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  • ACV
    Hi y'all,

    My Mom told me that she read that people that live close to a plant that makes ACV don't get sick because they drink it all the time. I've seen ads for it, too. I don't drink it much, I use it to mix with water and spray my cats with when they do something I don't want them to. They hate the smell.

    By the way I really enjoy reading these. I get some good tips. The hair rinse sounds great!

    Have a Blessed day!
  • I agree about the bathroom
    Hi everyone,
    I am still drinking lots of acv. A table spoon in a LARGE glass of COOOOOOOOOLD water. I do like the taste, it adds a nice flavour to the water.
    I have to admit I haven't been doing the excersising I should have been doing this past week. I will just do better next week. We are getting a lot of snow down right now and it will change to freezing rain and then to ice pelets.
    Anyway that means more shoveling though
    ciao for now,
  • At least the snow is light. I just got in from shoveling it And had a nice big glass of water and acv. I actually really like the taste of it. Water taste funny now though without it.
  • just in time
    Hi again all,
    After I finished writing my last posting here the phone rang so it was awhile before heading out to shovel. When I did get out it had just started to rain, freezing rain. Hail even. It was bouncing off my jacket.. But you are right Othelia, If I waited any longer the snow would have been VERRRRRRRRRRRY heavy
    Not only did I burn some calories while I was out there shoveling, I don't count them so I don't know how much, I also burned time where I would be thinking about not snacking. I find that I have been thinking a lot about that today. I am really worried that I will start snacking when I never did before just because I am more concious of my eating now.
    Don't mind me everyone I am only playing around with some of what is on my screen right now. I had fun with the new icons last week and now it's time to check out the colors and next the fonts.

    Well I think I will go and pour myself a tall cold glass of water. With ACV in it of course.
    Ciao for now,
  • WOW!!!
    If this isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!!
  • The smile on her face in the last set of pictures is enough to inspire anyone.
  • Originator of question is: KKSMom
    New Neighbor

    Apple Cider Vinegar?

    I posted this on a different board but haven't gotten any answers..maybe someone here knows the answer. Do apple cider vinegar tablets help with weight loss? They advertise that they help you not want to eat as much in between meals so you will lose weight. Is this true?