Valentine Gift Ideas from Children

  • Gift Ideas for Valentines Day from Children

    CANDY CONTAINERS. Children can make a candy container from empty baby food jars. To do this, cover the lid with a circle of foil or fabric and tie in place with ribbon or rickrack. Apply heart stickers to the jar and fill with candies. Have the child personalize it with glitter glue!

    VALENTINE BOUQUET. Make a cone shape by rolling up a sheet of construction paper. Use tape or heart stickers to hold the shape. Line the inside top portion with a foil sheet or doily, letting the edge of the doily or foil peek over the top of the cone. Have children make heart-shaped flowers (see directions for centerpiece) using identical heart shapes and pipe cleaners. Then, they can present it to someone they love.

    FLOWER VASE. Instead of making a cone-shaped bouquet holder for the flowers, have the children design their own vase. Cover an empty, clean frozen juice can with foil, fabric or paper. Trim by decorating with glitter glue or by gluing on rickrack and small fabric hearts or heart stickers, and add flowers. (This could be a pencil holder, too!)

    PLANT BASKETS. Using the same directions given for making goodie baskets (above), have the child weave ribbon or rickrack through the squares in a berry basket. Instead of party treats, fill the basket with a small, inexpensive plant.

    DRAWER SACHETS. Before the party, cut two heart shapes from felt for each guest. Using a child-safe needle and embroidery thread, have the children sew the hearts together, leaving a small opening on one side. Fill with potpourri or polyester fiberfill that has been sprayed with perfume. Sew the opening shut. Trim with rickrack or ribbon, if you wish.

    VALENTINE MOBILE. Decorate several construction paper heart shapes, and punch a hole at the top of each one. Thread each heart onto various lengths of ribbon that have been knotted at the end. Tie the hearts onto a wire hanger that has been pulled down slightly. Hang a fancy heart from the top of the hanger so it hangs down in the center. With a piece of ribbon, tie a bow at the top. If desired, wrap ribbon around the bottom wire to hide all the knots.

    VALENTINE BOOK. Children can make a valentine book by cutting and folding several sheets of paper in half. With a hole punch, make two holes in the paper close to the fold. Pull a piece of six-inch-long ribbon through each hole, tying a bow to hold the sheets of paper in place. Decorate the outside with stencils or stickers. Have children write a Valentine poem inside, draw pictures of ones they love or write down all the reasons why they love those special people in their lives.

    VALENTINE CATERPILLAR. Cut out one row from an egg carton to make a valentine caterpillar. If desired, have the children paint it red or pink. Glue a heart-shaped face on the front, and poke pipe cleaners onto the head to make antennae. Dress it up with sequins, buttons, beads and pieces of lace.

    VALENTINE VEST. Perhaps there's no greater gift one person can give to another than themselves. So why not have the children give themselves--as a valentine! To do this, draw and cut out two large hearts on poster board (hearts should be large enough to cover the trunk of the body). Together with the child, make up a Valentine poem and write it on one large heart. Allow the child to decorate and sign his name on the other heart. Punch holes on the top sides of each heart and thread ribbon through to attach the hearts. Slip the two hearts over the child's head so it fits like a vest. If desired, decorate the child's face with hearts using face paints or heart-shaped stickers. (This project is best done with a small group of children. For a larger group, use one heart for each child making it just big enough to cover the chest; hang around the neck.)
  • Valentine pencil Toppers
    Just like their edible cousins, these foam conversation hearts will let your child get right to the point of her Valentine's messages.

    Craft foam
    Permanent markers
    Pipe cleaner
    Time needed: Under 1 Hour

    Step 1:
    Cut a 1- to 2-inch heart from craft foam. With a permanent marker, print a short message on the front and the name of the giver on back.
    Step 2:
    Now poke an inch of the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the heart, bend it down, and twist it back around the remaining length of pipe cleaner.
    Step 3:
    Coil the pipe cleaner tightly around the pencil. Then gently pull up on the heart so that part of the coil bobs freely above the pencil, with several loops anchored around the eraser end.

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  • Gum Guy Cupids
    Gum Guy Cupids

    There's no better way to say "I'm stuck on you" than with one of these treat-bearing suitors.

    2 sticks of gum (in their wrappers)
    Double-sided tape
    Pipe cleaner
    Colored card stock
    Glue stick
    Aluminum foil or colored paper
    Googly eyes and mini stickers
    Colored markers (optional)
    Time needed: Under 1 Hour

    Step 1:
    Cover one side of a wrapped stick of gum with double-sided tape. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and place the pieces atop the gum stick, centered horizontally, one for the cupid's arms and the other for his legs. Stack the second gum stick on top and gently press down to stick all the pieces together. Then bend the pipe cleaner limbs into interesting poses.
    Step 2:
    Now cut a heart-shaped face from card stock and glue on foil or paper hair. Attach googly eyes and a mini sticker mouth (or simply use markers to draw on facial features). Glue or tape the face to the body. Then dress up your Gum Guy with sticker buttons and bow ties, as much as you wish. For a finishing touch, on a small piece of paper, print a Valentine's message, such as "Stick with me," to pop in his hand.

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  • I know what I'm getting all the kiddies in my life this Valentines day . . . apart from the candy hearts which i absolutly adore and have loved since i was a kid, i think i'm going to get them these cute little plushie toys (bedbuggs) because you can stick them on your clothes or backpacks and take them everywhere with you. Then they'll always have a buddy around!!!! I'm also going to try and convince them to make all their valentines themselves this year instead of buying them at the store. I think that is so much more meaningful and a great activity to do with the whole family!
  • I just found out not too long ago that the bedbuggs are made in a town not too far from my house!

    WGDad, another member here at FC, was talking about how he was pleased with them and he posted the link to them.

    They are really cute!

  • I may get a little creative for Valentine's day. I like some of the ideas. Would be fun to do some of that. And I've got plenty of time. I normally wait a little longer than I should to get a few things for Valentine's, but this year I'm going to try to be better. I've gotten in the gift baskets lately, so I may have to continue with that for a while.

    ajrsmom - that's right! The bed buggs are made down the road from you. How cool! Forgive me for my forgetfulness, but did you ever end up getting any? I was on the site the other day with my nephew and I saw they came out with a new one. I guess they are up to six now!
  • here's a cutie, fun foam hearts you need 6 pieces, but 3 for each size one small, med and large. Pipe cleaner if it's long cut it in half, but make it look like a cross ok? then you get the pistals for ears, you have to place the in the half fold of the pipe cleaner ( body) twist the pipe cleaner together on the end of the body. but cross look, the sides are for wings to be glued on to, the get a magnet strip to put on back. Use a glue gun at low heat not too hot for the wings to be glued to the pipe cleaner, but the wings need only white glue and the pistal ears folded in half glued in place with white glue so it won't loose it's place.


  • Colorful Be Mine
    colorful and fun way to ask your special Valentine to be yours. This is a fun project for younger and older children alike because it allows them to combine colors and paint any kind of shapes they want.

    1 Basket coffee filter
    Watercolor paints
    Paint brush
    Permanent Black Marker
    Decorative edge scissors (optional)
    What to Do:
    1. Lay the coffee filter out as flat as possible. Use your paint brush to wet the entire surface. It doesn't need to be dripping wet, just damp.
    2. Paint the wet filter with the watercolors. You can paint something specific or just use random colors the way we did in our example. When you like what you've painted, let it dry completely.
    3. Fold the painted coffee filter in half and cut out a heart.
    4. Glue the coffee filter heart on top of a red piece of construction paper.
    5. Cut around the heart to make a red border around the filter. (Use the decorative scissors for this optionally.)
    6. Use the permanent black marker to write "Be Mine" in the middle of the heart, then use it to put the stitching detail around the edge of the filter. The stitching is a simple dashed line.
  • cute kid craft for valentine'

    Make Personalized PenS
  • Stuffed Hearts
    Lunch sized paper bag
    Red acrylic paint
    Paint brush
    What to Do:
    1. Cut out two identical hearts from the paper bag.
    o cut the bottom of the bag off, and then cut down one side to make a large sheet. Then we cut the paper in half, put the two halves together and folded them in half. This way we could cut two identical hearts at the same time by cutting a half heart on the fold.
    2. Put the two hearts together and staple all the way around them, leaving a three inch (more or less) space open on one side. This will make a little pocket.
    The staples should line up close together about a quarter of an inch from the edge of the paper. This doesn't have to be exact, but it looks better when it's pretty uniform.
    3. Crumple up pieces of newspaper and put them through the hole you left in the staples. Do this until the heart is as stuffed as you want it to be. When you're satisfied, staple the hole closed.
    4. Paint both sides of your stuffed heart with red acrylic paint. You may want to paint one side, let it dry, then paint the other to make it less messy.

    Rolling Art Heart
    Red and white tempura paint
    Large white paper heart doily
    Red construction paper
    Golf ball
    Shallow pan (We used a disposable aluminum baking pan)
    What to Do:
    1. Put the doily in the bottom of the shallow pan.
    2. Put a couple of drops of red and white paint in the middle of the doily. Put the golf ball in the pan and roll it around.
    When it goes through the paint, it picks up some of the paint and drags it around the doily. The colors mix and make different shades of pink. Keep doing this until the child is satisfied with what it looks like. Lightly sprinkle it with glitter.
    Carefully take it out of the pan to let it dry. If you leave it in the pan it will stick and might tear the doily when you try to remove it. Below is a closeup from the heart above to give you an idea of how it will look. Sorry the picture isn't better!

    3. Once the doily is dry, glue it onto a piece of red construction paper. Cut around the heart to make a red border around the doily. (I used a pair of decorative scissors for the picture above, but this isn't necessary.
    Kids absolutely love rolling around that silly golf ball! If you want to make this craft more elaborate, you can add other decorations, write a something over the top of the doily, or whatever else you can think of.
    I like to leave this plain so that you can see the texture of the paint. Besides, most kids don't want to cover up their art with other stuff when they see how neat it looks!
    One other variation... you can forget about using the doily at all and just use a piece of construction paper. That will really show off the texture that the golf ball leaves behind.