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goldeagle1 01-12-2008 08:04 AM

I actually prefer brown rice and whole grain breads, but I do have to make myself eat whole wheat pasta. For those of you who are not fans of whole wheat pasta, try to cook it a little longer than regular pasta. It takes longer to get "al dente" than regular pasta. Also, you should check out the new "multi-grain" pastas. You might like them better than plain whole wheat and they still are much healthier than regular pastas.

bluebird 01-12-2008 01:31 PM

We can't eat the whole/multi grain pastas due to dd's food allergies.

I bought a rebounder (mini trampoline) today! Yeah for me.

We filled the kids punching bag up with sawdust today too. Better than blankets.

I need to find something dd and ds can snack on that isn't homemade cookies or cake.

Sammi1961 01-14-2008 05:01 AM

Connie, I have a mini trampoline. What I try to do is when watching tv, jog on the trampoline during all the tv commercials. If I am really motivated, I jog during the actual show and take breaks during the commercials LOL.

bluebird 01-14-2008 05:57 AM

Sammi, love your new picture! You are in better shape than I am. I can jump/jog for about 2 minutes. Poops me out. Better than doing nothing. I want to write out a plan today for exercise.

Mish 01-17-2008 03:07 PM

You all have such good goals for the new year.I have seemed to fallen off the wagon and can't seem to get any of weight to come off.It is sad but i can be ok with it,.I exercise up to 6 times a week but alot of times it is only 4 times a week.We eat just about everything whole grain now.I wish we could get rid of the junk food.I am still working on getting the girls to eat more veggies.And i drink alot of water but i noticed i have been drinking abit more caffine as it is so cold out.Wish me luck i think we can all do it toghther.

Mish :)

Bilby 01-17-2008 03:21 PM

I think it's carbs in general not that I don't like my sweet buns, pastas, rice, biscuits and bread but I think it's only having a couple of servings per day.
If you can eat your bacon and egg without toast do it, if you can get away with an open sandwich, 1 slice of bread, do it because at the end of the day when you add it all up it ends up being a great tally, then factor in your juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee with sugar and it's astronomical.
I'm not all about giving up carbs in total but if I can get away with half the amount at a meal I will, less potatoes, less chips.

I know sometimes easier said than done and no more so than over christmas .... and then there is the chocolate at easter YIKES! LOL

goldeagle1 01-17-2008 03:35 PM

Mish -- Wow! Exercising 4-6 times a week is fantastic!!

I run (more like jog!) 5K about 4-5 times a week and yesterday I started a new pilates class. The instructor appeared to be 20 years older than I, but she was in terrific shape. I felt pretty sore (and humiliated!) after that class. My muscles still ache, today. I think that I need to turn on my hottub for tonight!


bar_bar 01-17-2008 03:40 PM

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you can do it Connie,
One of the things I learned is to set a time to eat at supper and don't eat any later than that. If all possible if I going to skip a meal to skip my supper.
I used to skip breakfast but learned that was the wrong one to do, I need something.
eat lite for lunch and then very light for supper or eat before a certain time. My time I set is eat before 6 since I go to bed so late.

to drink more water and fill up on water instead of food... when I want a snack try to put it off and if that just has to happen, then eat in small portion then skip supper.

My biggest problem is I am losing for I can get into a smaller size, but when I hit the scales it shows I am weighing the same.

wishing you the best.

Mish 01-20-2008 06:04 AM

For me the weekends seem to be the hardest for me to get on the machine.I am aslo trying to wtach my serving sizes and to stop eating at nightime.That seems to be my biggest downfall.We all can do it!!

Mish :)

bluebird 01-20-2008 06:51 AM

I am not doing anything except watching what I eat since all the drama last week. I will get back on the machines when things slow down. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

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