New Orleans-Family Friendly??

  • Hi Everyone, I need some advice!! DH & I are going to New Orleans on Halloween weekend...we won a trip....I am looking for ideas of where to go that won't be NC-17 or XX rated!!! I have heard it will be pretty wild....and even though we aren't taking kids, I would like some family friendly or romantic environments/ideas!!! Please advise!!
  • go to and they have a wide array of activities there. they also have links to other sites. we are planning a trip as well and we will be taking dks but they are older but not that old. I have found a wealth of info on the web
  • Do the French Quarter, but just go early or even during the day. It does get wild the later it gets, but not dangerous wild. You can't beat the music and the food.

    Shopping Hint: Anything you can buy in the shops you can get a lot cheaper at the flea market. Just ask someone. I'm pretty sure it's right down from the Cafe du Monde. We found souveniers for the kids, and I bought some great silver jewelry to take back for friends.

    Enjoy! We'd both go back in a second--though I wouldn't take the kids.