Calorie Calculator (and a few others)

  • This is pretty cool. You enter the food that you want to know the calorie count for and it gives it to you. So if you want to know how many calories are in a banana, you just type in "banana" and you get back the info.

    Link removed as not available any longer
  • I love this. Thanks for the Great Find !
  • Recipe Calculator?
    I have been searching the web for a recipe calculator. Not one that gives calories for one food at a time. I can find those. But one you put your ingrediants into and it breaks down nutritional value for you. I found a couple but I couldn't get the pages up. I don't know if it is the websites or my operating system. I also found one that cost $30 too dwonload! I am much too cheap for that! Any help would be appreciated!
  • This is good info.Bumping this up for all to see
  • Is there an online calculator that gives you the carbohydrates and protein of different foods?