• What fruit do you grow at your home?
    Do you go picking any fruit in your local communities?

    Dh planted two apple trees 2 years ago.
    There were raspberries here when we bought the house (this is our third summer here). I'm still learning how to tend to them. Any advice would be welcome.
    I also have a mulberry tree.

    We pick strawberries at a local farm in about two weeks.
    Last year was the first year we picked blueberries locally and that was excellent!

    I would like to pick Door County Cherries some year.
  • Papaya, figs. guava, blueberries, black berries, grapes

    My favorite fruit is papaya. Have a couple of trees that supply me all year. Do have fig trees too that ripen at different times. Freeze extra to have as needed.


  • Papaya and fig trees! That is very neat! I like that photo.

  • My Brown Turkey Fig Tree is loaded with figs that are still green. Hopefully as the tree gets new leaves sprouting again the figs will ripen from the energy they absorb. Picked for real ripe ones this morning to eat.


  • Red Lady Papaya tree loaded with fruit to ripen!

    My tree is loaded with Papaya's waiting for them to ripen. Picked a ripe one the other day. Took some leaves off the tree so the sun can warm them up!


  • Picked some more ripe figs today. There are so many still hanging on to ripen. Freeze what I don't eat in a couple of days.