetite a bit. I also make sure to have a snack when I get home from work around 3:30 before I make dinner.

    I'm afraid I'm not much of a whole wheat fan myself. I really don't like whole wheat pasta. I have begun buying brown rice instead of white rice. DD2 actually prefers it.

  • Connie you can do it I am pulling for you