new here, TTC after 2 losses

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  • Ashley, what wonderful news! Congratulations on your pregnancy. May it be a safe, healthy & happy one, and may you soon be holding your little one in your arms

    We have a Prayer Request thread here at Family Corner. I'm sure if you post your request there, you'll have a whole army of FC friends praying for you & your precious little one!
  • Congratulations Ashley! We'll all be hoping and praying that this child makes it all the way!
  • great news,I will be saying prayer that all will go well for you and your husband.


  • Ashley, that is wonderful news!! I will keep your family in my prayers that this pregnancy will be a healthy one with a very successful outcome.
  • Congratulations to you and DH, Ashley..
    will keep you in prayer for a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby...
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  • HI Ashley,
    How excited you must be right now!
    Our little angel would have been 10 in October this year. She too was stillborn around 22 - 23 weeks. It's hard but one day you realise you thought about more 'normal' stuff than yesterday. Then a bit more and so it goes. PM if you'd like and we can chat a bit more. My prayer for you and Dan is that this little person will be patient to meet the world and in 8 or so months you'll be getting impatient and waiting and maybe even grizzling a bit about the wait! LOL

    Great to have you here and as the other girls have said, look around and join in. We'd love to get to kow you better.

  • Meg, I am sorry for your loss. I am glad that you are able to share and give comfort to others.
  • Ashley, what great news. I will be praying for you. Ask your doctor about progesterone. My daughter was given progesterone afer two miscarriages and was able to carry to fullterm the next time. Just a suggestion. God bless~Janet
  • Ashley congrats will be keeping you and the baby close in prayer I never had any miscarrages but i did have to take fertility drugs to have my daughter we tried for 3 yrs before thay decided to try me on them we are so happy you found us here at fc and are excited to share this happy time in life with you
  • I am so sorry for your loss. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Dh & I are trying for number 5. I have been having lots of signs of pregnancy so I am hoping this is it for us.