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  • Wow, I def feel the pain N love here!!
    Im trying to and its HARD!! I will def admit it!!
    Ive made some major changes too

    Ive cut back from 5-6 cans of Diet Coke and am down to 1 a day (but some days i will have 2--not often but sometimes)

    I have been drinking more water and crystal light!
    Ive cut back on portions and sizes and doin the protien bars and jack links beef jerky when i want to snack here n there. IF I decide to have something I shouldnt or something sweet-I will make sure its in the morning where i can burn it off thru the day!

    Ive also been trying to eat a yogurt a day!..
    Ive been trying to eat ore protien things-to fill myslef up faster and better!
  • Well, I haven't done great this week. I am watching my portions. I haven't worked out. I have been running my fanny off. Tonight the kids and I made pizza. I use oatmeal in the crust. Lots of veggies on the pizza.

    The kids picked out a dvd that is really neat! We have watched this one. This one is a keeper for us. Think light kick boxing.

    I will try to get on the treadmill tonight.
  • I did walk on the treadmill for 12 minutes. A year ago I couldn't walk on the treadmill for 3 minutes. I am going to try to increase my time by one minute each workout.

    I am also making fruit desserts. Low sugar and lots of oats. My kids are eating them too.
  • hey ladies - i was just looking through your thread about eating healthy - what a good job you all are doing. i am too trying to watch what i eat and especially what i drink - a soda or a lattee can put you back like 300 calories! but i found a great alternative when i want something sweet - TAVA. its a new sparkling beverage that comes in great flavors like Cherry and Lime. i've been enjoying it a lot and particularly because it has no sugar, no calories and no caffeine. has anyone tried it?
  • It's been quite a while since I've posted and I have definitely gotten off track. Our family got whacked with ANOTHER cold, and that sidetracked my exercise program. But I am ready to jump back in. My perimenopausal symptoms have eased a little, except that I have been bleeding for a month straight now. Only two episodes of flooding, though. I see my OB-GYN on Monday.

    In the meantime, I have gotten off caffeine completely (Yeah, me!), stopped drinking diet soda, have been eating more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and cut way back on sweets. Valentine's Day did me in, but now all of the chocolate is gone, and I will NOT buy anymore. I have found that my sugar cravings have diminished somewhat.

    As far as exercise goes, I have done a 30-minute walk more often than I used to, but not everyday like I would like to. I did get on the exercise bike. I started out at 10 minutes, and worked up to 50 minutes. But then, I got sick and haven't been on for about 4 or 5 days. I'm still feeling pretty crummy today, so I think I will wait until Saturday to get back on.

    I wish you all the best of luck. We can do this!

  • I have switched to a soy milk decaf lattee. I used to get gas station capuccion every time I was in town. Now they are toooooo sweet. If I get one I 'water' it down with decaf coffee. Saves on calories. I am playing with my expresso maker so I can make good coffee at home.
  • I have lost 8 pounds following the Ww points plan but it is a struggle. I am watching portion sizes but still need to drink more water. I have cut back sweets almost entirely except for the occasional low fat granola bar. I need to fit in more fruits and vegetables during the day - I tend to eat more grains than fruits and veggies. I started exercising again but have stopped again due to yucky weather. It is so cold and icy here. I really need to get motivated and just bite the bullet and brave the cold.
  • This is a great thread. I'm going to try to be making some changes for myself as well. I need to get back to exercising and also drink more water.

    I only drink one soda a day (decaf) and I drink decaf coffee as well.
  • Barb-- That is great that you only have 1 soda a day. Diet soda is my weakness and I drink way too much. I'm good about exercising and fairly good about eating, but I need to drink more water and less Diet Coke!

  • For me my diet coke is a weekend treat, as long as I have been good during the week I don't count how many I have on the weekend. Also I find weekends harder to watch my food intake as the whole family is around and they eat like a pack horse LOL