Train trip

  • Took my 3 on 2 trains trips yesterday They had never been on a train before and they thought it was amazing.

    I took them on the train as we had been to the railway museum and thought it would be nice for them to experience a journey on one.

    They couldn't believe how much more speedier it was than the bus.

    I think our journeys now will be more focused on the train than the bus.

    My youngest little one (4) cannot stop talking about the train now, I think we have a little train fanatic now lol

    Has your little one(s) been on a train and what did they think to their first journey?
  • Wow that's going back a few years for me but I took both my kids on train trips, they loved it esp when another train passed and the whooosh happened LOL
    I took them as singularly, when they were about 4yrs old, was good fun had lunch out and a look around and came back home again.
  • Sorry Madmum, but having no kids this is not one I can give my two cents about.
    From what I have seen on my many train trips though is probably that shorter trips are better for young children.
    I have seen young moms really dragging butt and irritable children after being on a long distance train trip!

    hugs, train