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  • We hope to take a vacation next July in Oregon.
    Ha anyone vacationed there?
    What were your favorite places?
    (thanx to Lorimae, a Portlander who has PMd me with some places to see!!)
    We plan on going during Portland's Rose Festival and also want to make one other stop, possibly in Eugene, Salem or Asheville........... the train stops in all these places!!!

  • If you will email me and let me know when you plan on being in the area I will find out what events are happening around that time for you. I live just south of Eugene and would be happy to help if I can.
  • Trainlady you have got to got to Astoria. My most favorite. Cannon beach is also great. There is a wrecked ship on the beach called the Peter Iredale. It was there when I vacation as a little girl. Really anyplace on the coast is great but astoria is my favorite.

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    We've been to Portland the week after the Rose Festival. And we had the best weather going! Check the Chamber of Commerce/tourist bureau for their brochures. They were very helpful. The street are laid out very well too. The gardens (especially rose gardens) there are beautiful, there are wonderful restaurants, a fun bus that travels around town, usually there is a festival on the river that is good. Don't miss the luncheon or dinner boat ride down the Willamette River. It costs a little more, but not more than a nice restaurant, but it is so relaxing, fun, and great way to see some fascinating homes! There are wineries, great areas to just drive around and see too. Pendelton outlet is not too far away! We ended up shipping a box of treasures back to New England instead of trying to deal with everything on the plane! We loved our 2 meetings out there and hope to get there again. It can be very "moist" in that area, but we've been very lucky.
  • Hi Trainlady! Long time no talk! I tried to email you the other day but it came back to you have same email addy?

    Train and Emmjean.....My fav also is Cannon Beach and Seaside. We stayed in Seaside and then go exploring to surrounding areas.
    I live in Olympia, Washington and only 1 hour and 1/2 from there.

    Astoria is a memory builder for a child we went there alot and climbed the Column. It is a tall "column", cant spell, and has a spiral staircase in it. My biggest memory there is my mom was 8 months pregnant with my younger brother and she climbed up the spiral stairs and then she couldnt get back down again! She started labor pains so medics had to come and get her down! She and bro were Ok and she didnt have him then.
    Also in the house where the movie which I cant of course remember the name...but it was about robots and one line was.. ."# 5 is alive!" Ally Sheeney was in it...and a very cute movie with a sequel. When you are going over the can see the house on your left just at the end of the bridge going around the corner to the right. The house sits on side of hill and I think it is a pinkish color.
    That bridge has not always been there...when I was little we had to take a ferry across it....and then when they built the started out as a toll bridge. That just stopped maybe about 10 to 15 years ago? It was finally paid for!
    I also think....?? that the Lewis and Clark trail goes through the city of seaside.
    Seaside has sooo much to do! It has a great boardwalk and a huge amusement center for the kids.
    Tons of shopping also! You can rent paddle boats on a canal that runs right through town and of course you are right on the beach.
    Its a great place to go!
    Than Cannon Beach is only a 10 minute drive south down the highway and beautiful beach and lots more shopping in neat little quaint stores.
    Well I just talked myself into going here again soon! Actually its been awhile since we have been there with the girls all grown up and gone! Be a whole diff picture going there by ourselves! Probably save alot of money without having to donate to the amusements games.
    One other can let your kids go to the amusement center which is smack right in the busy part and feel safe cuz there are alot of security police watching. Its quite compact and the street is narrow so you really cannot get lost around there at all.

    I sure hope that stuff is still there considering its been 2 summers that have passed us by going there I just realized!

    well..Miss Rambler is at it again! I guess I had better close this up!

    trainlady! mail me and let me know about your addy...miss talking to you and guess what????
    I just found out yesterday that I am going to be a GRANDMA for the first time!!! we are sooo excited! Its been a long time coming for them. She is due in July so that will feel like forever!

    Later my friends......bowlergrl2000
  • Thank you so much for all the wonderful and helpful reply's!
    Deb, I will be PMing you!
    Bowlergirl, my e mail address is still the same! Please try again!

  • oh Bowlergrl2000 you brought back some memories. I was 8 nthe first time I climbed it. Oh gosh. I remember it so well now. Thank you. We went to it every time we vacationed there.
    The movie was Short Curcuit. And Goonies was filmed there. My kids love that movie now. We went there the summer before last. My DD fist time seeing the ocean. We went on the Fourth of July. I thought we would never get her out of he water.
  • vacation in Oregon
    This is a long post--sorry.
    First, write to the chamber of commerces in the town/city you are visiting and any others within 60-100 miles. Tell them when you are going to be there and ask for local events and things to see. One of my fondest memories is stopping to watch a local parade in Ogalalla, Nebraska and eat lunch on the hood of the car as we vacationed.
    I grew up near Astoria. The other posts are right. It is a nice place. Taking the free ride across the Columbia to Washington is very nice. If you turn left off the bridge, you will come to Fort Stevens--an old army fort with gun(less) placements to explore--take a flashlight. Further on you come to the town of Long Beach, Wash. There is a store called Marsh's that has all kinds of souveniers to buy plus old music boxes and other things you can play for 25 cents or so. They also have Jake, the alligator man's mummy. (As a child I thought this was fascinating!) If you turn south again and follow the signs to Ilwaco, Wash you can visit the lighthouse at North Head. The beach at Long Beach, Wa is the longest beach in the world (so they claim).
    When you return to Oregon, turn west and besure and visit Fort Clatsop on your way to Seaside--which is a wonderful place to visit. Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark spent the winter. At Seaside, you can see where Lewis and Clark's men boiled sea water for salt. There wasn't much of the Peter Ireland wreck left last time I was there. You get to it soon after you leave Fort Clatsop. But the best kept secret it that you can always find whole sand dollars on the beach there.
    Cannon Beach is wonderful. I love walking on it. Be sure you go to Ecola State Park nearby. They filmed part of Goonies there and also Kindergarten Cop. Take the time to walk down to the beach from the parking lot. Ecola is north of Cannon Beach.
    If you continue down Hwy 101, there are lots of lookouts and places to see that are marvelous.
    If you get as far as Honeyman State Park, be sure you stop and see the sand dunes. They are about 50+ feet high. We used to climb them and then try and run down--almost impossible. They sand is fine and white. The only other dunes I've ever seen like that is Sleepign Bear Dunes in in Michigan.
    Ashland, Ore has Shakespeare plays. They aren't too costly and we enjoyed them a lot as kids.
    The other two places I would suggest that you visit are Crater Lake--it is a huge volcano that fell into itself and is absolutely breathtaking. And last, be sure you visit the Columbia River Gorge. There are waterwalls, Vista Point, Bonneville Dam, a short hike up the Eagle Creek trail is the Punchbowl--which you see in lots of calendars, and cross into Washington at Cascade Locks and climb Beacon Rock.
    If you are driving into eastern Ore, be sure to cross the Columbia in Washington and visit the Maryhill Museum ( east of The Dalles, Ore) and the replica of Stonehenge.
    As you can see, I think it is a fascinating place to visit. Lots and lots to see. Email me if you want more on a specific place.
  • Thank you Emmjean! For some reason I can never remember the name of that movie! Short Circut! And we have it too! I was just too lazy to go and look for it! Im glad I "Sparked" your memory of the column which I still cant spell! Spell check? whats that??LOL! Takes too long for this very impatient person.
    I forgot about Kindergarten Cop being some filmed there too.
    Where is Homedale, Idaho? I went to Pocatello last summer....all I will say is that was an experiance. Very laid back there.
    We are going to Couer D"Alene in April for bowling tornament and cant wait cuz we love it there so we will spend extra days afterwards enjoying. it ok if I shortened? We go to Reno, Nevada about 4 times a year and we drive there being a 11 hour drive...we stay in Asland, Oregon the first night...then to Reno. On the way back we stay in Klamath Falls, Oregon(there are NO Falls there, BTW) and we always go to Crater Lake. That is my fav place to go. So BEAUTIFUL and peaceful! I love their souveneer shop the best of course! The last time we were there was in June...end of June. 1/2 the mountain was closed cuz they were still plowing it and there was still 5 feet of snow!! It was 102 degrees in Klamath.....and 30 minutes to the Crater it was snowing!
    we left Reno on Thursday and it was in the hundreds....on Monday they had a blizzard! This was the 1st of July! I had buds there at that time cuz we were there for a tourney and I talked to them before they left to go to Reno and was asking me the weather...of course I told them it was 100 dregrees all week...they only brought shorts, summer type clothes etc. They were there when blizzard hit and of course no warm clothes! Too weird! The power went out in the bowling stadium so everything got all messed up for them..Im glad we went when we did! I just cant imagine!

    Jabber jaws is a going!...later all!....Nancy(bowlergrl2000)
  • Oregon
    Hi Trainlady,
    I live in Oregon and have traveled all over the state. If you want to send me an email with the dates you will be in the state and what area's you might be interested in I can send you all kinds of information. I live just outside of the Portland area.
    I love the coast and also Eastern Oregon too. Have a great day.